-.-. ...-...-...-...-Zack

Zack watched the boy from across the sky deck as he cleaned the cups once filled with smoothies. About a year and a half ago Zack had realized that he was gay. When he found this out he also found out that he was head over heels for his twin brother Cody. He watched as he and Bailey had a tiny argument and London following them repeatedly saying that Bailey should break up with Cody. Zack couldn't help but laugh at what he saw. When Cody and Bailey started dating, Zack had come out to London about his sexuality and his crush on Cody. London had been completely okay with Zack's situation and had told him that she would help get them broken up. He loved London and was glad she was his best friend. Zack quickly looked away when he saw that they were walking to the smoothie bar where Zack worked.

"Hey Zack, can I get a large strawberry-kiwi smoothie?" he said with a smile. Zack absolutely loved Cody's smile, the look in his innocent beautiful blue eyes.

"Sure thing bro." he put the ingredients in the blender and blended until drinkable. He poured it into a large cup, put straw in it and gave it to Cody. He reached for his wallet but Zack stopped him and said "Don't worry bro, it's on the house." Cody smiled

"Thanks Zack! Umm, can I have another straw?" Zack looked at Bailey and gave another straw to Cody who put it in the smoothie. He watched as Bailey and Cody shared the smoothie. Zack acted quickly and took a large straw and drank the entire smoothie. "Yummy!" he said with a grin.

"Zack!" Bailey yelled angrily.

"It's okay Bailey." he smiled at Zack "Let's go to the fiesta deck." he said as he stood "Thanks for the smoothie Zack."

"No problem." his cheeks turned a light pink from Cody's childish voice he used. Zack watched as they left for the fiesta deck, he looked at London and pointed at Bailey and Cody. She nodded and followed after them. He sure was glad to have a friend like London.


-.-.-. ...-...-...-...-Cody

"Wow Cody this is very sweet of you!" Bailey said. Cody had made lunch for him and Bailey on the deck.

"Well, anything for you Bailey." he said with a smile he felt was a little forced.

"Aww, Cody, you're so ..." she started before being interrupted by Zack,

"Hey Cody! Hey Bailey... so what are we eating?" he asked as he sat down on a chair he pulled up. Cody smiled "Umm, Zack, this was sorta a lunch date for me and Bailey." he almost whispered. Zack looked at him for a little while before Bailey spoke up.

"Zack why don't you go hang out with your girlfriend or something." she said with irritation in her voice.

"Why would I need a relationship when I have you guys!" he said as he grabbed them into a hug.

"Zack, let go of me." Bailey said. Zack took his arm off Bailey but not Cody. For a reason Cody didn't really understand, he felt his stomach go into knots.

"Umm, Zack can you let go of me?" when Zack heard this he turned to Cody, their noses were touching, their lips only an inch away. Cody felt a deep blush form on his face from one ear to the next. Zack smiled and let go of Cody. A small blush crept on Zack's face which Cody barely noticed. "Bailey, why don't we try this later?"

Bailey looked a little annoyed but agreed. She got up and left Cody and Zack alone.


-.-.-. ...-...-...-...-Zack

"Zack? You do know this would be considered stalking right?" Zack jumped from the voice behind him.

"London! You scared me!" he whispered. He was on the top of the steps looking down on Cody and Bailey's rescheduled dinner. She got down and whispered "So what's today's' plan Zack?"

"Nothing, I'm just seeing the connection they have..."

"You mean you're giving up in him? Why?" he didn't look at London.

"Because today I remembered the day of the dance a long time ago, and how Cody said that he would never give up on her, and that time he told you he was in love with her, I just... I think that... that he should be happy with the person he loves..." he tried to hold back tears.

"Okay Zack. I'll see you tomorrow." She said a little worried but she left it. He looked down on them to see them talking. "Cody,.. I love you."

"I.. I love you too Bailey." he said before he was pulled into a kiss. Zack got up and ran to his room. Once in his room he burst into tears. Whenever I see them kiss, I feel like a piece of my heart is torn out and is lost forever... I just love him so much but, he loves Bailey, and I do want him to be happy.


-.-.-.-. ...-...-...-...- Cody

"Cody... I love you." Cody was very surprised at Bailey's words.

"I...I love you too Bailey." she smiled and leaned over to kiss him. He felt really weird kissing her, he always did, but he always told himself he probably was just nerves or something. When they separated, Cody thought he heard footsteps fade away.

"I'm sorry for earlier today, when Zack interrupted us." he could see the slight irritation in her eyes when he said Zack's name.

"Uckk, I don't get Zack, he is so annoying. You know lots of times I think that Zack is a faggot, that's probably why he doesn't have a girlfriend."(2)

"Don't say that! That's a horrible word, and Zack just hasn't been having much luck with girls."

"Whatever! Back at the farm, we kicked out people who were faggots. And they would never be allowed back to town. They're just sick people that should die." Cody was really angry now.

