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Author Note: This is a Challenge that I got of the Wolverine and Rogue website. I was just searching the website for fun and out of bordem when I decided to look at the challenge Generator when I opened it this challenge popped up.

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Somebody's a matchmaker // Coffee Mug

Well That's all I have to say except that I will update my stories Capio Casus and Veneficus Per Vis soon so fear not... I just wanted to do this for fun...

Lady Penelo Solidor......


This morning I woke up
With this feelin I don't know how to deal with
So i just decided to myself
I'd hide it to myself
And never talk about it
And did not go and shout it when you walk in to the room

Coffee Mug Match Maker

It all began with a matchmaker and a Coffee Mug..... No one would have ever assumed two pair the two of us; No one except my best friends. When we first arrived at the mansion I was too young in his eyes to even think about having me as his girl. But I suppose time does change things especially if you have a nosey gossip girl whose favourite colour is yellow as your best friend and a girl who is a complete brainiac for your other best friend. I knew that I shouldn't have told either one about my little crush but who knew that they'd be the ones to bring us together. Yes indeed who knew.... Well I might as well tell you all how they brought us together...

Jubilation Lee better known as Jubilee was sitting down on a chair in the lounge room watching her best friend flirt with the all mighty Wolverine. Rogue her best friend and the big scary Wolverine was in the kitchen supposably eating breakfast but she could see otherwise… Rogues breakfast was untouched as was Wolverines. Jubilee was so engrossed in watching Rogue and Wolverine when she didn't even notice her other best friend Kitty Pryde come up behind her.

"Watcha doing?" Kitty asked Jubilee

Jubilee slightly startled looked up and smiled at Kitty.

"Just thinking." She replied

"Oh… What you thinking bout?" Kitty asked

"Just how the Rogue and Wolverine would make a very cute couple." Jubilee told Kitty

Kitty sat down next to her friend and watched as Rogue and Wolverine worked their way around the kitchen and each other. Rogue had what looked like Wolverines coffee mug in her hand taking little sips from it and stilling some of Wolverines breakfast.

"You too. I thought that I was the only one who saw that. I mean come on… not only did they arrive together but supposably When Logan came home Rogue was the fist one to greet him well until Jean came down." Kitty said

"Really? I know that Rogue carries Wolverines dog tags around her neck and plays with them all the time… but I had no idea what so ever that she was the first one to greet him when Jean was still alive." Jubilee responded

"Yep Bobby told me. Wait what do you mean she carries around his dog tags?" Kitty asked.

Jubilee smiled and responded to Kitty.

"I've seen them around her neck even when she sleeps." Came Jubilee's response

"May I ask what you ladies are doing here and not getting breakfast you both have classes to teach soon." Storm voiced.

Both Jubilee and Kitty jumped in surprise and smiled sheepishly at the headmistress Ororo Munroe better known as Storm.

"Rogue and Wolverine have taken the kitchen hostage." Jubilee told Storm

"Oh… Really" Storm replied

"Yeah look for yourself." Kitty told Storm

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