Okay…so Hunter and Bianca are trapped somewhere, and it seems that Prometheus orchestrated a trap for everyone. While Spyro and Cynder took everyone on a rescue mission to get Flame and Rosa. Coinicidence that all of that happened at once? I think not. Well, I typed it, so of course I wouldn't, but that's besides the point. Anyway…WHAT THE HELL DO ALL OF THESE VISIONS MEAN THAT CHARR IS HAVING!?!?!? Anyway, time to make you all scream at me to stop with the cliffies again!!!!!!

Chapter 12:

"Visions? What are you talking about Charr?"

Storm found Charr in their room with an absolutely freaked-out expression, and when she asked what was wrong, he replied that he had some weird visions.

"I have no clue." responded Charr, "I just blacked-out and then saw some crazy shit...then woke up...then black-out...then woke up...then..."

Storm pressed her claw to his lips, "Okay, I get it."

Charr grinned, "Sorry...it was just so weird..."

Storm turned and started to leave the room, "I'll go see what there is to eat at this dump." then left the room.

Charr watched her leave, then closed his eyes and laid his head down onto his pillow. Almost imediately after doing so, a male voice called his name.


Charr kept his eyes closed, grimacing in annoyance, "Okay, what now?"

"Charr, open your eyes."

Charr rolled over onto his side, "Go away! I'm tired...whoever you are..." then next instant, Charr found himself slamming into the stone floor of his room, "OOF! What the hell!?" Charr opened his eyes and shot up to see a figure covered completely by a white cloak so bright, it seemed to glow. Then, he blinked, and the cloak became as dark as the deepest depths of the darkest cave...at night, "Okay...seriousely...WHAT THE HELL!?" yeled Charr as he blinked again and the cloak changed back to white.

The figure snickered, "Heh, do I surprise you?" asked the figure mockingly.

Charr growled, "What do you want?"

The figure flicked out it's hand, revealing the scales and claws of a deep crimson red dragon, and placed it on the white cloak where his chest is, "I am just a messenger for my...'boss'..." responded the dragon, "And my message is this..." the dragon paused for a second before continuing, "'Charr, Your role in shaping the future is greater than any-one else, save one...'"

As the dragon continued to speak, Charr began to wonder, 'When did my life get so fucked-up?'

"'But that will not matter until the end.'" continued the mysterious dragon, "'So, I have a proposition for you.'" Charr eyed the dragon, interested, "'One, you could join our cause and have unimaginable power. Or two, you could continue with following the weakling Malefor and die.'"

As the dragon finished with the last word, Charr's eyes went wide, "Who are you?"

Two crimson orbs the color of blood glowed from beneath the hood, "Like I said, just a messenger." and with that, the dragon turned and evaporated into thin air.

Charr blinked several times before rubbing his eyes, "Seriousely? What's next? Storm's ganna ask me to make love to her? Now THAT would be somethin'!"

The cloaked figure watched from a shadow as Charr exited his room and began to walk down the halls, laughing hystericaly. After Charr was gone, he pulled a parchment out of his sleeve and unrolled it, checking-off "deliver message 1" by nodding at it, and watching the ink lift off the page and disperse into the air, "Next stop..." he held his hand out and the air disptorted around his paw. After a few seconds, the distortion was gone and there was now a small dagger in his claws. The dagger became distorted as it shattered into tiny peices of metal, then came back together into a sword. the dragon sighed, "...Terror of the Skies." his crimson eyes glowed once more as he evaporated into air again.

"Alright, I have an idea." hunter said as he stood and started to streatch his limbs.

"And what would that be?" asked Bianca, interested.

"We make a mad dash for the exit, and hope like hell we live." said Hunter with a smile.

Bianca rolled her eyes, "Alright, stop joking around and listen to my plan, okay?"

"I wasn't joking..." mumbled Hunter to himself, "Alright, what's your plan?"

Just pretend to be asleep until I give the signal." responded Bianca laying down on the ground, "And whatever you do...WAIT UNTIL I GIVE THE SIGNAL!"

Hunter flinched slightly at her yelling, but nodded his head in agreement and laid down as well. then, the voice of an ape called from somewhere in the darkness, "Alright! Time to roast some prisoners!"

'This is not going to be good...' thought Hunter as he closed his eyes and waited.

Malefor strode past the lines of tied-up, caged, and chained prisoners, a broad, happy, yet still pure evil, smile across his lips. he noticed that every creature that looked at him either had a scowl, or a look of pure fear.

"Good to be back." laughed Malefor to himself, "Time to meet some old enemies." Malefor walked until he came to a large black tent, then entered it to find four fully grown dragons chained to a was of stone, "Did you miss me?" mocked Malefor with a grin.

