Author's Note: So right now, I'm watching the special for 1 Litre of Tears, and saw that Hiro wasn't in it. Here's my short little fic about why.

- - -

He had just barely turned twenty-one before she died. And in some ways, his parents figured that was probably the reason why he never really came home that often from his training in the police academy. Though, his parents understood. It was his way of dealing with it. He was still in the area though, he had his own apartment.

They weren't all that off. It wasn't quiet Aya's fault that he never came home. It was just, he couldn't stand seeing the grief in his parents' eyes anymore. His sisters it wasn't that bad, or at least for Rika it wasn't, Ako however, was a different story. They'd see each other on occasion, and whenever they did, Ako would attempt to get him to come back and visit. He'd either avoid the subject or tell her he wasn't ready.

It wasn't until he had barely turned twenty-two, and it had been a year since her death, could he go to the family grave. He came, flowers in hand, in his police uniform (he was still in the academy for additional study, but he would occasionally walk a beat with a senpai).He wanted to show her his uniform.

"Aya-nee ohayo gozaimasu." he said to the grave after he had placed the flowers and done the usual prayer. "Sorry I haven't come to visit you as much as the rest of them. I've been working, but it's all paid off! I got my uniform, no matter how unofficial, about a week ago!" he informed his sister. "I hope things are going well, or, as well as they would be for...ah, you get what I'm saying...anyway, I have to get going. I have some classes today." he said and got up, dusting off his uniform pants. He looked up to see his little sister. "Rika..."

"Hiro-nii!" Rika greeted her older brother. "Sashiburi!" she declared. She then went over to the grave, hurriedly paid her respects (she was sure Aya-nee would understand, she hadn't seen Hiro for a year) and then ran over to her older brother. "Are you well?" she asked Hiro, smiling up at him.

"Ah. Yeah." Hiro told her. "Mum and Dad...?" he asked his sister, she took him by the hand and started leading him. "Rika, where are we going?" he asked her.

"To see Mum and Dad obviously! They haven't seen or talked to you since the funeral either! Though Ako-nee has...I'm jealous..." Rika declared, earning a smirk from her older brother. She smiled back at him. "Anyway, Mum and Dad are just like they always have been. Mum's Mum, and Dad's still picking fights with Ako and me." she informed him. Hiro smiled, somethings never changed no matter what happened. "You never asked Ako-nee about what was going on at home?" she asked Hiro. Hiro shrugged and got his hand free, putting it in his pockets along with his other hand.

"We never really talked about that. Just work for the most part." Hiro said to her. Rika just nodded, and he could guess that she understood why. They approached the shop, that hadn't changed either. They were greeted by Ganmo, who, from the looks of it, really was getting old.

"Tadaima!" Rika called into the house.

"Rika! We told you to wait for us!" their father growled at his youngest daughter as he walked out of the living room. "Hiroki..." he stopped scolding her though when he saw his son.

"It's been a long time 'tou-san." he greeted his father, a slight smile on his face.