A/N Just to clarify for the readers outside of the U.S. Workmen's Comp (short for compensation) is when you are hurt of the job and your employer has to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. Most employers, however, do not pay if you got hurt while horsing around and I'm sure that applies to the NYCPD as well.

Chapter 1Gargantuan She Spider

Alex Eames leaned back in her office chair and raised her arms over head in an attempt to lessen the ache in between her shoulder blades. She also had an ache in her low back that she suspected would only get worse the closer she got to her due date.

She and Bobby were finishing up the paperwork from the murders of the bookkeeper Mrs. Freida Merced, her brother the hit man Dan Feist and the bodyguard Bennie Messina by the ex-cop Earl Carnicki. Carrying this baby around is really starting to cramp my style, she thought to herself. She had even had to sit down and rest while she was executing a search warrant and questioning a witness. On top of that, while watching Bobby examine the dead guy's head she had nearly lost her lunch. "You keep doing that and I'm gonna drop this kid right here." She had told him. Bobby and the ME had thought it was hilarious, she had merely turned green.

Captain Deakins had told her she had only to say the word if she felt that she needed to switch to desk duty until the time of her delivery. When they had had that discussion, she had imagined running around with her partner until it was time to leave for the hospital. Now, she realized, she was struggling to keep up with him.

She glanced across their desks to look at her partner. He was engrossed in writing up his account of the events of the case. His forehead was creased in thought, the tip of his pen making languid passes to and fro over his bottom lip. This sucks, she thought. If I take desk duty now, it will be at least three months before I'll be back in the saddle. She repositioned herself in her chair, trying to get comfortable. She wondered how Bobby would deal with a temporary partner. He hadn't seemed thrilled when she had mentioned that inevitable fact back when she had first told him of her impending surrogacy.

Forget him, how am I going to deal with watching him go off to have all the fun while I'm stuck here working on my case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome typing up everyone else's forms?

She gave an exasperated sigh and caught her partner's attention. "What's wrong?" Bobby asked, his face showing his concern.

"Nothing, I just can't get comfortable." She answered, changing positions again.

"That's probably only going to get worse the bigger you get." He told her sagely. She gave him a dirty look and threw a paperclip which actually hit him in the eye.

"Ow! Workman's Comp!" He yelled, tossing the clip back at her. "You keep doing things like that and I'm not gonna bring you coffee and Danish anymore."

"That's right, Bobby," she said sarcastically. "Make idle threats to the pregnant, uncomfortable, did-I-mention-armed, cop."

"Seriously, are you okay? You've been kinda quiet ever since we wrapped this case."

Another image floated to the top of her mind, having to watch Bobby hold hands with their suspect's wife, Isobel Carnicki. Yuck! Whether it was pregnancy hormones, stress or just a bad Danish, that little scene had made her sicker than watching Bobby play with the dead guy's head wound. Jealous! A voice cried from somewhere out in the left field of her brain. "Whoa!" She cried out loud.

Bobby jumped up out of his chair and came around the desk to her. "What's wrong? Did the baby kick?" He knelt down next to her chair, one big hand hovering over her growing stomach.

"I'm fine, really. It's nothing. Go finish your report or you'll never get out of here tonight." She finally convinced him and he returned to his seat. Wow, that was an insane thought. Why would I be jealous of that gargantuan she spider?

"I'm all finished. Want to go get some Chinese?" Bobby asked, closing his brown leather binder with a snap.

"No, I still got a ways to go here."

"I can wait" He cocked his head to the side trying to gauge her reaction.

"I don't really feel like Chinese. I'm just going to finish up here and make it an early night." She smiled grimly at him. As soon as her partner left the building, Alex knocked on Captain Deakins' door.

"Uh oh, I know that look." Said the Captain. "You ready to throw in the towel, temporarily at least?" He rifled through the papers on his desk and found the form he had requested from personnel several weeks before. "Just sign it and date it and you'll officially be a desk jockey."

Alex grimaced but signed the form.