It was the 25th December and the snow was falling outside, as Rose sat on a sofa in a backroom in the TARDIS, and the doctor stood across from her, beside the fire, which flickered with warmth and colour.

The Doctor turned to her, "You sure you're okay with spending Christmas away from home?" he asked, as they had been somehow stranded on a planet, billions of miles away from Earth

Rose smiled, "Its okay, and at least we get to spend more time together"

The doctor shrugged, "I spose"

Rose smiled, "So what do you wanna do?"

"We could go explore? Or I dunno, what do you wanna do? You know if you want I can try again, see if we can get you home", He suggested, looking at the fire.

'I am home' she thought to herself, as she said, "Maybe I want to stay with you"

He looked at her, "But why? I'm a 900 year old alien, you have a family that you could spend Christmas with"

She bit her lip and looked down, "I like spending time with you"

"Not good enough", he looked curious, "Why do you like spending time with me?"

She blushed, and said quietly, "Like you don't already know"

He looked confused, "No, I don't know"

She bit her lip, "I love you"

He crossed the room and knelt before her, cupping her cheek to make him look at her, "I love you too"

Their lips met in a searing yet loving kiss, and their love would live on for eternity, just like the doctor.