Vulcan needs

2009 – T'Par

Words: 4.267

Language: English

Summary: Pon Farr is not the only Vulcan mating disease.

Disclaimer: standard

Have to hold on… Darkness, pain, must … find … release… NO! Resist… must… Cold, so cold.


The electric buzzer sounded for the third time and James T. Kirk began to worry. This was nothing like his friend at all, the punctuality of the man had always amazed him, and gave him certainty.

"Computer, locate Commander Spock."

"Commander Spock is in his cabin."

Now he really started to worry. His hand had already found its way to the buzzer for the fourth time but his mind had stopped it just in time. If anything was wrong, a buzz wouldn´t stop it.

"Computer, open door. Authorization code Kirk Omega Alpha."

The door swooshed open and instead of the familiar heat and brightness, cold and darkness greeted him. He did one step forward to get out of the door sensors´ wake and it slit close with a soft swoosh.


Complete silence awaited him.

"Computer, lights to 15%."

The dim lights switched on and finally he could make out the contours of the room. He slowly stepped forward while scanning his surroundings. With the same pace he continued to the bedroom where his surprise and worry rose even further. The room, who had always been kept so tidy one could call it sterile, now lay in pieces. The ancient Vulcan pottery lay on his feet in tiny pieces. The battle axes that had decorated the walls lay beside them, casually thrown away. The bed was all messed up and sheets thrown everywhere.

Suddenly he noticed the flicker of movement on the other side of the bed and without a thought he hurried over.

On the floor lay his best friend, all bundled up in fetal position. His tremble was unmistakable.

"Spock!" He exclaimed and kneeled beside him. His stare was met by two glassy eyes and his stomach made a loop. The Vulcan`s skin felt like ice but under his touch the tremble worsened.

I must get him warm! He thought, but when he gently tried to lift his friend to the bed the tremble became uncontrollable and Spock spoke with a painful horse voice. "Please… leave. I… ache."

"Pon Farr?" He asked in a sudden flash of recognition. They were far from Vulcan space, this was bad.

"No, Trassk… Von…" Spock curled more inward as if dismissing him with his body.

Suddenly Jim noticed the huge erection of his friend. He couldn´t leave him here, no matter what strange Vulcan happening was occurring. He pulled Spock gently in a sitting position and hugged him from behind. The notice of Spock´s sweaty back was only now penetrating his comprehension.

"Just relax, I´m here." He murmed in the delicately curved ear.

"NO!, No, no…" Spock said with his painstaking voice and continued chanting it very softly.

"Spock, it´s me. Relax, all will be well. Please, let me." While saying this he softly moved his right hand down Spock´s body and gently took a hold on his shaft. Spock shuddered once more at the touch, but did not pull away.

"Relax, you can do it. Just let go." His voice was soft and it seemed to work, for the Vulcan let himself lean backwards and rest to Kirk's chest. He saw it as a leap forward and gently began to move his hand up and down.

The breathing quickened and so did his hand. Kirk tried to ignore his own tingling feeling in his groin and focus on the man against him. It was hard. He felt Spock entering his climax point and suddenly the Vulcan's eyes flung open and his body entered an uncontrollable spasm. Kirk let go and held him tight until he was spent and the spasms had died down.

Spock looked very fragile and Kirk was terrified. He gently lifted him up for the tension that had tormented his friend had left his body completely. Without taking his eyes of him he placed him on the bed. "We have to talk about this." He said when he realized the Vulcan's eyes had fluttered. "I'll be back after the shift, you just rest now." He waited until the tiniest of nods had reacted and watched his friend fall into a very deep sleep.

Kirk backed off and sat in the chair besides the bed. Only a few minutes later he realized the strain in his paints. Damn! He had ten minutes before shift. He cleaned the room quickly and opted for the cold shower.

A few minutes later he entered the bridge. All was well and it seemed that this shift would give him more time to think than he liked to.