I laid on my back staring at the ceiling. I sighed thinking about how much my life has changed since Forks. At least I could now look back on my life in Forks without internally cringing. I'm embarrassed to admit that when the Cullens left I turned into a pathetic, waste of a person, but life went on. I thought I was in love with him, but I was a child and had yet to even begin to understand my actually role in the Cullen family. The truth was that I was nothing more then a pet or a toy to the Cullens and to Edward was peace away from the incessant chatter that filled the minds of all others. They had lived through decades having to hide what they are from the world. I was there outlet. I realize now that all the fun we had together was at my expense. They were playing with me. But after my birthday, they realized that I no longer had a purposed. I ceased to amuse they. I was more trouble then I was worth. So they just picked up and left me like I was their dog, hoping that someone else would take care on me.

I can't bring myself to hate them for that because without them, I would still be the pathetic child that I was then. Whatever they meant to me now didn't matter because, so far, Eward had kept good on his promise. I have heard a word from any of them, which is both good and bad. Good because I don't need nor want any of them in my life ever again. Bad because they will never be able to see that I am no longer their, or anybody else's, doormat. I sighed once again and pushed myself out of bed, letting all things Cullen leave my thoughts.

"Christina, wake up," I demanded as a shook my roommate awake. I met Christina two years ago when we both decided to pledge Alpha Chi Omega here at Cornell University. Every since then we've become the best of friends and roommates in the sorority house. I find it a little weird that out of all places I decided to come here to Ithaca, NY, another cloudy, rainy, small town. "Come on," I told her, continuing to shake her awake. We were supposed to meet of boyfriends, Nick and Jason, for lunch in about an hour to say and I were both dating greek. Like us they were roommates, which made spending time alone together easier. Two rooms, two couples. Unlike Leslie and I they were going home for the winter holidays. After tonight it will be me, Leslie ( another sister) and an empty sorority house. After finally waking her, we hopped into the shower and prepared for lunch, and the rushed out of the door to meet them.

Lunch flew by and soon I found myself in the airport saying goodbye to them.

"Nicky, are you sure you want to leave?" I asked him placing light kisses down his jaw. "It could be me and you practically alone in the sorority house. I doubt we'd even have to leave my bed," Told him suggestively, finally placing my lips to his.

"God babe," Nick sighed. "You're making it so hard to leave. I promised my mom I would come home and I promise to call you as soon as I get home and everyday afterward. And besides, you will have our reunion to look forward too."

"I know. I'm just going to miss you," I told him.

"And I'll miss you." With that we finished our goodbyes and I said goodbye to Christina and Jason, wishing them a Merry Christmas and was left alone.

Sighing, I wrapped my coat and scarf around me and headed toward the exit to take a cab home. As I waited for a cab to approach my eyes fell upon two people I thought that I would never see again: Jasper and Alice. I'm sure that the shock I saw on their face was mirrored on my own, but luckily my cab pulled up just as they took a step toward me. Jumping in the cab a shouted my addressed and we speed off.