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Naruto shifted and snuggled deeper into the softest red blanket he had ever been graced to feel. All he wanted to do was fall back to sleep, what had woken him up anyway?

"Dang human joints, how the heck am I supposed to use these...?"

…Of course the blanket just had to be too good to be true. In fact, it wasn't exactly warm now; it was hot, burning even…

Wait, since when had Jiraya ever given him a blanket during this whole training trip?

Naruto opened his eyes.


Red Chakra blazed around in swirls, placing a red haze on the destruction Naruto saw before him. From what he could see a great battle had gone on, but he could remember any of it, He.. Kyuubi had been fighting someone, but whom?

Then he saw the burning body of a dead frog.

"Ero…what the heck happened…"

Naruto took a step forward only to pass out from exhaustion.


"Damn it BOY! I've paid my rent; it was MY turn at the wheel!"

Naruto sat up slowly in the all too familiar landscape of his mind, shaking off a yawn as if he had woken up from a great sleep. He looked up, expecting to see the seal.

Instead his nose bumped into Kyuubi's.

Naruto leaped to his feel, jumping and back flipping away as far as he could, finally skidding across the ground to a stop, easily having covered several yards in his mad rush.

So it didn't make much sense to him when he felt the hot putrid breath of the Kyuubi blowing down on his back.

"Interesting..." The blond boy could hear the Kyuubi's lips pull back in a grin as it chuckled with satisfaction "I've got a bigger foothold in this mindset of yours now."

"…What do you WANT?! You hurt Ero- Sennin!"

"I'm moving out."

"…wait, what?"

"You're the 'landlord', I'm giving you notice. This tenant's leaving. The amount of my power you pulled out was more than your body could handle, the seal itself took most of the backlash."

Kyuubi glared down at the boy…with a smile.

"You're done kid. Its weakening, bit by little bit, until you wont even be able to sneeze without drawing out my power. Every time you draw enough out without being able to handle it, the seal gets even more damaged, letting more power out… a beautiful cycle , eh?"

Naurto sat down facing the Kyuubi as he thought over this. He faintly remembered pulling out 3 tails, then starting on a fourth, but it was all a blank after that.

"Heh." The blond grinned cheekily at the great fox "If I can already handle almost half your power, it's only a matter of time till I'm strong enough to actually handle all!"

The Kyuubi stared at Naruto in disbelief. There was an awkward silence until Naruto gained the courage to break it.


"Half my power."


"You think you can wield HALF my power."

"I'm already at 4 tails!"

"What's 9 X 9, little boy? No, instead of wasting time, I'll tell you. It's 81."


"9 levels with 9 tails each. 9 X 9."

"What the heck!? Then— "

"DON'T INTERRUPT." The Kyuubi's shout blasted Naruto miles across the room, but he somehow still ended up in front of the Kyuubi.

"You used 6 tails of the first level fighting against that needle boy in the wave land. 9 of the first level against that boy Neji. The first of the second level against the Uchiha."

Naruto paled as all the moisture was taken from his mouth. He counted on his fingers.

"The fourth tail.. number 13…"

The Kyuubi's grin literally split its face in half, but it healed the split second later.

"EIGHTY ONE levels of my chakra little boy. And you just hit the 13th."

Naurto backed away on his hands, and this time Kyuubi let him leave, laughing maliciously all the while.

"Run FASTER little boy, wouldn't want your teacher to DIE on your watch would you?

As the sounds of Naruto's feet faded, Kyuubi smiled to himself. He watched as a tiny shred of the paper seal fell to the ground and disintegrated.

"Well, Fourth Hokage…seems all you've managed to do is stall me."


Naruto woke up again, this time covered by a white blanket in a hospital bed. He sat up suddenly and felt pain dance across his entire body, grunting as the sensation passed.


Jiraiya sat on the side of a bed beside Naruto. He was a mess, bandages criss-crossing all over his chest and stomach, and a tired look in his eyes that finally fit his white hair. Naurto avoided his eyes and looked towards the ground.


"Don't be sorry kid." Jiraiya managed a small smile, "I told you to pull out that much, guess I underestimated just how much that would be."

"Jiraiya..the seal's screwed up."

The white haired pervert moved from his slouching position into a standing one so fast Naruto looked up at the movement.

"What do you mean?"

"Well.. Kyuubi said something about how the seal took the backlash of the power I couldn't handle and soon I'll always be letting out more power than I can handle.. and something about how the 4th tail is 13 out of 81 tails of his power..what happens if I take too much Chakra and the seal breaks?"

"You would die, but.. thankfully.. so would the Kyuubi."


Naruto grabbed the side of his head as Kyuubi's voice exploded into existence in his mind.

"I am NOT going DIE just because your too weak to handle my own power!" Naruto winced.

"Kyuubi doesn't want to die." The blond boy said.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto in surprise "You can hear him? Even now?"

"Look little boy, plans have changed, and you better shape up to meet my expectations. Forget that dang perv, he's useless to you if I'm…you're.. dead. I'm taking over your training, lets see if I can make your worthless body a little less worthless."

"You want to help me?"

Jiraiya looked on confused as Naruto seemed to have a conversation with himself.

"No. I'm going to help ME. As long as you're not dead I still have a chance of getting out of this sewer."

"Hey, that's My mind your talking about!"

"Uhm.. Naruto…" Jiraiya began.

"And its MY Chakra that's going to kill you if you don't listen."

Naruto and Kyuubi were so deeply consumed by there argument that they didn't notice when Jiraiya grabbed Naruto and led him outside of the hospital to an open field.

They did notice however, when Jiraiya dropped Naruto to the ground.


"Owch..wait. I felt that?"

"Naruto!" Jiraiya yelled.

"Whaaat?" Naruto glared up at Jiraiya while rubbing his sore bottom.

"I want you.. to pull out 3 tails of chakra. Right now."

"Ero Sennin!" Naruto exploded"What the heck?!" Why now, you almost died!"

" I know what I'm doing. Three tails, now!"

"Surely." Kyuubi smirked.

3 Tails of bubbling red chakra burst into existence behind Naruto, swaying as if controlled by wind. Naruto moved from his position onto all fours as his teeth lengthened into fangs. He struggled to keep his concentration and to not get lost in the haze of Demonic Chakra.

"Well...ack...what now, you pervert?"

"You keep up those three tails and…find me."

An instant later the clearing contained only Naruto, Jiraiya had left without a trace.

"Damn it! How the heck am I supposed to find him like this?"

"Oh come on, really boy?"

"What do YOU want?"

"Get your nose to the ground.." Kyuubi continued on like an irritated teacher. "And sniff him out."

Nose to the ground and three tails high up in the air, Naruto began learning a new and exasperating skill…tracking.


Kyuubi has much darker plans brewing...

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