Chapter Two: The Meeting at Marsh

While both his teammates and their robotic opposition warmed up for the big game, Phineas Flynn sat down in the first base dugout. Ah, he thought, diamond 3 at Marsh Park, the very same place he and Ferb played their first Little League game...where, his very first time at the plate, he got hit square in the nose with a pitch. He remembered it like it was the previous day.

"Are you okay?" asked Ferb from the bench as Phineas grabbed his nose

"That would have been a strike!" yelled the opposing coach, jogging onto the field to discuss the matter with the plate umpire.

"It hit him in the nose," stated the coach of Phineas's team, who joined the impromptu conference behind the plate.

"Which was hanging over the plate," argued the opposing coach.

"Nose. Part of the face. NOT a strike," countered Phineas's coach.


"He's right. Take your base," ruled the umpire.

Phineas smiled at his recollection; not exactly something most people would have to worry about, he thought. But there was one thing he did have to worry about: turning in their lineup card since their 'coach' was absent. He was about to grab it when a familiar voice stopped him.

"Hey, Phin-man," said Jeremy as he arrived along with Stacy, joining the youngster in the dugout.

"Jeremy, Stacy, glad you could make it," responded Phineas.

"No problem," answered Jeremy, "I don't get to play baseball often enough anymore."

"Alright! Go and get ready," said the youngster, "we're starting soon." Noticing the umpire robots and the opponents' number 56 seemingly waiting for him, Phineas grabbed the card off of a clipboard and looked it over to make sure it matched what he and Buford had decided on.

1 | 2 Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, 2B
2 | 31 Adyson Marsh, RF
3 | 11 Ferb Fletcher, P
4 | 15 Jeremy Johnson, 1B
5 | 55 Buford Van Stomm, C
6 | 8 Stacy Hirano, CF
7 | 3 Phineas Flynn, SS
8 | 46 Holly Hobble, 3B
9 | 10 Baljeet Patel, LF

That looks right, thought Phineas as he headed out to the home plate area.

Arriving at the base of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building, Agent P hopped off the hover car and sprung into action. He pulled out his grappling hook and used it to scale the side of the tower. Setting himself on a ledge, he leapt through an open window into the mad doctor's main lab, rolling through into a fighting pose.

"Ah, Perry the Platypus," said Dr. Doofenshmirtz. He pulled a remote out of his coat pocket and pressed the button, causing an automatic, oversized baseball glove to drop from the ceiling and scoop Perry up like it was fielding a ground ball.

"You're out, Perry the Platypus," taunted Doofenshmirtz as he mimicked an umpire calling a runner out. "Out of being able to stop me, because you're trapped! Unfortunately, the Gloveinator took longer than I had planned, so I still have to finish my real evil scheme yet – but with you trapped, I'll have all the time I need."

Back at Marsh Park, Katie Cotter and Gretchen Williams handled the announcing, and decided to narrate a recap of the game to this point.

"The scoring got underway in the bottom of the 2nd. Jeremy Johnson led off the inning with a base hit, bringing up catcher Buford Van Stomm," reported Gretchen.

"56 winds and deals, and Van Stomm hits it to left-center and deep...heeeey, get up, get outta here, GONE for Buford! A two run homer puts the Dragons on the board, and it is 2-nothing!" announced an excited Katie.

"That's what Buford's talking about!" yelled the burly catcher in mid-home run trot.

"But the Titans would not go away quietly, scoring a run in the top of the 3rd, and they threatened again in the 5th with a runner on second and one out," continued Williams.

"Here comes Ferb, and Number 5 hits it deep to left field," said Katie, as if replaying footage from earlier in the game. "Patel to the track, looks up, and it's off the foul pole in left for a two run homer!"

"Now that," quipped Ferb, "is truly ridiculous."

"That made it 3 to 2, and the Titans tacked on another run in the 6th, but the Dragons had an answer in the bottom of the inning."

"Here's the shortstop Phineas Flynn, and...he lines the first pitch right back up the middle for a base hit," announced Katie. "Johnson scores, and it's 4 to 3 now."

"The Titans tried to open it up against Jeremy in the 8th, but some big defense kept the Dragons in the game," reported Gretchen.

"Here's the pitch, and a ground ball up the middle...Flynn's got it! There's Isabella for one, on to Fletcher at first, in time for a double play and the inning is over!"

"Despite three hits and a hit batter, the Titans could only push one across, and the score stood 5 to 3 going into the last of the 9th," said Gretchen.

My goodness, thought Agent P, how long is he going to keep me in this stupid thing? It had to have been a couple hours by this point. Suddenly, the lights dimmed down, with only a single spot on the floor illuminated by a spotlight. Perry peeked through a gap between two of the finger slots and saw a large microphone descend from the ceiling. Doofenshmirtz made a show of grabbing it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, platypuses of all ages, it is now time for the BAAAAACKSTORYYYYY!!!" announced Doofenshmirtz, as if he were at the boxing matches or something. His expression turned sour as he discarded the mic.

