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"The Bots of Summer"

Chapter One: A Good Way to Spend It

"Fletcher with the 1 and 1...Oh, Van Stomm had a cut and he missed," announced Phineas Flynn, describing the action taking place in front of him early one summer morning. Buford set his bat down and turned to fetch the ball he had just missed.

"This is getting old," Buford grumbled.

"You know, if we're going to play a real game of baseball, we're going to need more than four players," commented Phineas, referring to himself, Ferb, Buford, and Baljeet, who was out in the field with him. Suddenly, he got an all-too-familiar twinkle in his eye...

"Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"

"Candace," said Linda Flynn, "I have to go run some errands this morning. Remember you have your dentist appointment this afternoon, so don't go running off somewhere."

"Okay, Mom," replied her only daughter. She turned her attention back to the TV, but the momentary lapse was just the opening Stacy Hirano needed to land a devastating slam and win yet another round of Monster Robot Wrestling, making it seventeen to two on this morning. Candace groaned in disgust, pounding her controller into her other hand. She was about ready to start the next round when her cell phone began to ring. Candace's whole face seemed to light up as she raced over to her phone.

"Hi, Je...Jeremy," stuttered Candace.

"Hey, Candace," Jeremy answered, "Do you wanna meet me for lunch at Slushy Burger?"

"Most definitely, Jeremy," she replied in a dreamy tone of voice.

"Great! Does 12:00 work for you?"

"Yes," answered Candace, "yes it does."

"See ya then," said Jeremy. "You can tell Stacy that she's invited too."

"Okay! Bye, Jeremy!" responded a now-grinning Candace.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Phineas, Ferb, Buford and Baljeet were discussing blueprints for their robotic players. Because of this, none of them noticed Isabella Garcia-Shapiro entering the backyard.

"Hi, guys," said Isabella, drawing all four sets of eyes towards her.

"Oh, hey, Isabella," responded Phineas.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"Just getting ready to play the best baseball game against a team of robots ever," Phineas replied.

"Cool! When's it gonna be?" asked Isabella.

"We're hoping we can start right after lunch," said Phineas. The youngsters were interrupted from their conversation by the sound of the delivery truck backing through the gate. Phineas ran over to sign for the shipment as the delivery men began to unload it.

"Sheet metal, electronic components, baseball bats and gloves...That should be everything," said the delivery man.

"Thanks," replied Phineas, "have a nice day!" As he did, the back door of the Flynn-Fletcher house slid open, and Candace and Stacy peered out.

"All right, you twerps," announced Candace, "I've got a very important lunch date today, so I don't have time to deal with you guys. So you better not do anything crazy today. Okay?"

"Don't worry," responded Phineas, "we're just gonna play some baseball this afternoon."

"I'm keeping an eye on you," she threatened.

The youngest Flynn leaned back and closed his eyes. When he thought about it, it was amazing how well he and his friends could work as a team. Between them, they had built a squad of robots to serve as their opposition and the umpires. As he looked around, he saw six of the Fireside Girls working on uniforms for both teams, Ferb and Baljeet were busily programming the player robots, and he, Isabella and Buford were modeling the different skills the robots would need...

"Phineas?" asked Isabella, snapping him out of his trance.

...such as fielding the ground ball Isabella had just hit and throwing it to Buford.

"Hey guys, can you come over here for a sec?" asked Milly. Soon, all eleven kids were gathered around the table where the six Fireside Girls were set up.

"So," she continued, "what do you think?" On the table were the girls' design for the uniforms of their team, dubbed the Danville Dragons: a hat, orange like the stripes on Phineas's shirt, with a crudely-drawn dragon peeking out from behind a white letter D; a batting helmet with the same design; the front of a jersey, with "Danville" written in orange script and number 2 just below it; the back of a different jersey, with an orange number 11 and "FLETCHER" in block letters above it; and a pair of pants, white with orange stripes running down the sides.

