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The Idea

"Well, that went well." Horribelle said referring to the last monster that the Beetleborgs had just defeated.

Atreyu looked up from reading the newspaper to see her father, Vilor, and Horribelle stroll into the crypt. She rolled her eyes and went back to her reading.

"Cartoonist!" Nukus roared, startling Atreyu, she nearly fell off of the boulder that she was sitting on next to Les Fortunes' drawing desk. Nukus walked up to his cartoonist's desk hand slammed his fist down on it.

"Ah!" Les jumped up at Nukus' out burst, stopping him from his continuation of his latest drawing. "What?"

"Once again your monster failed!"

"Well what do you want me to do about?" Les snapped back.

Nukus was about reach over for Les when Atreyu ran up between them.

"Wait I got an idea," she said. Atreyu grabbed her father's arm and turned him away from Les.

"Oh, and what would that be?" He asked curiously.

"Okay now bear with me." She said as she walked over to the boulder she was sitting on. Atreyu grabbed the newspaper she was reading and folded it. Walking back over to her father and handed him it. Nukus looked at it and then looked at his daughter quizzically.

Horribelle walked over and looked at the newspaper too.

"I don't get what are we looking at?" She asked.

"Look." She said pointing to one of the headlines.

"'Couple Find Ransom Note After Baby Is Kidnapped.' " Nukus read, then looked at Atreyu.

"Don't you get it?" She said, realizing that no one understood. "Okay, well since the Beetleborgs have always defeated Les's monsters, instead we should get rid of their source of power."

"And that would be?" Nukus asked more curious as to where this was going.

"Flabber. Okay my idea is that we kidnap Flabber and ransom him."

"And what would we ransom him for?" Horribelle asked.

" about...." Atreyu stood thinking for a moment. 'Hmm....what could we ransom?'

"How about the Beetle Bonders." Les piped in.

"Exactly." Atreyu replied.

"Hmm...." Nukus began to think. Atreyu could easily see how his face was going over the plan, trying to find any flaws.

"Well it's worth a try." He finally said as he smiled at is daughter.

"Cool." Atreyu said, pleased that they were going to try her plan. Atreyu walked over to Les while Nukus, Horribelle, and Vilor began discussing the new plan.

"Do you really think it'll work?" Les asked not looking up from is drawing.

"What are you complaining about?" She replied, smiling at her friend. "I just saved your butt."

Les just lifted an eyebrow in response.

"He would have killed you." Atreyu finished indicating her father.