"Why would you do that? They're normal people! Their sexuality doesn't change their character! You know I have just realized that you have a horrible character!" Bailey looked a little hurt, but then is just turned anger.

"What's wrong with you Cody? I never knew you were okay with faggots."

"Stop calling them that! I never knew you were such a homophobic!... I guess I didn't know that much about you. What did I even see in you?" that seemed to tick her off. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that we are breaking up." and he turned around and started walking to his dorm.

"You're going to regret this Cody!" she said from behind. He stopped.

"The only thing I regret is wasting my time with you." and he continued walking.


-.-. .-.-. ...-...-...-...- Zack

Zack had stopped crying and was going to take a nap before taking a shower until he heard a knock at his door.

"Zack? Are you in there?" Zack went to open the door.

"Cody? What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?"

"Sure. I thought you were having dinner with her." he said bringing back the picture of them kissing. He tried to hide his anger.

"We ended it." he said as he sat down on the trunk in front of Zack's combined beds. "What so you going to have diner tomorrow?"

"No, we broke up." Zack felt a little happy, but felt bad for feeling happy, he knew how much he liked her.

"I'm so sorry Cody." he said as sat next to Cody. He looked at Zack and smiled.

"Thanks, but I broke up with her." Zack was really confused.

"But Cody, I thought you really liked Bailey. What about those six months of chasing her." he kept his smile.

"Well today I found out that Bailey is really homophobic." Zack stared at Cody still confused. He laughed at Zack. A small blush crept across Zack's face.

"That's a fancy word for people that don't accept homosexuals."

"Really? I didn't know that. And of course that wouldn't be okay since dad is, you know."

Two years ago, when their dad was visiting them, he had come out about his sexuality. He had brought home his boyfriend that day. His boyfriend was almost as tall their dad, he was much paler than their very tan father, he had long brown hair and bright blue eyes (3). They both had to admit that he was very pretty. That was the first time they had questioned their sexuality, Cody had shrugged it off, Zack hadn't. A few weeks after that Zack had started to think he gay and started to research about it in secret.

"I guess I went too far since I barely knew what she was really like. I really don't know what I saw in her."

"Maybe you were too distracted by her boobs, man." Cody laughed.

"Yeah, maybe." There was a long pause.

"Cody, I have to tell you something." he knew that he had to him about his sexuality. "Sure Zack, what is it?" he looked at Zack, but he looked down at the floor.

"Remember that day dad came out?" Cody nodded, he opened his mouth to say something but Zack stopped him. "Cody... I'm... I'm gay." Cody was pretty surprised. He hated to admit it, but Bailey had been right, but it didn't change anything. Zack looked up to look at his face and tried to continue. "Also... I... I ummm.. Cody, I love you.. More than a brother... And I-" Cody quickly got up, "I think I should go to sleep." and he quickly ran out of the room to his dorm.

Zack got up and hit himself, IDIOT! Why did I have to do that! I should of just kept it a secret! I hope this doesn't change anything... He got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower before he went to bed.


-.-.-.-. ...-...-...-...- Cody

Cody quickly walked out of Zack's room and closed the door. He stopped and leaned against it. He wasn't freaked out that Zack was gay, but that Zack told him he loved him? Like romantically.. Even if he did mean it, they were twins. But how do I feel... I mean I remember how I'd always feel uncomfortable kissing girls and being iwth them, even with Barbra... And I have had attractions to boys sometimes... But Zack... He's my brother.. I dont know how I feel right now.... He went into his room and went to lay on his bed and drifted into sleep.

Cody woke up from the loud thunder from outside. Cody had always been afraid of thunder. When he and Zack were little, Cody would sleep in Zack's bed. Without thinking Cody took his blanket and walked to Zack's room. He quietly opened the door and walked inside.

"Zack? Are you awake?" he whispered as he shook his brother's shoulder. Zack slowly opened his eyes and sat up.

"Cody? What are you doing here?" Cody looked at Zack and blushed a light pink. Zack was wearing nothing but his boxers. Cody could clearly see his brawd shoulders and slight six pack.

"Can I sleep with you tonight? The thunder is a bit scary." Zack looked at Cody who was wearing his boxers and a shirt that said 'Iguana Kiss' which he had bought while they were at the Galapagos islands, he never wore it because Bailey had thought it was a stupid shirt when Woody had bought it.

"Sure Cody." he said as he smiled at Cody. He smiled back at walked to the right bed. Zack had his back to Cody. He slightly jumped when he heard a loud bang of thunder.

"Zack? I'm a little cold,... and scared." he whispered, trying to speak the last two words so lightly so Zack wouldn't really hear him. Zack turned around to face Cody.

"Come here." he said as he opened his arms. Cody crawled to Zack and wrapped his arms around Zack's chest. He nuzzled his face into Zack's chest, being able to hear his heart beat race a little, and tried to drift sleep. Zack wrapped his arms around Cody and kissed the top of his head,

"I love you Cody.", and fell asleep, not noticing that Cody replied, "I love you too Zack..."





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