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Severus woke the next morning feeling groggy, but when he slowly sat up in bed and took in his surroundings, he had a sudden jolt of alertness.

He wasn't at Spinner's End anymore. He was back at Hogwarts. But how on Earth did he get there. . .

He threw his legs over the side of his bed and ran into bathroom to look in the mirror, surprised at what he saw. He was. . .old again.

Was it a dream. . .? He wondered, scratching his head. He took a quick shower and changed into fresh robes, then went to look for Harry. As he was searching, he realized it was the day students were leaving for Winter holidays.

He went down to the Great Hall and sat down to eat breakfast, glancing at his house's, Slytherin's, table. What he saw made him do a double take.

Seventh year Harry Potter was sitting at the Slytherin table, laughing at something Draco Malfoy had said.

Wait. . .what? He continued to look at Harry, until he made eye contact with him. What surprised him further was that Harry smiled and waved, then stood and made his way over to Severus. What he said to the Potion's Master when he got to him, however, was even more shocking.

"Hey, Uncle Sev. You alright? You look a bit shaken." Harry asked worriedly.

Severus shook his head quickly to clear it, then answered quietly, "I am all right. Had a bit of an. . .interesting night last night."

Harry nodded, seeming to understand. "Well, I'm so excited for Winter Holiday. . .Dad said we're going to France for a week or so. Uncle Remus is going to join us, as well. You're coming, too, right?" The boy asked hopefully. Dad? Severus thought. He must mean Sirius. . .

"Um. . .Sure, I'll try to." Severus answered, internally screaming with confusion.

Harry grinned. "Excellent. Got to go, though, Draco wants to talk with me before we board the train. See you soon, Uncle Sev!" He turned and raced to the Great Hall doors where Draco was waiting, and the pair left the Hall.

Severus was, by then, terribly confused. It hadn't been a dream. . .it just seemed like one. And he was successful in his quest, partly. Harry had family. . .and, apparently, so did he. The revelation made him lose his appetite; he hadn't felt his. . .happy, and excited, in years.

He rose from the table and headed towards the dungeons, deep in thought, his heart light for the first time in years. Once outside his door, he heard a rustle of movement and looked to his left.

There stood the same mysterious man, who simply said "Congratulations," and gave Severus a wink.

Chapter was short, but that's the end. Seems a bit rushed, but I really wanted to finish it. Hope it was at least a little good.

Wow. It took me THIRTEEN MONTHS to finish a story with seven chapters that doesn't go over 10,000 words. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm such a retard.