Flirting With Danger

Chapter One

Author's Note: To all of my readers of my other stories, I will be updating, just not now. I've been writing this story for along time and I think I'm actually going to finish it so now I feel the urge to post the first chapter. Reviews and suggestions are always accepted and will help me update faster! This is my first M rated story so I hope you all like it. It's going to be a bit rough at first, but it will get better.

Warning: sexual content, cussing, alchol, rape, abuse, self harm, slash, and smoking involvment. Dumbeldore bashing, Darker Harry, friendly Voldemort, Snape, Blaise and Draco.

Now on with the story, hope you enjoy.

"Happy birthday brat," Severus Snape, my godfather bellowed, waving his glass filled of amber liquid around in the air, sloshing it on the floor. Voldemort, who was now known as Tom and who changed his appearance to the eighteen year old Tom Riddle, roared with laughter at this being as they were both drunk.

My parents chuckled lightly at their two drunk friends. I rolled my eyes at my family and turned back to Blaise who was grinning. I leaned against the wall of my kitchen and smirked at him.

"This is my big suprise Blaise? I see this every day," I mocked, motioning to the two drunk men.

"It isn't all of your surprise," Blaise defended with a mischievous smile.

"Congrats Draco, you're, um, well, er... sixteen! Yeah that's it! The age where you make a fake ID and go out clubbing," Tom toasted with a drunken laugh. Tom and Sev were not only a couple but my godparents, and both were my family just as much as Blaise is. We all lived together at the Malfoy Manor. With Blaise's parents going to a new prison Dumbeldore had built, he was staying here too.

"I thought that age was fifteen, have I started to early," I mocked, they burst out into fresh drunken laughter. My parents watched them with a small smile and backed away at the two hysterical laughing men.

"Happy birthday, Draco," my mother wished me and left out fo the room with my father to go to sleep. When I looked back Tom and Sev were drunkenly making out. Blaise and I gagged loudly and made our way out into the large fancy living room.

"So what is my surpise and will it hurt," I asked Blaise completely serious. Those were two very important questions when dealing with Blaise's suprises.

"Wait a minute, and don't worry it won't possbibly hurt," Blaise teased and looked at the time. The clock read nine pm. "Grab my arm, we're apparating," Blaise ordered grinning eagerly like he always did when he had a secret. I rolled my eyes, braced myslef, and then grabbed his arm. We landed safely on a dim muggle street, I didn't recognize it. Blaise turned me around and I was now facing a muggle bar called The Catwalk. Flashing lights and the pulsing rythm attracted me forward.

"A muggle bar," I aksed Blaise as we strided up.

"Nope," he answered, popping the 'p' loudly. I waited patiently for him to go on.

"Gay strip bar, just for you, bi birthday boy," Blaise announced ruffling my white blonde hair. I had been bi since my third year at Hogwarts, and earned my title as the Ice Prince of Slytherin for all of those one night stands with girls and guys alike. Blaise was gay since first year, we were best friends after we tried going out and it not working out, and we were still best friends.

We got inside and sat down at the bar showing our fake, magic ID's. It payed to be a wizard. The stage was right in front of the bar. I ordered Voldka and Blaise, Whiskey. I swallowed the smooth liquid loving the burning feeling as it slid down my throat and into my stomach.

Soon the show started. Two men about twenty sauntered out on the the catwalk in neon pink speedos. They danced and grinded against two poles to the beat of the music. A cage lowered down from the ceiling. Two guys were in it they both looked about seventeen or sixteen. They were in tight black boxers and they grinded against each other to the beat of the music. The two strippers on the stage started walking out through the crowd looking for tips. My eyes were on the two in the cage.

The shorter guy had sexily tousled, black hair. His skin was a white creamy shade. Muscles ripped through the arms that wrapped around the taller guy. He had bushy red hair and a tan body. I watched with intrest as the shorter guy dropped and humped the brunette. The brunette squeezed the others ass with a wide smile. I couldn't see the balck haired boy's face. It was hidden by the taller boy.

Later they dropped out of the cage and prowled the audience, dancing for people at the tables. I still never got a glimpse os the black haired boy's face.

