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Face to face with the future"

An Epilogue

The woman with brown hair and in green dress was strolling through the corridors of Camelot.

"Who are you?" one of the guards asked her. "I've never seen you before." He looked at her suspiciously.

She smiled at him.

"Stop your female tricks," he warned her.

"I don't use any tricks," she assured him innocently. "I'm looking for Arthur Pendragon."

"The king?" The guard said frowning not too intelligent. "What do you want from him?"

The lady looked at him carefully.

"I'm his old friend," she said proudly. "Be careful with your manners, man."

"What's your dignity then, my lady?" the guard asked her, giving up. It was better to be nice for king's guests.

"That's better," she admitted. "I am lady Elena from the land of Rain."

The man frowned one more time. "I've never heard about the land of Rain," he told her. "It sounds strange."

"You didn't hear about lots of places then," the woman said. "And now please, lead me to the king!"

The guard sighed. He still was not sure if that lady's story was true or not. However he led her to the throne room.

He opened the great, wooden doors but he didn't find the king there.

Yet the room was not empty.

"The Court Magician is here," the guard told mysterious lady. "King's advisor, friend and..." The man hesitated. It was well known that relationship between the king and his past servant, who actually was a warlock, had a romantic nature. The guard didn't like that fact. He could not believe that the king had chosen a clumsy man when he could have every lady in his kingdom and plenty of women out of it.

"Merlin," the woman said aloud.

The sorcerer turned around and looked at her. He was older than she had seen him last time. He looked much mature now but she still recognised that typical grin.

"Lena?" He asked, astonished, coming to her.

"You know each other then," the guard said with relief. "Farewell." He nodded and left them alone closing the doors as quietly as he could.

"No," she said. "I am lady Elena from the land of Rain." Then she winked.

"What are you doing here?" Merlin asked with disbelief. "How did you come here?"

Lena smiled lovely.

"I'll tell you everything but I don't want to say it twice. So please, let's go first to Arthur," she said. "Where is he?"

The dark haired man grinned.

"In our chambers," he told her.

"You said our," Lena smiled meaningfully. "So between you two everything is okay, isn't it?"

"It's better than okay," Merlin admitted. The happiness was written on his face. "Follow me."


The doors flew open and Arthur looked in that direction.

"Merlin," he said smiling. "Finally!"

The king waited for his lover.

"I've got a surprise, Arthur," the sorcerer said mysteriously.

"A surprise?" Arthur frowned. "What..."

However he was not able to finish his question. Lena came into the chamber.

"Hi, Arthur," she said smiling innocently. "Or maybe I should say my king?"

"What are you doing here?" he asked, shocked. "Merlin?" He looked at the man that he truly loved. "Did you do this?"

"He didn't," Lena told him gazing around. She came to the armchair and sat in it. "Comfortable," the woman admitted.

"So?" Merlin looked at her carefully. He and Arthur sat in the other armchairs, opposite to her.

"Piglet... my dear brother, found the way to jump in time. He worked on it for five years, since you came back here." She stated calmly.

"Five years?" Arthur asked. "We've came back almost ten years ago!"

"I know," Lena smiled politely. "I wanted to come here earlier but I decided to see if you were still together after a longer while." She sighed.

"That's why you visited us, right?" the king asked again.

"It's not the main reason," she explained. "I missed you and..." Lena glanced at Merlin. "I wanted to thank you so much!"

The woman stood up fast and kissed Merlin enthusiastic.

"Hey!" It was jealous Arthur. "He's mine!"

Lena laughed. "I know, I know... at least we know that you really care. Okay... I'm sorry but..." She looked into warlock's eyes. "You didn't tell him," the witch said.

"He didn't tell me what?" the blond man asked.

"Merlin found my Phil... he... he had lost his memory but he was alive. He is alive!" She sat down to calm down. "Merlin, thanks to you, I am happy. Thanks to you I'm married now. I've got my husband and..." Her voice broke. "I've got a son."

Lena showed them a picture with a little boy.

"What's his name?" the sorcerer asked.

"I gave him your names: Arthur Merlin." She smiled softly. Her eyes were twinkling when she looked at his son's face. "I didn't give him names: Merlin Arthur, because your name..." she glanced at the dark haired man. "... is not too common."

"I understand," he assured her. "You've got a lovely son."

"Merlin, you sound like a girl," king said aloud.

Lena laughed. "You're so great together," she said. "It's like destiny."

"It is," Merlin admitted seriously.

"I'm so glad that you're both happy." She sighed. "I told you that everything will be alright." Lena looked deep into sorcerer's eyes. "I wouldn't see her by Arthur's side."

"Who is her?" Arthur asked frowning. "What are you talking about?"

"Can we tell him?" Merlin sounded a bit worried.

