Saviour of Shadows:
The Final Confrontation

(Title change lol)

Spyro bolted awake. He looked around the room he was in, and noticed that he was laying on a sick bed.

"What heppened?" asked Spyro to himself.

Then, he remembered it. The first battle of the War...


Spyro used ice breath to freeze a large group of apes, then dove into another crowd with a comet dash, sending enemies flying everywhere in the explosion.

"YAAH!" Spyro turned and saw Cynder slash through some new creature, which then vanished into a cloud of smoke.

Unfortunately, he couldn't stay distraced too long, for more enemies were surging to him fast. Spyro jumped into the air, then flapped his wings backwards, propelling him forwards and tackling a large ape to the ground. Before Spyro could do anything else, something tackled him from the side. As soon as Spyro hit the ground he used the momentum to throw the small, shadow creature away with his feet. Spyro glared at the ape in front of him, who had a large sword raised into the air. Then, Spyro looked behing the ape, and saw something terrible.

A strange, spear weilding creature had snuck up an cynder from behind, and stabbed her, the spear tip protruding out of her chest. Spyro's eyes went wide in horror.


Spyro shot a stream of electricity at the ape's hand, disarming him, then ran past it as the ape looked at his sword in confusion. Unfortunately, the ape noticed Spyro as he ran by, and slammed it's fist onto the top of his head, causing Spyro to fall unconceouse. The last thing Spyro saw before going completely out, was the spear-weildind creature removing the spear, and Cynder falling to the ground.



Spyro hopped from the bed and started to run out of the room, but just as he exited through the door, he plowed directly into a black dragon.

"Oh, I'm sorry...Cynder!?"

Cynder slowly looked up, shaking her head, "Spyro! You're awake!"

"And you're alive!" The two quickly embraced eachother, "I thought you were dead." whispered Spyro as they let go of eachother.

Cynder's eyes widened, "Oh, that's right! It's time to meet of old friends! Follow me!"

Cynder then turned and began running down the halls of the make-shift "Temple." It was actually a school-house, but, it worked just fine. Spyro quickly followed after Cynder, trying hard to keep up, as he still felt weak.

'How is she this energetic after having a spear stabbed through her!?'

Cynder turned the corner, Spyro directly behind, and stopped. Spyro almost plowed into her again.

"So, where are they?" asked Spyro.

Cynder pointed to a group of three dragons that seemed to be fighting. One was green and brown, with yellow wings, another was totaly orange, with red wings, and the third was black and white, with one black wing, and the other wing, gray. The black and white dragon seemed to be fighting alone against the other two.

"Is that...?" began Spyro.

"Wait, just watch." ordered Cynder.

The orange dragon ran at the black one, throwing a punch, but the black dragon sidstepped it, and grabbed his arm with his felt hand, and pushed him with his right. The push was a very strong one, though, because the orange dragon went flying a few meter across the room before rolling to a stop. The green dragon tried attacking with a fire bomb (which was unexpected). The black dragon merely smirked as he stood and watched the missle of fire aproach. When the fire bomb was only a few small feet away, the black dragon heled his right arm behind him, where small tendrils of electricity began arcing around his arm. Mere moments before the bomb made contact, the black dragon flicked hios arm forward, an arc of white and yellow lightning shooting through the fire bomb, destroying it, and hitting the green dragon directly in the chest, which sent hi flying backwards with tendrils of electricity sparking around his body.

As the two dragon stumbled to their feet, the black dragon spoke.

"Now then, if anyone else want to argue about letting me join you in this war, just remember, you'll end up the way they just did."

A small group of about five other dragon scurried away, with the two defeated dragons as a blue dragoness suddenly popped up next to Spyro and Cynder.

"Hey! Spyro, you're awke!"

Spyro jumped back a little, then looked over at the dragoness, "Siaria?"

She gave a big smile, "Long time, no see, eh?"

Spyro laughed, "What a great time for a reunion, isn't it?"

Siaria giggled, along with Cynder, "Come one, Cyrus said he had some stuff to tell you two." then she began walking to the black dragon in the center of the large room.

"Hm, wonder what it is." said Cynder as they followed Siaria.

The black dragon turned around to face the three, a large grin on his face, "Well well well, took you long enough to wake up!" laughed the dragon.

Spyro shook his head, "It seems you're not as quiet as before, Cyrus."

"Hell no, now that everything is much better. This is the normal me." said Cyrus as Siaria walked over next to him.

"Yeah, everything is much better now that we're in a war." said Spyro sarcasticaly.

Cyrus gave another large grin, "Exactly."

Spyro looked at him like he was crazy, "Uhh, you had something to tell us?"

"Oh, right! I have someone for you to meet."

Spyro and Cynder looked around, "I don't see anyone." said Cynder, confused.

Cyrus laughed, "He should be familiar to you, Cynder."

With that, a gray mist surrounded Cyrus, then removed it self from him, and created the form of a dragon. When the mist dispersed, there was an almost exact copy of Cyrus standing next to him. The difference between the new dragon and Cyrus was that the new one was totaly gray, with black wings, and his eyes were merely thin black slits for pupils.

Cynder gasped, "It's you! The person from the dream!"

The gray dragon gave a small smirk, "Heh, I told you he would explain everything."

Spyro looked over at Cynder, confused, "What are you talking about?"

The gray dragon laughed, "So, you still haven't told anyone yet, have you?"

Cynder was glad she had black scales, or else she would be bright red at the moment, "Anyway, this annoying guy next to me is one of the few people to actually cause some harm to Malefor." Spyro and Cynder both looked at the gray dragon in shock, "His name is Cyro, he is over one hundred years old, and fused to my mind and soul." concluded Cyrus.

"Well, that's cool!" said Spyro and Cynder at the same time.

Cyrus rubbed the back of his head, "Actually, it's kinda annoying, sharing a mind..."

Cyro laughed, "Yeah, I give him hell every day!"

Siaria rolled her eyes. Her right hand began to glow with a sof, white light, and then she smacked Cyro on the back of the head. Cyro fell forward a little bit, then eispersed into the gray mist again, which then enveloped Cyurs before disapearing.

"Thank you." said Cyrus, nuzzling Siaria.

Spyro and Cynder looked at eachother, then back at Cyrus and Siaria, who were making out, "GUYS!"

They instantly stopped and looked back at them, "Sorry." they both said Simultaneousely.

Spyro rolled his eyes, "Anyway, now we have something to show you."

"It's time you met the best of our fighting force." added Cynder

"Sounds fun." said Cyrus.

Well then, as you can see, I am planning to make this one a little bit funnier. Okay, next chapter, all of the borrowed OCs make an apperance! The whole chapter is going to be introductions, but, don't worry, I'll make it funny!

Till next Time!
Cyrus Black