"Nice work, girls!" commented Isabella. "Can I try mine on?"

"Yeah," said Gretchen. Isabella picked up the number 2 shirt, which caused everyone across the table to start snickering and laughing.

"What?" Isabella flipped the jersey around and saw what the issue was.

"Oh, this is ridiculous." Why, thought Isabella, did she have to have the absolute longest last name she had ever seen? The letters on the back of her shirt were not only across the top, but like halfway down the sides too! That quickly became a moot point as the second-story window was flung open.

"I'm…calling...Mom." Leaning out the window, Candace whipped out her cell phone and dialed quickly.

"Hello, Candace," said Linda on the other end.

"Mom! You gotta come home right now and see what Phineas and Ferb are doing!"

"Candace, I don't have time to go on a wild goose chase-"

"But, Mom," Candace pleaded, "it's right here! I'm looking right at it!!!"

"Good bye, Candace," said Linda, ignoring her daughter as she hung up, causing Candace to groan in disgust.

The robots were finished. And not only could they play like real baseball players, but they looked like them, too. They, the Tri-State Titans, even had their own matching gray and blue uniforms, adorned per Buford's idea with the jersey numbers of famous Major League players: the pitcher was number 56, and 7 would catch him, with 3, 2, 26 and 5 in the infield from left to right and 8, 32, and 51 behind them. While they definitely didn't have much to say, thought Phineas, neither did Ferb most of the time. Suddenly, he heard a familiar car horn coming from in front of the house.

In the living room, Candace jumped up and ran to the back door. Noticing that the robots were still there, a huge grin broke out on her face.

"You guys are soooo busted," declared Candace. Quickly, she ran back through the house, meeting Linda just as she got out of the car.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Phineas and Ferb built an army of killer robots in the backyard!!!"

"Candace," said an unfazed Linda, "can you help bring in the groceries?" A pained expression crossed the teenager's face.

"Let's go, let's go!" urged Candace, quickly depositing the bags on the kitchen table and racing back to the screen door. "C'mon, Mom!" Candace quickly grew impatient as Linda seemed to be in no hurry to come back by her.

Meanwhile in the backyard, one of the robots actually had something to say.

"We need to figure out our strategy. And we don't want you to hear it," it explained.

"You guys can go over to my backyard," offered Isabella, pointing towards the house across the street. She received eleven simultaneous thumbs up from the players and umpires, who all moved to the other side of Maple Drive. The last one was just on their way out when Linda finally came to the door.

"See, Mom? See???" announced Candace, spinning around and pointing at...the group of kids in the backyard.

"And what exactly am I supposed to be seeing?" asked an oblivious Linda. Candace buried her head in her heads, stuttering in disbelief as Stacy walked up next to her.

"Hi, Mom," said Phineas as Candace walked away.

"What do you kids have planned this afternoon?" asked Linda.

"We're going over to Marsh Park to play baseball," responded Phineas.

"Which they named after me!" announced a grinning Adyson Marsh.

"And I'm sure being right next to the Swampy Marsh had absolutely nothing to do with it," quipped Buford, causing Adyson to stick out her tongue at him.

"Can I get in on the baseball?" interjected Stacy.

"I think so," said Phineas, "we just have to ask Coach Perry. Hey, where's Perry?"

Perry strolled into the Flynn-Fletcher house, made sure no one was looking, donned his secret agent fedora, jumped into a floor-level kitchen cabinet, and used his remote to open a secret passage down to his lair.

"Good morning, Agent P," said Major Monogram as a rock song blared in the background. "Carl! Would you turn it down?"

"Sorry, sir," responded the intern's voice from off screen.

"Anyways," continued Monogram, "Dr. Doofenshmirtz has purchased a large shipment of electronic components. We don't know what's he up to yet, but whatever it is, get out there and put a stop to it!" Agent P saluted him and jumped into his hover car to head for the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building.