All four Guardians looked up in shock, awe, fear, and defeat. Malefor was back, they were chained to a wall, and the only dragons capable of defeating him were gone somewhere. Things didn't look too good.

"What? No answer? I was expecting a much better welcome than this." said the evil dragon sarcasticly as he walked back and forth in front of the helpless dragons, "Where is your saviour? Missing? I wonder why?"

Still, no one spoke.

Malefor sighed, "Well, if you won't talk...then I'll make you scream." The claws on Malefor's paws began to glow bright red, as if they were a fire, then he began to approch the guardians, a menacing smile on his lips.

Spyro shot awake at Cynder's side, feeling that there was something wrong. Something bad was happening, but he didn't know what, or where. He just knew that something was happening.

"I...I need to go get some air is all..." mumbled Spyro as he stood up and began to walk out of the camp.

The moment Spyro was out of sight, everything stopped. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound; everything just, stopped. Well, there was one thing that was moving...

"Gah...something isn't right..." mumbled cyro as he materialized standing next to where Siaria and Cyrus were sleeping withing eachother's arms, "Wh...what the hell?" When he looked up, he saw a butterfly frozen in the air. It wasn't moving, just floating there unnaturally. then he noticed that there was no breeze, there were no sounds. It was as if time had just stopped, "What...the...hell..." he looked ahead of the butterfly and saw that something was materializing in the center of the camp, some kind of distortion in the air, that was replaced by a figure in a grey cloak.

When Cyro looked closer, he could see that the figure was a black dragon with two crimson horns on his head. The dragon's tail, which was poking-out from under the cloak, was black with three cromsin rings spaced evenly down it. The tail had no blade. The rest of the dragon was covered by the grey cloak. Cyro continued to watched the figure as it approached where Cynder was sleeping, but suddenly the coaked figure produced the reletively large sword from out of no where.

"Whoa!" shouted Cyro as he dashed over to the dragon, "What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

The dragon, obviousely surprised, turnedf and looked at Cyro with wide, glowing eyes the color of blood, "What!? You can move!? HOW!?"

"I'm wondering the same thing!" shouted Cyro as he came to a skidding halt in in between Cynder and the cloaked Dragon.

The black dragon eyes Cyro, before asking, "Who are you?"

"My name is Cyro. And i will be your worst nightmare if you try to harm anyone here." responded Cyro menecingly.

the other dragon lowered his head a laughed, "Ah yes...I remember you now. You become one of my bosses biggest annoyances..." the dragon looked up at Cyro and winked, "I'll tell him that you caught me off guard." With that, the dragon'f form evaporated into thin air and time began to move normally once again.

Cyro blinked several times before shaking his head and sighing, "Well...that was odd..."

"Damn right it was!" laughed the voice of the dragon that just dissapeared.

Cyro jumped back in surprise and started looking around for him, "What!? Where are you!?"

"Don't worry, we'll see each other again in the future." responded the dragon's voice, "Until then Cyro, Wolfdrake."

After the voice faded away, Cyro looked straight ahead, a completely dumbfounded expression on his face, "...how did he know?"

"You better have a good reason for ruining the my...entertainment." growled Malefor as he stared down the cowering messenger ape in front of him.

"W-w-w-we-w-well-w..." stammered the ape uncontrollably.

"GET OUT WITH IT!" roared Malefor angrily.

"WE FOUND THE PURPLE DRAGON AND HIS FRIENDS!" shouted the ape as he turned tail and ran like his life depended on it...which it probably did.

Malefor grinned, "Good...very good...I better go let my guests know that I'm off to do some chores." said Malefor as he turned and re-entered the tent, "Well, my friends, I am sorry to say that I must leave you." explained Malefor in a mock sympathetic tone, "I have a hero to kill." Malefor turned and left the tent beofre any of the Guardians could comprehend what he said, but as he walked, he could hear the shouts of anger and hatred coming from the tent, "Well, it would seem one sentance did what hours of torture couldn't do."

Charr walked happily through the halls of Guals Fortress, when suddenly, a wave of pain slammed through his head like an actual wave of water, and as Charr brought his paw up to his forehead, all he could say before blacking-out once moe was, "Oh great, here we go ag..." then he hit the ground face first.


Charr groaned as his vision began to un blur, rubbing his head. He felt like he had just woke-up from a deep sleep...a very deep sleep. After his vision was completely clear, he could see, and feel, that he was laying in the center of a destroyed and burning building, the flames completely surrounding him, and smake floating above him like clouds, excpet black and suffocating. When he sat up, he could see a figure standing in the flames, a torn grey cloak billowing around it.

"It would seem that you did your job..." mumbled the figure, a male's voice, "For the sake of all of time itself..." the flames flared up, ungulfing the figure, but then calmed down to reveal that he had vanished, "...hope that I was wrong."

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