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Edward and I had the kind of relationship ever one wishes for. People envied us and I felt truly bless to have him in my life.

I fell in love with the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He's handsome, smart, sweet, successful, loyal, a real family man. The problem, it's not Edward. I guess is should start at the beginning. The day it all changed, my birthday.

Edward dropped me off at my house after school. I told him I could have easily driven but Edward insisted since it was my birthday. He wanted to wait on me hand and foot, not that he didn't do that already but it was starting to get ridiculous. I was waiting for him to offer to hand feed me any minute now.

Edward walked me to my door. "Edward you don't have to baby me around I can take care of myself you know." I said, stumbling on the steps to my door. He caught me before any damage could be done.

I blushed sheepishly in his arms. "You were saying." Edward said with an all too familiar smile on his face. "It's the shoes." I protested, pointing to the heels Alice got me a couple of days ago.

She said I should wear them before my birthday party, to get use to them.

These damn shoes, all they caused was pain and embarrassment. This must have been the fifth time I fell or almost fell thanks to Edward's quick reflexes.

Edward lightly snickered. "Sure, the shoes, it has nothing to do with you just being natural clumsy." He teased. I playfully glared at him. "I'll pick you up later." He said, kissing my cheek sweetly.

Suddenly, worry hit me. "Please, do not make a big thing out of my party." I begged. Edward chuckled at my request. "Have you not met Alice?" I groaned, he had a point. Alice agreed, not insisted on doing the party for me and everything Alice did was always a big event.

Alice loved surprises; she wouldn't even let me see my birthday dress. She warned me not to touch it till night or else. All though curious, I obliged knowing there would be hell to pay if I didn't.

I slowly unzipped the garment bag cringing, hoping the dress wasn't too over the top. I sighed in relief seeing it was black.

Not bad, not bad at all.

I lightly grazed it; it felt like silk, probably expensive. I wouldn't expect any less from Alice. Once I had it on, I looked myself over in the mirror. It was a v neck dress, though it was not really revealing, hugging my curves nicely.

I couldn't believe I actually looked pleasing. Though I could never be mistaken for a Cullen, it was definitely an improvement.

As the clock reached nine, right on schedule Edward was at my door, wearing a nice dark blue suit.

I swear every time I see him gets better looking if that's even possible.

He sighed, looking me over. "You look beautiful." I instantly blushed. "Thanks." I couldn't understand what he saw in me, this plain Jane girl next to this god. I sighed taking his arm. "Ok, let's get this over with."

Just as we reached the end of the sidewalk I noticed a huge crack in it. However, I didn't see it fast enough and got my heel caught in it, causing me to stumble. I thought I would fall but shockingly my legs stood sturdy.

I smiled to myself, at my success. This was the first, me saving myself from falling. Edward scratched his head in confusion. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention." He apologized. I smiled warmly at him. "No worries, I'm fine, must be my lucky night." I replied. Edward weakly smiled back, leading my to the car. "Keep that in mind."

I huffed as we approached the Cullen house, seeing tons of lights. Lights on the walkway, lights on the house, lights on the scrubs and trees. It was so bright; it almost hurt to look at them.

"What did Alice do, buy every light in town?" I questioned, as we walked to the house. Edward snickered opening the front door for me. "Pretty much. He answered. "Now be nice, Alice put a lot of work into this for you." He added, seeing my discomfort. I sighed. "Fine." Entering the house.

I gasped seeing candles and flowers everywhere. "Wow." Was all that came to mind. Edward held my shoulders from be hide, whispering in my ear. "It will all be over soon, I promise." He said as he guided me towards the living room.

Suddenly, I was greeted by an over excited Alice, Practically jumping up and down with joy. "Bella, so what do you think?" She asked, hope and pure joy in her voice. "Alice it's beautiful, thank you." I replied.

Alice rushed over hugging me before I could register what was happening. "Awe, I'm so happy, I knew you would like it." She squealed. "Alice can't breathe." "What? Oh, sorry." She said giddy, moving away.

She was soon replaced by Esme. "Happy birthday Bella." She greeted, giving me a gentle hug, which I was appreciative for after Alice's squeeze of death.

Emmett gave a quick hi with a cheesy smile on his face from across the room as he clung to Rosalie. Rosa lie showed no emotion on her face but gave me a silent nod. Jasper stayed next to Alice being very cautious as usual.

Carlisle soon came in with a genuine smile on his face, heading over to Esme. "Happy birthday Bella." He greeted. "Thanks, all you guys, this is so sweet. Really you didn't have to go through all this trouble."

Alice huffed, putting her hands up. "Pish tosh, here open your presents." I gasped noticing all the gifts that filled the room. Alice grabbed one. "Here, this one is from Edward." She said, winking. I looked at the small box, curious.

Edward quickly grabbed it from Alice. "No, that's for later." He said, glaring at her. I looked between them confused, as they looked to be having a secret conversation. Alice huffed. "Well, anyways, Bella you will love it when you see it."

