Hi guys! :)

Recently, I tired of my other fanfictions that I'm working on, and decided to come back to Ikuto's Visit to work on the sequel. Ths is the result. I'm still not sure of a name, though :S

I decided to go with "Still Learning" because Amu is still pretty young and she's got next to none ife experiance. She's pretty blind to the outside world. I think she needs time to grow up and mature but at this age, she's probably going to have her mind in a frizzle.

In this sequel, I hope to; mature Amu, let Amuto's love progress better and highlight the title of the story.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :S

"Your crazy."

"I'm not crazy, it was just a suggestion."

Just a suggestion. He was 'suggesting' it all week. Ikuto wanted to tell our parents that we were dating. It's bad enough that my father goes crazy even at the sight of me next to boys, but Ikuto also previously stayed in my house (my bedroom, to be exact) twice and 'babysat' me for a few nights. I think my parents might take a heart-attack.

"I'm telling you, my parents would flip!"

"But your in middle school now, it's not like you're a baby."

Somehow, the way he said it made me believe it's what he's been waiting for all along. Just so he could say 'it's not like you're a baby'. And I had a feeling I would hear that sentence often in the future.

"I don't care. I'm against it."

"Well, I'm for it."


"Please, use a suffix after my name, I do call you Amu-hime now…"

"Ikuto-ouji," I said, in my most sarcastic tone ever, "You have to keep us dating a secret. Or I'll kill you."

"Oh, come on, everyone seen it coming anyway."

It was true. The day we said we were officially going to start dating, Yaya came up to me and asked me why I was so happy.

"You must have gotten that new anime DVD box set you were talking about!" she yelled, dropping her cookie and waiting for my reply.

"N-No…that doesn't come out until Saturday."

"Then…you must have seen the new flowers in the Royal Garden! Aren't they stunning?"

"Yaya-chan…I seen them last week."

"Then…Tadase finally confessed to you?!"

"What has he yet to confess?"

"That's a secret-Oh! I got it! Ikuto asked you out!"

She skipped backwards in front of me and stopped when she said the last sentence. I nodded my head. She smiled and continued to skip, until she hit a tree. Then it wasn't funny.

"Fine. But you can't go on like this forever," he explained, taking my hand as we eventually came to a stop outside a shop.

I was surprised to feel his hand against mine, although, I was getting more used to being surprised a lot. It was comforting. He didn't notice as he dragged me into the shop, that I gently stroked. the back of his hand with my thumb. I've wanted to a long time, I do like Ikuto, he's just so different from me. His hands were so soft.

"What do you mean you don't sell them here, you sell music sheets, don't you?" Ikuto raised his voice slightly, very, very unlike him and awoke me from my daydream.

"But, sir, I'm not the one who orders the sheet music! You'll have to talk to the manager-"

"Ugh, like I want to. Just make sure the next time I come here, I see it on the shelves!"

"But sir-"

Ikuto dragged me out as quickly as he dragged me in.

"What was that about?" I asked, trailing behind him and trying to keep up.

"I've asked them countless times if they have my father's work in their shop, and they're the only one that don't sell it!"

"Well…he's pretty famous right? They'll have to eventually…"

"Are you kidding? He's amazing, and they won't tell me why they won't sell it. It sucks."

He was still holding my hand. I felt like a stupid girly-girl in love. I guess this is what high school love feels like; when women in dramas talk about their high school romance. I was completely new to it all. I asked him when he wanted to get lunch and we went to a café to buy something. As we sat down, I dumped my bag on the floor and folded my arms over the table.

"What's wrong, Amu-hime?" he asked, lifting my chin with his finger.

"Nothing, I'm just so tired."

"That's fine. We'll stay here a while," he said, moving away from me when the waitress came.

"Amu-chan? Is the sandwich and signature coffee okay for you? Because that's what I'm going to have…"

"Yeah, sure."

The waitress bowed and disappeared to another table. By accident, Ikuto kicked me from under the table. He gave me an apologetic smile but I raised my eyebrows. Without thinking, I gently kicked him back. It kind of turned into a game of 'Find the other person under the table and kick them as hard as you can', ending when the waitress arrived back and we both turned the colour of a perfect Venetian red. Ikuto ducked his head in embarrassment, but thanked the waitress, as did I. I nibbled on the sandwich.

"Your eating so slowly," he commented on my eating habits and finishing his own sandwich, "Was your not good?"

"It was. It's just I don't want to rush things."

He paused to think of how he was going to answer, "Neither do I."

Ikuto paid and we left. I decided to go home.

"Going home?" he asked, as I turned into the street I lived on.

"Yeah. Are you coming?"

He stood there with his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

"My parents aren't home for another hour," I explained.

He just raised his eyebrow.

"Don't get ideas! You know what I mean!" I yelled, taking his hand and dragging him behind me.

A year had passed, and I was still the same size as before. I hadn't even grown an inch. And because of that, Ikuto was still much taller than me. He even had to bend down just to hold hands with me, it was embarrassing. We finally reached the house, I opened the door but Ikuto just stood at the doorstep.

"Come on inside, what are you, a vampire?" I joked, taking his wrist.

"I don't think I can Amu," in a more serious tone.

"Why not? You've been in my house plenty of times, it doesn't bite. Although…Yoru does…"

"It was different before."

"I don't understand you…"