"You know, I really don't have the voice to pull that off," he continued. "Er, where was I? Oh right, backstory. Late every night, while the rest of the Tri-State Area is sound asleep, Norm goes out for a walk in downtown Danville. You remember Norm, don't you?" Not waiting for an answer, the Doctor pressed a button to summon his mechanical assistant from the closet.

"Hi, I'm Norm," said the oversized robot.

"Anyways, when Norm got back last night, he told me that there were lots of things interfering with his walk – cell phones, computers, online video games, things like that. In fact, there was so much electronic interference that Norm couldn't even think straight!" Inside the Gloveinator, Perry gasped in mock horror.

"So, to make sure that never happens again, I will block all electronic communication in the entire Tri-State Area!!!" announced Doofenshmirtz. "Except for my own, but come on, that goes without saying...which is why I just said it." Heinz shook his head, but was undeterred and yanked the curtain off of his newest invention, revealing what looked like an oversized computer console.

"Perry the Platypus, behold THE JAMINATOR!!!"

Dr. Doofenshmirtz pulled out another remote and pressed its button, activating the Jaminator as lights started flashing on the device. "It just needs a little time to get up to full power," he explained.

The Danville Dragons weren't about to go down without a fight.

"Here's the 3-1...outside, ball four!" announced Katie. Adyson flipped her bat towards the dugout and jogged down to first, forcing Isabella to second, Phineas to third and Stacy in to make it 5 to 4, although there were still two outs.

"Next batter: number 11, Ferb Fletcher," said Gretchen as if she were a public address announcer. Hearing this, Ferb gave her a thumbs up before stepping into the batter's box.

"In steps Fletcher, the pitch and he swings and pops it straight up," announced Cotter. With two outs, everyone was running as the number 56, 7, 26 and 5 robots each moved to catch the popup...but with each one thinking a teammate would grab it, all four stood and watched as the ball fell harmlessly to the ground!

"And it drops!" said an excited Katie. "Flynn and Garcia-Shapiro in to score, and it is ALL OVER! There were four guys there, and it just fell harmlessly between them all, and the Danville Dragons have beaten the Tri-State Titans 6 to 5!"

"And we have achieved-" said Doofenshmirtz, but he was cut off by a hard shot from his nemesis.

"How did you escape my trap?" he asked, looking back towards the Gloveinator and finding his answer in a few strands of the webbing that had been snipped in half and a pair of miniature scissors laying near the hole. Perry darted towards the Jaminator, but Doofenshmirtz grabbed him by the beaver tail and swung him around, launching Agent P into the wall.

"That's right, Perry the Platypus," taunted the mad scientist.

Undeterred, Perry grabbed an oversized baseball off the floor and lobbed it towards the Jaminator in an attempt to disable the device. The Doctor backpedaled and swatted the throw away, knocking it into a nearby lamp and spinning the lamp head around, but he crashed into the Jaminator, sending it over the ledge! Without skipping a beat, Doofenshmirtz grabbed yet another remote and pressed yet another button. Agent P peered over the ledge to see a couple of rocket thrusters pop out from the underside of the Jaminator, but they quickly overheated the machine, causing it to explode in midair.

"CURSE YOU, PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!" shouted Doofenshmirtz.

The Doctor and Perry noticed that the lamp was now shaking violently.

"Not my old Invisinator ray!" said Doofenshmirtz in horror. The Doctor and his nemesis could only watch as it fired a bright red beam into the distance.

"Look what you've done, Perry the Platypus," he barked.

"Well, that was fun," said Phineas to no one in particular, "now what are we gonna do with all these robots?" The kids and teenagers all began to think, except for Phineas, who saw a familiar figure rolling down the street on her bicycle.

"Aha! Gotcha!" said Candace, who began to pedal with a renewed vigor.

"Hey, Candace," responded her younger brother to no answer.

"Any ideas?" queried Isabella, trying to return everyone to the matter at hand. Just as Candace pedaled out of sight, a bright red beam shot down from the sky and hit the group of robots, instantly disintegrating them.

"There's one option," quipped Ferb.

Linda Flynn was used to the whole routine by now, but nonetheless, the Flynn ladies piled into the station wagon and headed for Marsh Park. And sure enough, thought Linda, there was nothing there.

"Candace, there's nothing here," she observed.


Taking a slightly different route to get back home, she saw Phineas, Ferb and Isabella walking home from the park in the matching number 3, 11 and 2 jerseys and pulled up beside them.

"Hello, Mrs. Flynn," said Isabella, the closest of the three.

"Hi, Mom," echoed Phineas as Ferb waved behind him.

"Did you three have fun today?"

"We sure did," said Phineas. "We played the best baseball game ever – and we won!"

"See you at home, kids," said Linda. As she pulled away, their pet platypus caught up to the kids.

"Oh, there you are, Perry," said Phineas.