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I watched as Edward walked away inside the house, not looking back. I stared into the fire and thought. What did I do? All they asked was if I had sex with Edward yet.

I had never thought about not saying 'I Love You' to Edward…but that was my fault…

I watched the fire, a tear escaping the corner of my eye. "BELLA!" I heard my name yelled followed by over-giggling. I looked over and saw Alice and Rosalie. I quickly wiped away the tear and sniffed, trying to look okay.

"Bella! Were have you been!" they asked trying to not fall over.

"Out here, why?" I asked.

"No reason." They said smiling. I shook my head and stood.

"I'm going home…see you guys later." I said and stood walking away, listening to them giggle. I walked through the house, pushing the bodies away as I made my way to the door. I jerked it open and stepped outside, slamming the door behind me.

I looked out into the cool night, letting the cold air wrap around me. I felt shivers run through my veins as I wrapped my arms around myself and took off down the street. I watched my shadow as I walked slowly down the sidewalk. The moon was full and you could hear the fait sound of wolves howling.

I felt a slowly steady tear fall down my cheek as I thought about the sadness on Edward's face as he walked away. I found a bench and sat down, thinking about everything.

I hadn't noticed a car pulling up till after I felt someone sit down next to me.

"You know, sitting out here is dangerous." He said. I shrugged not caring. I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me close.

"You know Bella, people will go to the ends of the earth to make another person happy…and that's all I ever want to do, but if you are having a problem, know that you can talk to me." He said looking down to me.

"Dad…I know, I just…I don't know what I did to make a mess of everything." I said.

"Well, come on, we can talk." He said pulling me up.

I was sitting in a booth at an all night diner eating pancakes with my dad. "Dad when did you become so wise?" I asked.

"Well I always have been, I just keep it inside until I really need to use it." He said smiling. I smiled as I finished my food.

"Do you regularly come to all night diners with people to give them fatherly advice?" I asked sipping my juice.

"No, but it helps." He said.

"Now, this whole business is Edward?" he asked and I nodded grimily. "So what happened?" he asked.

I launched in to my story about my leaving and coming back and fighting…and everything. I sighed as I finished my story and looked up at my dad. "So that's what happened." I said.

"Did you ask him about it?" he asked.

"I tried…but he left, and I don't know where he went." I said.

"Well there are only two places he could go, the party or home." He said. "Speaking of which…" he said standing throwing down 10 dollars. "Lets go." He said.

He pulled the cruiser up to the house and got out. I followed trying not to laugh as he put on a serious face. Charlie stepped in to the house and closed the door and yelled. "ALRIGHT! STOP PARTYING!" everyone stopped and looked over at him. The music cut off as he walked around. "Now, I am looking for a man. Edward Mason. Where is he?" he asked.

Nobody made a move to answer and he looked over at Mike and Tyler trying to hide their cups full of alcohol. "You two." He said standing in front of them. "These the boys Bella?" he asked

"Yeah." I said smiling.

"Now, I hear you were bothering my little girl…did you take part in the fight between Edward ad Bella?" he asked. They coward against the wall and shook their heads. "Now, if you're lying that's an offense for lying to an officer and for drinking under age, I can smell the liquor on your breath." He said. "NOW! Did you take part in their fight?" he asked again.

They slowly nodded and tried to move away. "Wait right there, who put you up too it? You two are too much of cowards to make this up." He said and looked pointed at them. Mike looked around and pointed at Lauren.

I looked over as the snickered at me. "You whore! How dare you!" I yelled walking to them.

"Told you payback was a bitch." Lauren said.

"So because Edward didn't want to be with you Skanks you have to ruin anything good for me? Well guess what? Your even lower than you were because for you to mess up love between two people like that shows your nothing but low down whores because you were too jealous to take what he didn't want to give you." I said and smacked her right across the face. "Talk about me, do anything to mess with me again, and you will not know what's coming." I said and moved away.

"Damn! Go Bella!" I heard Emmett yell as I ran outside and got back inside the cruiser. I saw Emmett, Jasper, and the girls come out with my dad as he talked to them. They quickly got inside their cars and drove away.

"Okay, let's go." Charlie said as he got on the radio.

"What did you tell them?" I asked,

"That unless they wanted trouble to get out, and that this would be the only time they would get off easy." He said. "Alright head on out boys." He said and soon a few cops had arrived. Charlie started the cruiser and we pulled away from the curb. "Do you really love this boy?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah…I do." I said and looked down to sad to look up. "I never wanted anything to be messed up. I just…wasn't ready to say anything. But I was going too…is it bad for wanting to wait?" I asked looking over at Charlie.

"No, you only say those words when you are ready, and don't until you are. If you are, I will take you there now and let you say what you need too." He said looking over at me.

I nodded and let Charlie turn the car to Edward's house. We sat out side for a moment and I stared at the front door and sighed. "Go when your ready honey, I will be waiting out here for you." Charlie said and kissed my forehead.

I got out closing the door behind me and slowly walking to the door. I raised my hand to knock lightly on the door and a light came on, showing a dark silhouette. I waited as the door opened to reveal Edward's mother.

"Bella." She said smiling. "I would ask why you're here but I think I know why, go on upstairs, he is in his room." She said and stepped aside. I smiled and thanked her running up the stairs, two at a time.

I stopped at his door and raised my hand to knock. I let my hand rap across the door and I waited for him to answer. "Mom I said I was fine." He said as he opened the door. I could hear the hurt in his voice and in his eyes as he looked down at me.

"But I know your not." I said. "Edward listen I don't know what Lauren said to you…but it's not true. Just listen to me for a minute." I said.

Edward sighed and moved away to sit on his bed. "okay." he said.

"Okay My dad told me that only say the words when I'm ready, and don't until I am…and I wasn't sure a few days ago or the first day we met, but I am now. And I know what I want to say." I said moving in front of him. "I wanted to explain to you tonight but you wouldn't let me and you ran away…and it hurt so much…I just needed time." I said.

"Okay, so what?" Edward asked looking up at me.

"Well….I guess I…Love you." I said looking down at me. Edward was fiddling with his hands but after saying that he stopped and looked up at me.

"Really?" He asked. I nodded. Edward stood and sighed. "Good cause I love you too." He said and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled up at him and leaned up on my toes lightly touching my lips to his. "I'm sorry about over reacting, Lauren is just….I don't know." He said.

"You need to stay away from those whore's, didn't you know they lie a lot?" I asked.

"I do now." He said smiling down at me.


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