.Third time.

The third time she went to see them she made it to her car. Booth had followed her down in his robe, a pair of odd socks hiding beneath a pair of worn slippers as he smiled encouragement through the car window. Her smile back was tense, and as hard as she tried, the anthropologist couldn't seem to make herself put the keys into the ignition.

So she sat there, staring at the steering wheel as Booth watched her from outside of the car. A finger tapping on the glass caused her to look up in surprise.

With a sigh, the woman opened the window and waited for her partner to talk.

His voice was soft when he did. "I told you last weekend I would come with you Bones."

"I told you no Booth. I'm not a child." He sighed and leant in to her.

"I never said you were. I want to come – we are partners and partner's share-"

"Oh stop giving me that speech Booth." This stopped them both and with another sigh the agent stepped away from the car and turned back towards the apartment.

His words were thrown over his shoulder, back tense as he entered the building. "I'll be upstairs when you decide to go next weekend instead."

Closing the window, the anthropologist dropped her head onto the steering wheel again as he walked away, waiting as the moments ticked by. She lost track of time as she just sat waiting, not realizing that there were warm tears dripping onto her lap and it was another tapping on the window that caused her look up again.

Booth had pressed his forehead to the glass but the tear tracks on her face had him open the door in an instant and turn her so that he could wrap her in his arms.

"Next weekend Bones." He breathed into her hair as her arms went about his neck. "You can go next weekend."

Will hopefully have a few more up over the weekend :)

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