You know you wanted it! Here's something new, I might continue it, it's mostly a poem and yet it could be a story, give me thoughts!!!!!! Enjoy the story!!!!!!!!!!!

Russav entered the dark room, he was hoping to find Tamara,but he wasn't having much luck, he looked down and saw a crumpled ball of paper about two feet from his foot. He couldn't resist, he picked it up, and this is what he read:

You're close enough to make me smile,

And yet,

You're far enough away to make me wonder,


We flirt and we fight and flirt some more,

But then one of us goes too far,

ANd it's a fight again,


I'll hide my face,

And pretend I don't care,

But when I see you dance with her,

I can't help but wonder,

What if you were really mine?

Would that fix our problems?


I make no promises,

I tell you no lies,

And yet I'm never really honest,

ABout how I truly feel,


If I smile,

And try my hand at playing it nice,

Will you smile back at me?

I want to make things right,


You made mistakes,

Far too many to count,

But then again,

So did I,


These are the words that I can't,

Won't bring myself to say,

These secret thoughts that fill my head,

Every single night,



On my desk,

Are the flowers you brought me,



On my heart,

Is the space hollowed out for you,



On my table,

Are the letters you've sent me,


Now I touch my cheek,

And think of summer days,

Now long past,

The days we spent together,


I want to love you,

I want to give you my whole heart,

But you see I'm afraid,

Of laying duty behind me,



What if you don't really mean the things you whisper?

What if I'm not really your whole world?

Do you even really think I'm beautiful?


I have no way to know,

And I can't help but wonder,

If those pretty things you say,

Might be true?


A spark of hope fills my chest,

But then I push it down,

Smother it till it was like it was never there,

Because you know I can't trust you,


I want to love you,

I want to trust you,

I want to be your whole world,

But if I get what I really want,

Would it be every bit,

As wonderful as you make it seem?


Truly I love you,

ANd truly I mean it,

I wish I could trust in your words,

But only time will tell,


WHether I'm right,

Whether I'm wrong,

I'm sick of singing,

This same old song,


Remember that kiss you gave me?

That summer before last?

It was filled with lust and passion,

But also it was filled with love,


I don't know what to say,

I don't know how to feel,

All I know is that you seem real,

I love you, truly I do,


So give me some time,

Give a chance,

Give me one last dance,

you know you want to,


All I want is one more chance,

One more kiss, so make it last,


Please rid me of my doubts,

Please get rid of my fears,

I'll give you just one more dance,

To show me how you really feel.


His face was dark and unreadable as the paper slipped from his hand and feel to the floor. He turned and left without another glance. He was determined, he was going to make her believe in their love, he wasn't going to give up.

The End.