Hi Minna!

Well...I know nothing about crime and stuff...but I thought it would be interesting to do a Death Note fan fiction because it's one of my favourite anime/manga of all time!

I wanted to create a new character, and bring in a few of the old ones, to kind of show people what I think would have happened if the Death Note got into different hands.

Hope you enjoy! (BTW! Misa and Near are the only known living characters in this fan fiction...:))

*I don't own Death Note. If I did, L would be an angel.

I was walking down an empty alleyway one evening, coming home from my part-time job at the time, working at a cosplay café and tonight we all planned to dress as what we thought "Kira" looked like. It was amazing how fast the news of Kira, a merciless God who punished those who committed crimes, with their lives. My friends didn't agree with Kira, but at my work we understood that he was working for a better life for all of us. He hasn't just stopped crime, but he has stopped bulling too. I was just sad I didn't live in Japan anymore and that in America they hit the Kira story from all of the Americans. It's sick. Kira should aim for world domination! Kira is God! I heard footsteps behind me.

"Hello? Who's there?" I called out. No answer, of course. I walked faster.

Suddenly, I bumped into a huge, monster. Well, not bumped, but ran through it.

"Who are you?!" I screamed, looking up at the giant, his glowing pink eyes staring back,

"You can see me?" It asked. It came out from behind a shadow, it was a girl. Dressed in something similar to me, as I believed that the second Kira was a Gothic Lolita loving girl.

"Of course I can! Who could miss you?!"

"I bet she can't see me," said another voice, and behind me was another giant, this time it looked like a man dressed in all black with black-feathered wings and bulging yellow eyes.

"I can see you too, idiot!" I shouted, "Who are you two?!"

"We're shinigami," the one dressed in black said, "But you can call me Ryuk, human child. And this is Shimiko."

"I don't care! Why are you here?!-" My heart stopped. "A-are you here to kill me?"

Ryuk threw his head back and laughed an evil, husky laugh. I turned to Shimiko, and she was giggling, but not like a little girl. Like a smoker.

"Kill you?" he asked, "Oh my! Humans are amusing!"

I turned completely red in the face, "Then why are you here?"

The shinigami stopped laughing, "Have you heard of Kira?"

"Yes. I support him."

"Well listen, kid, he's dead," Shimiko told me, "He was killed by our Ryuk here." And with that, she began to giggle again.

"Is that true?! You killed my God?!" I screamed, wishing I could punch him.

"Yes, that's life, little human. It's what I do as a shinigami. But I'm bored. I need a new Kira."

"New Kira? Are you kidding? No one can replace the genius that is Kira!"

"Well if you don't want the job…"

"Y-you were going to ask me?"

The ugly, giant man threw his head back again and laughed while Shimiko's real laugh was a horrible screech. It looked like a scene from a movie.

"I have a little book here, kid. Take a look at it, what do you think it is?"

She handed me an A4 black book. I examined it. On the cover was Chinese or Kanji symbols in white. It was a plain, no-lines notebook.

"I can't read it. I left Japan before I was old enough to learn Kanji in school," I told her, and handed it back.

She giggled, she seemed to do that a lot, "It's in Chinese, actually. This cannot be written in Japanese Kanji."

"Chinese? Are you kidding? Do I look like I speak or read Chinese?"

"No. But most of the worlds population does. That's why it's in Chinese."

"I don't care. What has a plain, old stupid notebook got to do with Kira?"

"It's a Death Note."

"D-Death Note? You mean…Kira used the shinigami to kill?"

Shimiko did her screech laugh again. She sounded like a bird.

"He used my Death Note. And I had to kill him in the end. Now the shinigami are bored up in our realm. Kira has been dead for two years now."

"Two years? That long?" My world was suddenly spiralling downward.

"Yeah. And the only way for Kira to live on, funny this coming from a shinigami, is if you become the new Kira."

"Become the new Kira...I don't know-Okay, I'll do it!"

Shimiko handed me her notebook and a shiny new black pen.

"I'm going to leave you guys now, have fun, human kid!"

"It's Yuki!" I called after him as he flapped his wings and flew up into the dark sky until he eventually disappeared.


"Yes, Yuki-Kun?"

"Teach me everything you know about this book," I asked of her.

Her terrifying laugh filled the streets, Kira will be reborn!