The Last Treasures – The Pirates of Dark Water

Episode 1 – Light Water

Chapter 1

Ren, Niddler, Tula, Ioz, Zoolie, Teron

Bloth, Mantus, Konk, The Jugg Brothers, The Dark Dweller, Morpho, Joat

The Wraith, The Maelstrom

Ren and his crew have been tracking a Treasure of Rule but found, like the one before, seems to be moving. On top of that it seems to always be surrounded by dark water. They had Niddler scout out ahead to see if he could see it. So with compass in hand, he went out to see were the beam led. He returned to tell that the trail ended in a most unlikely end. It appears that this treasure may also be alive but looks like dark water in the exception that it is as white as the pale warriors with a dim glow about it. It seemed to be actively attacking the Dark Water.

Ren: If it attacks Dark Water, then why is there so much Dark Water around here.

Niddler: Beats me Ren. It seems to be protecting were it is. Every time Dark Water come toward it, it attacks and the Dark Water retreats.

Tula: Perhaps this treasure is like a mindless beast, attacking whatever Dark Water is closest to it. And the Dark Water is just toying with it to keep it in one place.

Ioz: Well that leaves us with the new problem. How are we supposing to get something we can't control or carry back to Octopon and keep it there? Not the mention the fact that there is constant ring of Dark Water surrounding it.

Ren: (Deep exhale) Your right Ioz. What can we do? Niddler, will it fit on the Wraith?

Niddler: Well it is only as big as a small batch of Dark Water but I can't imagine how we would get it on. Also I don't know what its reaction would be to things non-Dark Water.

As they thought about the problem, the Maelstrom appears over the horizon, heading towards them.

Ren: Ioz take the wheel. Tula set the sells.

As they start to turn away, they noticed that the Maelstrom was not heading toward them but to the ring of Dark Water. As they came closer, through the spyglass, Ren could see Bloth and Morpho at the head of the ship seemingly unaware that the little ship was even around. They Sailed right at the black filth and watched as it parted to let the ship pass.

On the deck of the Maelstrom, Morpho: the Dark Dweller is pleased that you have come to remove this annoyance from his concern.

Bloth: But of course. Besides, it is still a treasure of rule and one I do not have to fight that boy for, for once. But are you sure it will fit in my hold?

Morpho: Yes.

As the Maelstrom was half emerged into the ring of Dark Water, Ren took the wheel from Ioz and turned it back to the Maelstrom.

Ioz: Ren what are you doing?

Ren: We need to get into this ring to get to the treasure and now is the best time to try.

Niddler: But how are we to get back out?

Ren: I don't know Niddler but Bloth must be here for the treasure. I cannot let him get a single one.

Tula: Ren, if you are right, then I might be easier to get the treasure from the Maelstrom than it would be to get it from the Dark Water. Besides if we are discovered, we would have nowhere to run.

Ren: Ijitata, you're right. Niddler stay out of sight but follow them and come back to tell us where they go afterwards.

Niddler: (Galp) Well I guess it is better than to have us all trapped.

Niddler flies off high into the air and follows the monstrous ship as it closes in on the treasure and swallows it into the bowls of its hall. Then the ship took a new barring as the rest of the Dark water dissipates back into the oceans making the ring no more.