The sunlight seems so faraway from me as I glace up. Only bits of simmering light reach my foggy view. The grimy, foul water stings my eyes; only by closing them does the burning lessen. But I don't want to lose sight of the light; I don't want to fall into the darkness surrounding me.

I'm fighting with all my might, struggling against the impossible feat of escaping these ropes that hold me captive. The whole situation seems like a figment of my imagination. None of this appears to be plausibly genuine, and yet it is. I wish to believe this a nightmare, but to rebel against reality wouldn't do me any good. My last bit of air is held inside me, the building pressure becoming an intolerable anguish.

I realize I have minuets, seconds before I die. Life as I know it would seize to exist for me. Anger explodes inside me, and a wild animal awakens. I skirmish and struggle against the ropes, which are tearing and shredding my skin. This is my final attempt at life, I'm challenging fate itself. However, slowly and quickly I start to dwindle, my defiant spirit sinking. My anger burned out by defeat. I'm left bewildered and subdued. Accepting, finally my outcome. Inside I cry out with grief.

Fear attacks me, wrapping tightly around my being, squeezing away all my energy until finally I gasp, no longer able to hold my breath. The continuous intake of water rushes down my throat, ripping my insides as it makes its journey to my lungs. I accept the torturing pain that accompanies the end of my life. I only pray for it to be over soon, so I may rest, so I no longer have to shake helplessly with fear, and cry out in pain.

Soon I'm numb, and unable to feel anything. I don't see rays of sunlight anymore only a black void that's taken over my body and soul. I'm paralyzed unable to move my arms and legs, they're only dead weight now.

I don't want to die.

The quiet protest echoes in my mind. I suddenly feel extremely cold. I want desperately to feel the summer air on my skin, which would warm me up. In my mind I laugh. I've always cursed the hellish summer heat, causing my hair to frizz and me to sweat.

I struggle to open my eyes wanting to see the sunlight once more before I have to go. I manage to lift my heavy eyelids, but all I see is blood tainted water before they shut close from weakness. Blood? My blood. I realize the ropes are digging into the flesh of my ankles and wrists, which has caused my blood to spill out into the water. Gratefully, I don't feel the pain anymore.

I don't feel anything.

All that's left is the quietness, and slowly I drift into it.