Chapter 2 - Requiem

Phantom exited the stateroom in a fury, she had been in situations like this before but usually, she could lash back out at the insolent fool who dared to anger her. Now she couldn't. They needed Amelia to get them to where they needed to go. She growled and her ear flicked back and turned around partly, her expression something between a snarl and a pout. Watching Amelia as the felid strode past her, ears back and expression cool yet thunderous. Phantom growled loudly and Amelia turned around to find a huge feral Doberman behind her.

Now here is probably the place to explain that any of Phantom's crew has the power to turn "feral", which means back into their natural four legged or two legged forms, minus the clothes but when they transform back, they do have their clothes on. Also in their feral state, they're probably twice as big as their normal/natural forms. So, Phantoms' shoulder would now be around 5ft.

Amelia's expression changed slightly to one of alarm as Phantom advanced upon her, ear forward and docked tail straight in the air. Phantom brushed passed Amelia and went down to her dorms, keeping her eyes forward the whole time. If she had looked at Amelia, well, she didn't want to think about that.

Slamming the door behind her with a swift kick of her hind leg, as few of her crew looked at her in surprise. There where four of her crew in there. Tiberius, Scooter, Fireheart and HydroIce. They all looked rather surprised at her entrance. Phantom turned back into her anthro self and flopped down in her hammock and sighed. Tiberius and her good raptor friend, Fireheart approached her and planted themselves either side of her on the soft fluffy rug that had been laid down. Phantom yawned hugely and everyone was silent for a few moments.

Phantom pulled out a personal music player from the black jeans she was wearing and plugged one ear in. She was glad she only did one ear and the volume was down since Tiberius started speaking to her.

"So, what actually happened in there? Is Amelia still alive?" he asked casually, sniggering at the last part of the sentence.

Phantom looked down at him in an almost sideways fashion, a devious grin on her features. But then, it faded slightly and she sighed heavily.

"Yes, the little kitten is still alive. Not much happened but she just shouted at me, telling me what she thought of the rest of us." she shrugged again and lay back so only her brown nose was showing and then it was only the tip. Swallowing, Phantom listened to the movements of her four friends and then the door opened. There was a hiss from the raptor, Scooter, which meant the company at the door was not welcome. The soft clack of boots finished the puzzle in Phantoms head. Amelia. How dare she come down here!? Phantom signalled with a hand sign for her mates to leave both Amelia and herself together. She smirked as she saw Tiberius stalk around the other female and bare his teeth at her before bounding out of the door. It shut and all was quiet. Phantom had turned off her music player and was listening intently now.

Amelia's footsteps stopped a mere few inches away from Phantoms head. Phantom had closed her eyes so was surprised to have a good waft of the felid scent and her gloved finger rest gently on the very tip of her wet nose. Her first instinctual reaction was to lick at the disturbance, so before she could control herself, her tongue slipped out and batted at her nose. Amelia's finger was quick to retreat but her scent was not so. Phantom finally opened her eyes and glanced over to where she thought Amelia would be, and sure enough, she was there.

Her pale emerald eyes where narrowed but her expression was soft with a small, apologetic smile. Rolling over, Phantom expelled her body from the hammock and landed neatly in a couch and then stood up slowly. She didn't exactly tower over Amelia but she was bigger than her, by a few inches, maybe a head. She had underestimated Amelia's' height since she hadn't been that close to her before, but now, in the silence, Phantom had a chance to look the felid over. Her build was petit but no doubt laced with muscle, her eyes where large and expression but no doubt beautiful and her face was beautifully was everything else. A smirk moved onto Phantoms features before she could stop it. That was happening a lot lately. Her features went back into a cool, disinterested look as Amelia started to speak.

"Phantom, I'm sorry about what just happened. I...I shouldn't have taken it out on you; it was an abuse of power. I'm sorry." she managed.

Phantom ears went flat back, pinned again her skull, with the tips almost touching and she turned her back on Amelia briefly to get back in her hammock and turn over to face her, but she never reached her hammock.

Amelia knew something was wrong as soon as the Doberman stopped. Before she knew it, Phantom had sprung around charged at her, picked her, up hugged her tightly to her chest so that they where back to chest and jumped backwards onto her hammock. Somehow, Phantom had found out that Amelia was ticklish and her hands went straight to Amelia's waist. Amelia writhed and wriggled but she could not get free of the Dobermans' grasp. Then as soon as it had started, it ended. Amelia felt Phantom slip from beneath her and hands leave her sides.

Panting slightly, she looked up to see Phantom standing over her.

"Apology accepted, Captain."