A loud crash came from inside the Hillhurst manor.

"What are you all doing?" Flabber yelled. "Just look at this mess. Have you no manners?"

"I think it's pretty obvious that we don't," Mums replied.

"Well I'm sick of having to clean up after you!"

"Then don't," Fangula laughed.

"What's going on?" Jo the platinum Beetleborg asked as she and her brother Drew and their friend Roland walked in.

"They wer--" Flabber began.

"Lady and Gentlegerms! Welcome to Monster Wrestle Mania!" Mums announced. "In this corner we have the sharp-toothed, creature of the night. The one the only 'Count Fangula'!"

Fangula got up from the stool he was sitting on and began to hit and jab the air on his side of the wrestling ring in the living room. He was dressed in silky red boxing shorts and red boxing gloves.

"And in this corner," Mums continued. "Is the ferocious, drooling, howling lump of fur 'Wolfgang'!"

The restless werewolf got up from his stool and began to jump around howling. He too was wearing boxing shorts and gloves but in a blue color.

"Alright lets get this show on the road," Mums announced. "Ding! Ding! Ding!"

Wolfgang and Count Fangula got up from their corners and started jumping around the ring.

"Whoa whoa," Flabber said as he appeared in the middle of the two. But before he could get another word out Count Fangula hit him in the face just as Wolfgang got him in the stomach.

"Oooo," the Beetleborgs said in unison as they winced at the beat up Flabber.

"That's gotta hurt," Mums cringed.

"We--we're sorry Flabber you got in the way," Fangula said backing away from him. Flabber groaned as he fell over.

"Flabber are you ok," Jo ask, as she and Drew and Roland crawled in the ring and to him.

"Flabber speak to me." Roland gently slapped his face.

"THAT IS IT!" He roared. "I'm done."

"With what?" Frankenbeans asked.

"With what?! With everything," Flabber yelled back, he got up and climbed out of the ring only to trip on the wires and fall to the floor. Ignoring everyone's laughter he got back up and walked over to a safer place by the couch. "As I was saying--"

All of a sudden a green light and a purplish black light lit up the room then quickly disappeared.

"What was that?" Fangula said in a shocked voice.

"I don't know," Jo replied.

"Hey where's Flabber?" Roland asked looking around.

Jo walked over to where Flabber was standing before he disappeared. "Wait what's this?" She picked up a piece of paper that was on the floor.

They all walked over and looked over her shoulder to read it:

'If you ever want to see your blue

friend again, you'll hand over your

cursed Beetlebonders. Be at the

construction at 5:00pm'

"It's a ransom note," Roland stated. "5:00pm that's in one hour."

"Uh oh," Jo said. "Guys I think Flabber's in trouble."