The show ended and the strippers went into the back. Blaise and I moved outside for some fresh air, with Blaise being completely drunk and me being buzzed.

"Dracoooooo," Blaise called grinning. I looked over at him smirking. "I think I'm buzzed," Blaise slurred laughing. I bursted out into laughter with him.

Then the door opened and a guy walked out. I recognized the black haired stripper. He stood there in a pair of tight black jeans and a tight white shirt. He turned to us and I was amazed to see Harry Potter. Potter looked at us and down at his hand that held a shot glass with clear liquid. He shrugged and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and an orange lighter.

"Potter! You're a stripper," Blaise exclaimed looking drunk and surprised at the same time a he stumbled over to him. I stared at Potter in shock, he was the stripper that I was staring at all night and who I wanted to fuck?

"And you are drunk," Potter responded, his lips pulling into an amused smirk.

"Nice show Potter," I mocked, sneering at him, regaining my confidence.

"Wow never thought I'd live to see the day with Malfoy and Blaise at a gay muggle bar," Potter announced chuckling lightly. I was amazed he wasn't trying to hex us or call names, like the old Golden Boy did. Though the Old Golden Boy wasn't as nearly as gorgeous and not a stripper.

"Yay," Blaise cheered, causing Potter to raise and eyebrow and laugh.

"Amazing isn't it," I responded smoothly. "Almost amazing as Saint Potter, who has a fortune, is humping guys for money," I added smirking my famous smirk, expecting Potter to fight back. Instead he snorted and lit his cigarette.

"Actually Malfoy, I need this job since our 'oh so wonderful' headmaster blocked my fortune so I wouldn't run away," he responded smiling calmly at me. His voice hit a bitter edge at the word headmaster. I was about to respond when Blaise interrupted.

"Potter is the sexy stripper Dracoooo's been watching," he crowed loudly, flapping his arms. Potter smirked at and I felt my face heat up. I was saved when the door opened and Potter turned away to look at the person coming out. The brunette stripper walked out holding money.

"Chad," Potter greeted lightly.

"Hey you leaving after this," he asked motioning to the lit cigarette.

"Yeah," he answered staring out into the dark street.

"Cool, here is your half of the tips. So you wanna go back to my place and we can preform a repeat of the show, what do ya say," Chad suggested leaning over Potter grinning.

"Sorry I'll be busy," Potter answered smoothly not looking up. His eyes were narrowed and his tone cold.

"Aw does my poor little prostitute want money? Cause I tip," Chad mocked in Potter's ear. Potter looked up and pushed Chad away scowling.

"Fuck off Chad," Potter snarled, glaring at the taller boy.

"So what are you going to be doing, fucking the boss," Chad hissed. He towered aggressively over Potter. Potter me his eyes smirking.

"Yeah," he answered calmly. Chad growled and pinned Potter's wrist to the wall.

"Slut," snarled Chad, his voice aggressive and pissed off.

"Hey you back off Potter, I'll fuck you up," Blaise yelled drunkenly. Chad ignored him glaring down at Potter.

"I'd be careful Chad, you know you can't take me without drugging me, but by all means here's my glass go ahead. Then it again it might be the last thing you ever do," Potter snapped, looking calm and not scared at all offering his glass. A fearful look came across the brunette's face and he dropped Potter's wrist and ran.

"Ooh Potter's fierce," I mocked as he went back to his cigarette.

"Don't forget it Malfoy," Potter responded smirking, amusement dancing in his eyes.


"Hey Draco, Blaise," Tom greeted as we entered the living room, he sounded much more sober.

"You'll never guess who we saw at a gay muggle bar," Blaise exclaimed sounding more sober too.

"Santa Claus," Sev mocked, his eyes wide.

"Who," Tom asked eagerly with raised eyebrows.

"Potter on stage, grinding and humping a guy named Chad," I answered, smirking at their shocked expressions.

"Potter! Harry Potter is a stripper," Sev shouted, laughing at this.

"Who's up for seeing his show tomorrow night," Tom suggested, smirking evilly. We all agreed and awaited tomorrow night.

I never could get how gorgeous Potter became, out of my mind.