NOTE: This is just a quick little fic I wrote. It's short and basically about Ryoma and…kind of what he thinks of his father (Nanjiro). Anyways, I do not own these characters or the Prince of Tennis

Be Proud

Echizen Ryoma sat on his bed. Karupin was curled up in his lap and purred as the boy's hand rubbed up against her fur. Slowly, he lifted the cat off him and made his way to the window. Staring outside, he saw the tennis court. A smile grew on his face.

"Dad, was I smiling when you taught me how to play tennis? Was I happy? I don't really remember much when it all happened, but I'm glad it did. Tennis is…it's what I'm good at. I wonder, Dad, if I would have something like this without you. I want to continue to learn and become stronger. Maybe one day I'll win against you. If I do, will you be proud of me? Will you smile in defeat? I don't want to be seen as your shadow. I want people to see who I am. Will I ever get to the top?" Ryoma turned and grabbed his tennis racket. "Please, Dad, watch over me…"

The door to the room opened and Nanjiro walked in.

"Hey, Ryoma, play against me," was all the older man said before leaving.

Ryoma's grip grew tighter around the racket. "I'll win one of these days and make you proud…"

NOTE: Um…I know…there's not much to this. I just really needed to write this to make myself feel a little better. I don't usually dedicate my stories to anyone, but I wrote this while thinking about my own father. I dedicate this to him and hope that he'll one day be proud of my writing and what I want to do. Even though he is gone now, I wish for him to see me become something more than just a simple fanfiction writer.

Thank you so much for reading this. I'm sorry if I got a little bit emotional there. It's not really like me (I'm usually random…). I hope you enjoyed this fic.