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Meeting the Director of NCIS

Chapter 19

"I'm glad you could finally join me Gibbs, where is the rest of the team?" The new director of NCIS - Leon Vance - already new Gibbs quite well and didn't particularly like him. In fact he almost hated him but decided it would be unwise to show his true feelings considering Gibbs was the best agent he had.

"They're all outside, waiting for my instructions." Gibbs said in his trademark cold voice. Gibbs didn't like Vance either but had to respect his position.

"Well, I'll tell you now Gibbs, whatever chain of command you were used to with Ms Sheppard," He paused, expecting a reaction from Gibbs after hearing that name but was disappointed, "forget it because as Director you answer to me and you follow my instructions and respect my decisions. OK?"

Gibbs just stood there, not even bothering to answer his boss which to his amusement was making Vance very frustrated.

"I also believe you have 'rules'?" Gibbs answered with a small nod. "That's fine but rules are made to be followed don't forget. Now I trust you but don't go breaking the rules Jethro, because the consequences won't be pretty."

It took all of Gibbs experience not to laugh at the younger man's attempted threat. He turned slowly on his heel and headed towards the door before Vance's voice bought him to a halt.

"Oh and before you go, I thought I should let you know that Romy is on thin ice. Sure we are trying to show Australian defence forces that we are behind them but she came here, didn't even work a full case and has been injured ever since. She is more of a burden then a help." He said with an almost smug look on his face.

"She is injured because she saved my life." Gibbs marched straight back to Vance's desk and got so close to his face that he could feel his short sharp breaths. "We were ambushed and she took a bullet for me, it's not as if she injured herself doing some reckless leisure activity. So you are new Director, would you like a congratulations or something? Showing your power by getting rid of a fine agent is just damn stupid. I once thought higher of you Leon." The last sentence came out stone cold as he straightened up and left Vance's office.

The rest of the team watched as Gibbs slammed the door and walked back toward the stairs. Abby immediately followed him and the rest of the team turned to see Vance open the door.

"Our meeting will be scheduled to a later date. Get back to work." He closed the door leaving everyone, including his PA, what had taken place between the two men.

Abby caught up to Gibbs just as he reached the elevator. She stepped inside with him and pulled him into a hug.

"What happened Gibbs?" She asked softly in his ear.

"Nothing you should have to worry about Abbs." He answered equally as soft.

"You should get it off your chest Gibbs." She tightened her arms around his torso.


He let out a slow breath, tickling Abby's spider-web-tattooed neck. "I guess today as just been pretty rough and Vance just pushed me over the edge."

"Are you sure that's it." She said after feeling a slight hesitation in his voice.

He drew in a deep breath to calm himself and pulled away to look into her beautiful green eyes. He didn't want to be angry around her… ever. He thought she deserved better than to see that side of him. "Yeah Abbs. I'm sure." He leaned down and gave her a soft but passionate kiss before the elevator pinged and he stepped out.

"I know I haven't been here all that long but you've got to admit I just picked the best Italian restaurant in town." Romy bragged as Tony pulled out of their parking space at Marella's Italiano Restaurant.

"How did you find this place, I didn't even know it existed and I know all the romantic restaurants around town." Tony pouted.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just attracted to awesome things."

"So… does that mean I'm awesome? I mean, I already knew that but girls usually use words like charming, handsome, amazing."

Romy let out a little chuckle at how up himself Tony was. "Yes Tony, that means you're awesome. But like you said I didn't need to tell you that since you obviously are already sure of it."

"It is nice to hear it from someone other then myself once and while though." He glanced over in Romy's direction and a smile spread slowly across his face. How in the world did he end up taking out one of the most gorgeous woman he had ever met?

"The light is green Tony." Romy's voice broke his little daydream and they both laughed as he got beeped from the annoyed people held up behind him.

The short ride back to Tony's apartment was in comfortable silence as they listened to the radio. As he pulled up he turned to Romy.

"You know I was only joking earlier today. You don't have to stay at my house if you don't want to. Though I have to say I was very glad I didn't have to hug McGeek."

Romy found herself chuckling again. In her few days spent with Tony she had laughed more then she usually would have in a month and she loved that about him.

"It's OK Tony, I want to." She reached over and placed her hand softly on his cheek and looked into his eyes. At her touch DiNozzo's senses came alive. He looked back into her sky blue eyes before pulling her into a kiss, a kiss that overshadowed all of his previous kisses, even those with Jeanna. He pulled away to search her face for a reaction and when satisfied she had enjoyed it, he went back for seconds.

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