Title: Catching The Elusive Bookworm
Relationship: Hermione/Bill
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Word Count: 634
Summary: Bill encourages Hermione to think with her heart, not her head.

Catching the Elusive Bookworm

He underestimated her. He thought she'd be so easy to convince until he met that infamous resistance of hers. She was careful, precise to the point of being anal, and while she was nothing like the women he'd known before her, there was something entirely seducing about her. She'd always been the affable sort and so it was easy to gain friendship from her, a must given her close proximity to the family. But as the years went on, she continued to grow into a woman of great interest.

He supposed at first that she might've been like the others, something of a challenge. Being the man he was, he never turned down a good adventure. However, she wasn't so sweet or naïve as he'd once thought her and before long, he was spending months simply trying to get her to see him as anything more than a friend or an older brother of sorts. It was disconcerting, to say the least. He feasted upon her, watching every delectable movement she made; like a man bereft of water he relished in the simple beauty of her. The wild curls of her hair that seemed to have a mind of their own; flying and dancing in the wind as though to their own beat. The sweet tempting color and shape of her lips, calling to him like a seductress out for a slave.

For too long, she was elusive. The bright beauty in his dark empty life, giving him something to want and chase and hope for. With Fleur long gone, the war finally over, and his family moving on, growing up, he was left trying to live a life he no longer fit in. He couldn't move from witch to witch like he once had, not after he'd had a taste of love in all its precious glory. Perhaps Fleur hadn't been for him, but she'd shown him something worth fighting for.

His brilliant but cautious future-lover stepped out of The Burrow without noticing him. Mouth quirking at one corner, he followed after her. She'd no doubt roll her eyes at him, tell him he was wasting both his and her time, and then he'd try to woo her every way he knew how. Instead, as she stopped on the short walkway leading into the pond, he came to a halt behind her. He thought to be clever, win her over with his intelligence, but as he opened his mouth nothing he'd planned to say came out.

"I like you," he finally said, honest and to the point. "I'm sure you have a few dozen reasons why we aren't right for each other and I only have a handful to why we should, but… gimme a little time and I'm sure I could find a few more."

She turned slowly, looked up at him with a thoughtful frown, her arms crossed stubbornly over her chest.

"Give me a chance to prove we could be great…" He smirked, cocking a challenging brow. "Unless your Gryffindor courage fails you when it comes to something as visceral as love."

Her gaze narrowed, disliking his opinion vastly, but still she refused to give in and fight him on the subject, unwilling to even argue over something she deemed unlikely.

"Come on, Smarts… You've thought enough with your head… Lemme teach you how to think with your heart." He reached for her, his fingers tenderly brushing a stray curl from her face.

Her eyes fluttered of their own accord and she finally sighed. "Break my heart, Weasley, and I'll break something or of? yours that can't be repaired."

He grinned. While he had no doubt she likely would, he didn't plan to do anything less than love her to an extreme that would keep them both singing happily ever after.