"Mother I do not wish to go to school on Earth." Spock complained to his mother. For the past five months he had been arguing with his parents because they wanted to transfer him to a Earth high school. The lovely Amanda Grayson continued packing her belongings into her suitcase shaking her head. The 18 year old Spock sat on his mothers bed and looked at her hesitant eyes. She knew that he would be anxious by the move even if his cool Vulcan exterior did not allow him to show it.

"Son you will do fine there, I mean it won't be that bad as you think. Plus I will be teaching at the school, so if ever need anything then you could come to me. Your father and your father and I got you into the best boarding school in San Francisco area." she said as she packed the last of her belongings. "Listen we are doing this for your father because he has duties to fulfill since he is a Ambassador to Earth and he needs our support." She came around and placed a loving arm on her son's shoulder.

"What if I'm not accepted because I am…different?" he asked. He knew that since he had never really been accepted by the children on Vulcan than how would it be any different on a planet full of humans.

"Then its their lost for not knowing a great man like yourself." she replied. Smoothing his bangs on his forehead she then kissed his cheek. "Don't worry."

It was the first day of classes for the young James Kirk. He was finally a senior at Woodside Priory School and in his opinion he thought that school was a waste of time. He hated that his mother would spend tons of money for him to be at his boarding school. James was the rebel in his school, always causing trouble, flirting with the girls, but yet was brilliant student. He already was the top of his class, had over the required amount of credits, could of graduated a year early, but he did not take a class that was required to graduate. He would just have to hang on another boring year, but not alone. Jim sat with his friend Leonard McCoy in the schools quad checking out the girls that passed by.

"Bones I don't know about you but I don't want to be here." Jim said as she slicked his hair back.

"Well I have to be here. I don't have all my credits like you." Bones said as he opened up his biology book. Jim noticed that his friend was studying before school started. Jim grabbed his book and flung it across the quad into the wet grass.

"Hey!" Bones roared.

"Why are you reading that mess man?"

"I happen to still care about my education, plus if I'm going to be joining Starfleet to become a doctor then I need to study."

"You still want to be a doctor? I thought you would be over that."

"Well I'm not. I'm worried about you, I mean you don't have a career path yet."

"I will become a starship Captain." Jim said jokingly.

"Seriously. Jim you wouldn't join Starfleet even if it was your last choice."

"You don't think I could be a Captain?"


"Well I'll make a bet. If I join Starfleet, become a Captain and become YOUR Captain then you have to sing the song Sexyback by Justin Timberlake on the bridge."

"Are kidding me, you know old that song is?"

"Yes, even though its like 300 years old I still like it."

"Alright and if you join Starfleet and don't become Captain?"

"Then I will be your guinea pig when it comes to your testing new medications."

"Alright that sounds like I would have fun. Agreed." The two shook hands in agreement. The quad became loud with commotion and crowded with students. Jim and Bones could only make out the words fight being chanted. The two looked at each other and decided to go over and look. The two boys made it through the crowd of kids to see a kid who had a ridiculous bowl shape hair cut and pointed ears getting pushed around by a larger guy. Jim and Bones jumped in and push the boy with the pointed ears to the side.

"Willson why do you like being an ass?" Jim asked.

"Kirky you want to start something?" Willson asked.

"You know me man. I love a good fight, but I'm sure Bones would like to fight you even more." Bones stood proudly to the side with his arms crossed. Willson backed away and left the crowd. The surrounding kids dispersed leaving the three boys behind. Bones helped up the other boy and asked him if he alright. The boy nodded.

"Thank you for your help." the boy said.

"No problem. What's your name? You look new." Jim asked.

"My name is Spock, I transferred here." Spock said.

"Spock huh…I see that you're a Vulcan. We never had one here before." Bones said as he scanned his ears.

"I can tell." Spock said as he grabbed his bag from the ground. Jim went over to Spock and extended a hand.

"My names is James Kirk, but you can call me Jim. This is my friend Leonard McCoy aka Bones." Jim introduced himself and Bones. Spock took Jims and hand and the same for Bones.

"Interesting alternative name Leonard. Why the name Bones?" Spock asked. McCoy was about to reply, buy Jim beat him to it.

"Because when Bones fight he makes your bones rattle." Jim said.

"I assume you two have been in many fights before. Spock said.

"Correct-o." Jim said.

"What class do you have first?" Bones asked.

"I have advance English.."

"Cool you have class with Bones and I this morning. You wanna walk with us? We can tell you about this place." Without a second thought Spock quickly agreed.

Once the three made it to their class they noticed that they were the first ones to be in the class besides the teacher. Sitting at her desk a Spock noticed that his mother was sitting there preparing for class. Jim put on a big smile and went to her desk and sat on the edge.

"Ms. Grayon, I see we have another year together." Jim flirted, Bones rolled his eyes.

"Jim Kirk looks like we have another year together and same for you Mr. McCoy." She turned her attention to Spock who was hidden behind Bones. "I see that both met my son."

"Son?" Bones said surprisingly.

"Yes." she smiled. "I hope you boys will become good friends and show him around."

"Of course for a passing grade…" Kirk bribed.

"To your seat Mr. Kirk."

The boys took seats towards the back of the room and watched students come in. Kirk sat next to Spock telling him about each person walked through the door. Pointing a girl who was rather pale and short black hair.

"Ok that girl is name is Lisa, she is a bit on the crazy side so I would advise to stay away from her." Next a boy with short blonde hair came in. "That's Paul and he's your typical jock. A black girl came in with flowing black hair and perfect smile. "That girl is new and I want to meet her." Jim said as he smooth hair back to go talk to her. Spock looked at the girl, she was pretty and quite different from the woman on Vulcan. She took a seat toward the front of the room and looked at her PADD. Spock prayed for a moment that Jim would not walk to her, but he did. Jim walked up to her and leaning against the desk with arms crossed.

"Hi." He greeted with a warm smile.

"Hi." she replied.

"You know I never seen you around here before."

"Well that's because I'm new."

"I figured that. I'm James T. Kirk and you might be?"


"They got first names where your from."

"I do, but I think your fine without it." She blew him off by scanning her PADD. Ms. Grayson gave a look at Jim that caused him to walk back to seat to join Spock and McCoy. Bones leaned into Jim to talk.

"So?" Bones asked.

"I got her name." Kirk smirked. Bones and Spock looked at each other knowing that it was going to be one long year.