She's his punishment. He hates her because he's forced to be with her. She hates him because he hates her. He finds her attractive and interesting and hates himself for it. She feels the same.
What happens when he decides to spend time with her instead of being forced to?
Will feelings change? Will lust become something more?
… Or will it all fall apart?

Heyy guys, this is only my second fanfiction, and it's a bit different from 'It Can't Be' but I'm hoping that you guys like this one as much as you like the other.
Anyway, basic plot line; Jasper's had one too many warnings and is being threatened with expulsion if he doesn't up his game. But the principal's not letting him off with just another warning this time. His giving him… an assignment. Be the new student—Bella Swan's—guide around the school for three weeks. She will report on how he acts and what type of 'guide' he really is at least twice a week. If he gets constantly negative feed-back or starts another fight, he's gone.
Oh, and one more thing, during school hours, they are to be attached at the hip. He is to spend classes and lunch with her. If he doesn't like it, then he can walk. (Obviously the principal has it in for him).
But Jasper being Jasper is determined to prove that one little girl can't be that hard to handle, and he's not going unless they literally pick him up and throw his ass out the door. But just because he wants to prove them all wrong, and show them that he actually
can do something right, doesn't mean he has to like it.
Also, how will Bella feel about the arrangement? Something tells me she won't be too crazy about it either.

I hope you like it, this is; Get Tangled Up In Me.

Jasper's POV
"Mr. Hale, this is the last straw, you're last chance. If this happens again, you will find yourself expelled!" the principal yelled at me.

I was sitting in his office, facing his desk and his reddening face. I could tell you off the top of my head exactly what he kept on his desk and everything that was scattered around the room. That's how much time I spent in his office. In fact, I'd say I was in here more than my normal classrooms. It was quickly becoming my own personal hell.

I was in here this time for beating up the annoying prick named Mike Newton… again. But he'd so asked for it this time. But then, didn't he always?


"What," I scoffed, "you're going to kick me out of Forks High School? You already have too little a student body to be called a school anyway, and now you're actually going to start getting rid of kids?" I chuckled darkly and sat back in the wooden chair I was seated in.

The principal smirked and leaned forward, placing his elbows on the desk and resting his chin on his hands. "No Jasper, I'm not getting rid of you just yet. I'm giving you two options. One; you can give me the call and I can expel you now, with no skin off my back. Or two; you can decide to stay—with extra rules—and prove to us that you can be a responsible and good kid. They're your options."

Seeming satisfied with his reply, the principal sat back and stared at me, willing me to test him and choose the first option. But if he thought that I'd ever give into a challenge; we obviously haven't gotten to know each other as well as we could have in all the time we've spent together over the last couple of years.

Glaring, I said, "and how would I prove that to you?" The principal had had it in for me since that very first visit to his office, he can sniff out trouble makers like a blood hound, and I was the biggest trouble maker in the school. I didn't exactly want to know what he had in store for me, but I wasn't going to let him know that.

Clearly disappointed that I had chosen the wrong answer, but seemingly resigned, he sighed and gave me the information that would change my life, though I hardly knew that then.


"So let me get this straight," Emmett—one of my best friends—laughed, "you have to babysit the new kid for three full weeks, you can't go beating up on any kid, she has to give weekly reports on how you're treating her, you have to spend all of you're in-school hours with her and if you fail in any of this, you're expelled. Did I get it all?"

I sighed, how I hated school. "Yes Emmett, you got it all, and I'm so glad that my being punished is so amusing for you. Man, do you not understand? I could get kicked out of school. I probably will! I'm so screwed."

Shit, shit, shit, this was so not good! Not that I'd admit it to anyone—especially my friends—but I actually wanted to be a history/civil war teacher when I was older. As much as I hated school, it was my dream job. But if I get kicked out, that all goes down the drain!

Emmett came over to me and clapped me on the back. "Aw, don't worry man; I'm sure you'll be fine. All you have to do is be nice to the girl and everything will be okay."

I looked at him, raising an eyebrow, and he cracked up again, doubling over in laughter. "You're right dude," he gasped out between fits of inappropriate laughter, "you are screwed."

"Thanks a lot," I shouted over my shoulder as I continued through the parking lot of the school, walking towards my motorbike, leaving Emmett by his massive jeep.

"Hey man," he yelled after me, "you never know, she might be hot! What's her name?"

I rolled my eyes, even if he was totally in love with my twin sister, Rose, he was still a guy, so he still thought like one. But maybe you do never know, maybe he'll be right, and she is easy on the eyes. Worth hoping for. I was also hoping that I could survive the next three weeks of school. I better start praying at night.

"Bella Swan," I called back over my shoulder to him. "She'll be here tomorrow."

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