Author's Note: What shall I say? It's Ken's vacations with Daisuke brought down to paper ^^

It is set in the summer holidays after Digimon 02 ended (never minding the epilogue of course, I hated the thing^^ ), which means, it's the end of the same school year it all started with. This first chapter can be considered some sort of prologue to the actual story if you like. Ken's POV. No real shounen ai yet, most likely will be in the future.

I do not own Digimon and enjoy the fic :)


Ken's Holiday Journal


Well, today was the last school day, which is why I decided to start this holiday journal.

It was my last school day in Tamachi as well. Next year I'll be attending Odaiba Elementary, that is where Daisuke and the others are. We cannot exactly move there because of my parents' jobs, so it will definitely be a long way to school, but I'm sure it will be worth it. My parents and I have, for some time now, planned to transfer me anyway, and I guess there is no school I would rather be attending than the one that contains the benefit of having my friends around.

There are several reasons for me changing school, by the way. It's not as if my marks had gotten that bad, I'm sure I could do just fine if I put all my effort into it. But both my parents and I think that, after all that has happened during this last year, it would be better for me not to have to worry so much about grades, but more about recovering from all the changes in my life. Giving my soul a chance to heal.

And there are minor problems with other students picking on me, that is true, but it really isn't that much of a bother to me. Not a reason to leave. Well, it was at first, when I felt like I had no human friend on earth, but ever since Daisuke befriended me and even convinced the others to give me a chance, it almost has not bothered me at all.

Speaking of him, he met me at my school today. I know he had one period less than me, but still, he must have run like hell to catch me. However, flushed and slightly out of breath, Daisuke stood outside, waiting for me, ready to walk me home.

When I asked him why he had come to see me, he asked me if I wanted to go camping with him and his family for a week. His parents had allowed him to bring a friend along, and he said the first one he had thought of was me. I really feel… flattered about that.

I was excited and happy, however, not being the overemotional kind, I just smiled and in the calm, polite way I almost always speak I answered "I'd love to." Daisuke on the other hand, never one to be secretive about his feelings, beamed as he shouted "Great!"

When I added that I'd have to ask my parents first though, he calmed down slightly, but it was no problem to him. I should just call him when I knew if I could come. With that, he went home, for he had not told anyone he was going to meet me, so he must already have been expected at home for one and a half hour, and until he'd arrive there, it would be at least two and a half.

When I told my parents about Daisuke's offer, they reacted quite overjoyed, for I haven't been away with a friend since... well, I don't think I've actually ever been away with a friend...

Anyway, they agreed immediately and they already began asking what I would need so they could buy the missing things and so on. I could not answer right away though.. First, I had an important phone call to make. I swear I could feel Daisuke glowing through the phone when I told him I had the permission. He began chattering about how great it is going to be and how much he is looking forward to it. I listened to him and found myself smiling in appreciation of his ever contagious enthusiasm.

So, in seven days I'm going camping with Daisuke. I'm sure it's going to be great.


Yesterday after having written the entry, I told Minomon about our vacations (he had been asleep all day, which is why I first told him then). He was very excited too, thinking about spending a whole week together with Chibimon.

Sometimes it is strange to see how those two almost seem supposed to be friends.

But then again.. When I look back I think it was just about the same with Daisuke and me, even if I chose to ignore it back then, being too busy feeling superior.

I don't think we happen to be DNA-digivolution partners by accident, nor do I think that our hearts beat in time with the other's because of it. I think it's quite the other way round. I guess that, even if we are completely different on the outside, we have always been equal in the core. And I definitely enjoy being the second side to this coin.

Enough of philosophy for today; after being told we are going to camp, Minomon asked me what camping was all about. He liked the idea of spending most time outside pretty much, after all he does not like to be closed in, neither in my room, nor in my bag.

I already started packing today. There are still six days to go, but... I don't know.

Probably this is my way of showing when I'm excited.


'Day #1' coming soon.