So Twilight from Alice's POV turned out well, and I am planning on writing New Moon , but that takes a bit more effort because Alice isn't in a majority of the book. So in the mean time, i'm going to try writing Eclipse in Alice's POV. I would really appreciate your opinions, ideas, and critiques in the writing of this because not only will it improve what i'm writing but it will keep me writing it if I know that SOMEONE is reading it. Anywho, here it goes.

A Clear Night

Chapter 1

The ring of a cell phone echoed through the open room of the boutique so that the two other shoppers turned their heads towards our directions.

"Would you turn that down!' I tried to keep my whisper at a low volume, but for once I was surprised by something. I didn't have to look at the phone to know that it would be Emmett on the other line. "Don't even think about it," I grabbed it from her hand before she could completely flip open the phone.

"Alice! What if it's an emergency!"

"I would know by now. Plus, you promised me a girl's afternoon; in case you haven't noticed, Emmett is not a girl." My humor was answered with a glare from Rosalie who quickly snatched the phone back from me.

"I promised you a girl's afternoon, but that doesn't mean that I have to be cut off from the rest of the world. You, at least, still have some tie to the outside world."ou

"The outside world? Rose, we're shopping! This is practically the opposite of being cut off from the world."

Bella's truck pulls up to a small house off of the main road. She has her school things with her, and is greeted at the door.

"Besides," I couldn't help but smile at my new discovery, "If you want to complain, I'll just find a new shopping partner."

Rosalie laughed, "Oh right, 'cause Jasper has such good taste in women's blouses." She smiled as she held up a blue floral top.

"No, of course not, I was talking about Bella. She just got ungrounded, so I can always take her instead." I knew how to wipe a smile off of her face.

The silence was satisfying as we continued through the stores.

After a moment Rosalie decided to acknowledge my existence, "She doesn't have any ore sense of style than Emmett and Jasper combined. Plus, you shouldn't be focusing on Bella at a time like this, didn't Carlisle tell you to keep an eye out for that new Vampire in Seattle?"

I knew that we have right to be confident in our disguise from the common population, but her comfort in openly discussing this topic with such volume in public was still a surprise to me. I lowered my own voice, "If anything happens I'll see it, don't worry about that. Besides, what's happening in Seattle is no where near us and won't have the slightest effect on us unless whoever they are changes direction, and if that happens I'm sure to see it. This is all just a precaution."

"Whatever, hey, and maybe something good would result if a baby vampire were to visit forks, especially with someone so delicious smelling in this town." her smile was back and I hated this feeling. Whenever Rose talks about Bella I get a pit in my stomach. I love Bella, but I don't want to be caught in between her and Rosalie; besides, Rose is just less accepting of a potential threat to our lifestyle, she's not a fan of change.

We continued our shopping until the street lights were our only source of light down the dark streets. We returned to Rose's car, shopping bags in hand, and began the drive back. There weren't many cars on the road, which allowed us to travel at a relatively quick speed. My conversations with Rose are never quite as deep or complex as those with Jasper or Carlisle. On the way home we discussed the full week of rain ahead of us, unfortunately that would leave us no good hunting days until the weekend and Jasper is beginning to get a bit restless.

We pulled up to the lit house just as Edward was getting out of his car. The clock in the car read 10:13.

"Home a little after curfew are we?" Rose's taunting echoed off the surrounding trees.

"I'm sure Alice told you about Bella's new conditions?" Edward seemed in a rush to simply get inside.

"Well, no, but it wouldn't make the slightest of impact on me what her 'conditions' are; she obviously has a few if she's seriously attracted to you, Edward."

"Hilarious Rose," Edward's less than bemused expression slowly changed to a brighter one and turned his attention back to me. "She'll be ready for that shopping spree of yours any time now." his side smile slid across his face.

"I can't wait."

"But know that you won't be allowed to go into Seattle, and it's not just my warning, her father agrees."

The point and success of a shopping spree fails if there are no descent shops. I hoped that my expression would be as easily read as my thoughts.

"The shopping in Port Angeles is fine, Alice, especially for what Bella would be shopping for.

This is pointless, no new vampire in Seattle is going to head our way, and with me with Bella she will have no problem, we will know where to stay away from.

"Alice, don't argue this point with me. She is not going to Seattle until all of this blows over, end of story. I know that this is just a precaution, but better safe than sorry."

Rose chose to make her presence known again, "Would you stop having these arguments in your head? If I have to stand here, at least allow me the amusement of hearing the discussion."

Edward turned to her for a moment, "No one said you have to stand here, Rose. Emmett's home, what on earth is keeping you here?"

Rose returned his comment with another glare, and without another word proceeded inside the house.

For the sake of continuing our human interactions I continued vocally, "Fine, Edward, but the minute, and I mean MINUTE this vampire passes through Seattle I demand a full out shopping spree whether Bella is up for it or not. It is almost graduation and she has nothing new to wear."

"Fine, Alice, but not until then. And be careful even when you are in Port Angeles."

"I'm always careful, especially with Bella, nothing unexpected will happen, you know that."

"I know, but trouble is the last thing that we need right now, especially since Bella's freedom is newly recovered, let's not ruin that so soon."


As if on cue, Jasper burst through the garage door, nearly taking it off of its hinges. "There's going to be a major rain fall starting in about an hour, so no one will be on the trails. Care for a late night snack?"

"Hey! Since when did you become the psychic in the family?" I laughed, "I didn't even see that coming." Jasper ignored my comment and redirected his attention to Edward.

"So? What do you think?"

"As much as I'd love getting soaking wet for a few rabbits, I think I'm going to pass."

"There's more than just rabbits out there."

"Not much that stays out in the rain. But ask Emmett, you know he's always up for a good hunt, no matter what Rose says."

The two laughed and proceeded inside.