I stole a look at Edward curious, but his face was emotionless. "Here this is from me." Alice added, handed me a new present. I took Alice's gift thankful, starting to untie it. "Owe!" I exclaimed, looking at my finger.

"What, what is it?" Edward asked full of concern. I moaned in pain. "Paper cut." I started sucking my finger, trying to take the pain away. Before I knew it, I was thrown across the room by a strong force, smashing into a glass table.

I gasped in shock. My shock subsiding the pain as I realized what happen. Emmett was retraining Jasper. Jasper's eyes were burning black. Edward looked down at the ground with a remorseful look on his face.

Suddenly the pain hit me. I groaned looking down, noticing blood coming from my arm. Carlisle was by my side in a flash. I gasped taken back by his quickness. "Emmett, Rose, get Jasper out of here. Edward come help me." He demanded.

I watched as Jasper was taken out of the room. Alice stood there apologetic. "Sorry Bella." "Alice go to Jasper, he needs to know this is not his fault." Carlisle added. She looked hesitant. "Go!" He exclaimed.

Without further command Alice left, leaving Just Edward, Esme, Carlisle and me. "I'll go get towels and your supplies." Esme suggested. Carlisle gave her a thankful smile before she left. Once gone he turned his attention back to me.

"Tell me does this hurt?" He asked putting light pressure on my arm. "Ow!" I exclaimed in pain. "Ok, you're going to need some stitches." He said, and then turned towards Edward. "Edward help me move Bella to the table."

"No, I'm fine." I objected, trying to get up on my own. Carlisle held me down. "I don't want you trying to walk just yet; chances are your still in shock and might not have enough strength yet." He argued, calling for help again.

"Edward." No response. "Edward?" Both Carlisle and I turned to see Edward still looking down, deep in thought. "Edward!" Carlisle exclaimed. Finally he turned noticing us.

Carlisle turned serious. "Edward, I need to talk to you." He stated than turned to me. "Bella wait here, I'll be right back." I nodded dumbfounded as they left the room.

What just happen?

Here I was enjoying my party when BAM out of nowhere, drama.

I sighed, shaking my head.

I must be drama prone.

So much for luck!

When Carlisle came back I noticed he was alone. "Where's Edward?" I asked. Carlisle gave me a sympathetic look. "He feels guilty but don't worry it'll be fine." He said coming over to my side again. "He just needs some time to think."

Time to think? Think about what?

I was about to ask when Esme appeared with Carlisle bag. "Thanks honey." Carlisle said sweetly. Esme weakly smiled in response. "I'll be outside." Carlisle shook his head and started going to work, stitching my arm.

I was amazed I barely felt anything as he worked fast and skillful. Making me flinch only once or twice. After a couple of minutes he was done. I looked my arm over. The stitching was prefect, like a pro.

There was an awkward silence as Carlisle packed his bag. I traced the stitches on my arm. "Thank you." He stopped looking at me. "Your welcome." He must have noticed the sorrow in my face as he continued.

"Don't blame yourself; this could have happen to anyone." I rolled my eyes. "Sure." Carlisle took my hand in a comforting manner. I gasped not expecting his cold touch. "It will be ok." He said trying to smile assuringly. I wasn't so sure.

Suddenly Edward came back, still looking down. "You done?" He questioned. Carlisle took his hand away. "She's all fixed, I'll give you two some privacy." I watched awkwardly as Carlisle left, leaving Edward and I alone.

So many other times I would wish to be alone with Edward but this was not one of them. "You ready to go?" I weakly nodded afraid I would say the wrong thing. "Come on." Edward said, opening the front door from me.

Something is off.

Edward wouldn't look at me. The silent car ride back was bad enough but I couldn't take his distant looks and stares at the ground anymore. Once at my house Edward walked me to the door. "I should go." He stated, looking at the ground.

I sighed frustrated. "Look at me, please." I begged. He reluctantly did. "Are you mad at me?" I questioned. Edward winched in pain. "No." He took a step forward lightly touching my cheek.

"I'm mad at myself; I should have seen this coming." He argued. I shook my head in disagreement. "No one could have seen this coming, not even you." I objected. Edward sighed. "I should go." He said, lightly kissing my lips.

"I wish you would stay." I said honestly. He looked torn, unsure. "Please?" I weakly pouted. He tried to hold back a smile that was emerging on his face. He leaned in rubbing his nose against mine, snickering. "You're going to be the death of me." He stated, capturing my lips in a passionate kiss.

I sighed in relief once we parted, weakly smiling. "So, what did you get me, can I see my present?" I asked eagerly. Edward suddenly froze his face unreadable. "I got to go." "But you just said- I started too argued but Edward cut me off. "I'll see you at school." With that he left, leaving me standing on my porch alone.

I went to my room upset; tears fell down my face at the sight in front of me. Rose petals covered my bed in a shape of a heart. I got on top, curling up in a ball and cried at my clumsiness.

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