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"No way! Get your hands off her!"

"What? You dumped her!"

Who knew it would turn out like this? I wiped my tears from my bloodshot eyes. Boys were so stupid, always fighting.

"Ikuto! What are you doing here?" I demanded, standing up.

"Umm...saving you? You seem to need it often," he replied with a grin.

"What? You tell me you hate me and then you try to run Yuu out of my house?"

"I don't acctua-"

"Yeah, cousin! You dumped her. I won her fair and square!" Yuu mocked.

"Guys…you better keep it down, my mother's in the other room…" I sighed, trying to break them apart.

Their quarrel went on for quite a while, mostly consisting of me trying to break it up, Yuu telling Ikuto that he dumped me over and over again and Ikuto constantly avoiding why 'he came to save me'.

I was a bit fed up, to be honest, and slouched down on the sofa. I glanced at the clock, they better be gone by six, when my father gets home.

"Amu-chan? Who are these rowdy boys?"

I spun around in my seat to see my mother, standing with Ami in her arms at the door.


"Ikuto-san! Wuah, you still look so cool!" my mother burst out saying, thank the goddess.

"Umm…thank you Hinamori-san. Just so you know, Yuu is with me, he's my cousin."

"Ahh! I can see the family resemblance! But…Yuu-san looks more like Utau, ne? What are you two doing here, anyway?"

I swallowed a lump in my throat. If I didn't think of an excuse quickly, Yuu or Ikuto would have to and that could result in me getting in even more trouble!

"Hinamori-san, we heard that Amu was sick and we wanted to check up on her," Ikuto quickly lied.

"But…why were you fighting there? Was it over my Amu-chan?"

"Well, you know, Hinamori-san, you have got one fine daughter there," Ikuto turned around and banged his forehead on his hand. He was obviously embarrassed of how dorky that last sentence sounded.

"I suppose that's okay. Are you two staying for dinner?" she asked sweetly, pointing to the kitchen.

"Ah! That's too much, Hinamori-san," Yuu replied, shaking his head.

"No, honestly, stay. I have chocolate cake and strawberries for afterwards…"



It made me laugh how distracted two cool-looking guys could get over those two keywords. I guess, the way to a man's heart, really was through his stomach. So, they did end up staying for dinner, much to the annoyance of my father. It seemed the whole night was spent glaring at least one other person at the table. Ikuto at Yuu, Yuu at Ikuto, my father at both, my mother and I at my father and of course, Ami at Ikuto. Although, Ami had more of a loving stare. You'd think at six she'd go off looking at guys her own age, but no.

"Why don't you take Yuu-san and Ikuto-san back to the living room for dessert?" my mother suggested, taking my plate from underneath me and dumping it in the sink.

"S-Sure," I replied, thinking she couldn't stand the tension at the table any longer, nor could I.

Yuu and Ikuto were only too happy to follow behind me, glad to get away from my father. And, hey, if I were a teenage boy, I'd be terrified of my father too. He'd probably be suspicious of my own brother, if I had one.

"Geez, you dad's creepy," Yuu moaned, popping a strawberry in his mouth and leaving the leaves between his fingers.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's settle this, what's going on?" I asked, putting my plate on the table and folding my arms.

"He's a jealous ex-boyfriend," Yuu replied, rolling his eyes then held a strawberry in front of my mouth. Despite that Ikuto was still in the room, I ate it.

"He's not supposed to like you!" Ikuto protested, like a little kid.


"It was part of my plan. I didn't want to break up with you, Amu-chan. I did it because I wanted Yuu to stay away from you," he said, in a more serious tone.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I wailed, "I was devastated! I didn't go to school!"

"You…didn't go to school? I didn't tell you because I thought your reaction would be more convincing if I didn't…"

"Of course I didn't go to school! I…You…You mean so much to me Ikuto. The though of losing you…and to another girl? I couldn't take it!"

"I suppose this leaves me as the third wheel…" Yuu sighed.

We both nodded.

"I suppose I'll go back to my stupid apartment…alone. And spend the night…alone."

"Oh, get out of here!" I mumbled.

Yuu went outside, Ikuto and I followed and waved. When he was safely out of sight, he took me by the hand and dragged me towards him. Sitting on my front garden's wall, he kissed me. Chocolate cake. Great.

I guess, because we were away from each other for so long, that night made me feel really desperate. I hugged him tight and shut my eyes as tight as they could go. Feeling daring, I ran my tongue along his lower lip a few times. I didn't remember them being this soft. My hands began to receive a life of their own, stroking and petting his hair before running down his arms, ending up at his hands. He grabbed mine and placed them gently on his shoulders. I suppose I was a bit feisty that night.

Towards the end, goddess only knows how long we sat there puckering up for, Ikuto got a little impatient. Of what, I wasn't sure, he just seemed a little tense, as if he was in a hurry. (Oh my…I guess Amu-chan is very innocent after all! XD)His hand moved from my waist down my legs. To tell the truth, I was a bit uncomfortable, but I wasn't going to let him stop there. He deepened the kiss. It was a lot more rough and I was pretty sure that the taste of chocolate had faded.

I shifted a bit when I heard him make a noise that sounded like a moan. Surely it wasn't because of me? He must have seen a bug, or something. How could I be that attractive to someone so much older then me? I slowly knelt up onto the wall so that I was taller then him. He began to run his hand under my shirt, but I pulled away and jumped down off the wall.

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve, "Geez, what was that?"


"Don't go feeling me up like that…it makes me uncomfortable!" (You tell him, Amu-chan! Oh my…how awkward…)

"Sorry…I just thought…"

"That I was older or something? Listen…I like you, I just want to do things at my own speed…"

And then I ran into the house, like a chicken. How was it possible? Running from my own boyfriend. In my heart, I knew he'd never do something like that until I was ready, so why wasn't I?

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