Lena thought a while. Merlin and Arthur were already together. The legends didn't tell only the truth.

"Yes," she said finally. "We talked about Guinevere?"

"How can you know Gwen?" the blond man asked.

"According to the legends she was your wife," Lena told him.

Arthur's eyes widened. "Guinevere?" He could not believe. "She married knight named Lancelot."

"Lancelot?" The woman didn't seem to be surprised. "Legends!" She rolled her eyes.

"What?" Merlin asked her.

"I didn't tell you but in legends Guinevere cheated on Arthur. She had a romance with a knight named Lancelot. You..." Lena glanced at the king, "... helped her escaped with him. You didn't want to kill her for a betrayal."

"My God!" Arthur looked at Merlin. "I'm so happy that I've got you!"

"I tell you that every day and you still think that I'm a luckier man having you... Now you can see that choosing me you chose happiness and peace." Merlin beamed at his king.

"Peace?" Arthur asked lifting his eyebrow. "With you?" He laughed loudly. "Never!"

The warlock rolled his eyes with a typical manner.

Lena watched them with amazement. They acted like an old, good marriage. They might have argued and insulted one another often but there was always love in their voices and eyes. Arthur and Merlin couldn't live separated. They were destined to each other. Both men were like two sides of the same coin, like two halves of an apple. One half cared about the other and would willingly follow the second one even to hell.

Woman smiled softly. She and Philip were the same.

"Why are you smiling?" Merlin asked her finally turning his gaze away from Arthur.

"You are... I don't know... but you make me smile." She sighed. "Anyway..." Lena looked at the blonde. "How did your father react when he found out about you and Merlin being together?"

"Uther said nothing," Merlin answered.

"How is it possible?" Lena seemed to be a little bit surprised.

"Because my father never found out about us," Arthur said frankly. "That was better. He would kill Merlin if he had known the truth."

"So it was a secret romance," Lena said impressed. "It must have been so arousing!" Abruptly she blushed. "Ops... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Merlin assured the woman grinning madly. "In fact it was very arousing."

Lena laughed.

"I forgot how much I liked you," she said. "I'm going to miss you..."

Arthur accepted sentiments only if they concerned him and his lover so he decided to change the subject of conversation.

"What's with your sisters?" he asked the woman.

"My sisters? Well... Tenra married Max and Amy grow up. At least I hope so..." Lena winked. "She had a boyfriend but they broke up recently. I think that it wasn't it. Besides I have a strange feeling that she likes in that way both boys and girls and that she's fancying one girl now... I'm not sure... maybe she's not yet as adult as I thought." She smiled. "Life just go on," the woman did sum up.

"You all are crazy," Merlin told her candidly.

"Just like you both are," Lena said. "Anyway... I think that it's time for me to come back to my times."

"Now?" the warlock asked disappointed. "You didn't even see Camelot!"

"I saw enough," she told him. "More than I should have. Besides I want to come back to my husband and son."

"If you think so..."

"Don't worry." Lena put her hand on his shoulder. "I have a feeling that one day we'll see again. And you know..." she looked at him meaningfully "... that my feelings usually are true."

"How are you going to come back?" Arthur asked her.

"Now it's much easier than before," the woman said honestly. "My brother is a genius!"

Lena glanced at Arthur and at Merlin again.

"Promise me, that you will always be like this. That you will never forget the taste of love," she asked them seriously.

"Isn't it obvious?" the king joked.

"It is. I just wanted to make sure." She smiled at them one more time. "Goodbye."

"Goodbye," Merlin answered. Arthur just nodded his head.

The Lena looked carefully at them last time. She whispered some words and dissolved in the air.

"It was a crazy day," Arthur told more to himself than to Merlin.

"Yeah... I'm tired... very tired." The younger man yawned.

"But not that tired, I hope..." the king looked at the dark haired man. "You'll find some strength to fulfil your duties as my lover, won't you?"

Their foreplay began.

"I'm not really sure," Merlin answered.

"I'm your king!" Arthur tried to sound menacingly but it was hopeless. "You should serve me when I want you to."

The blonde pushed the warlock lightly on their large bed. He looked down on Merlin smirking meaningfully.

"I need an entertainment, Merlin. Serve me!"

"I think that I'm not aroused enough," the sorcerer admitted.

"You're not. Hmm..." Arthur took his belt off. Then he started undressing very slowly.

The blonde noticed that Merlin's cock, trapped in man's trousers, started to be interested.

"You said that you weren't aroused..." Arthur said glancing at the other man's crotch.

"Oh, shut up Arthur and come here!" Merlin couldn't stand it any longer.

The warlock didn't have to say it twice.

Arthur, as a good and protecting king, set Merlin's trapped dick free.

The end