It was waking up from a nightmare,
the burning in my throat remained,
a residue of the hideous fire.
I had no sense of identity,
the emptiness seared along with my throat
The scent of humans were deliciously intoxicating.

I rolled to my feet,
letting the scent guide me,
when a vison transfixed me,
it cut through my emptiness
and gave me an identity I needed.

His face swam into my consciousness
The man had golden hair,
crescents cutting into his alabaster skin
His dark eyes rimmed with red
There was an expression of deep sadness,
it exuded around him like an aura.
but I found him beautiful.

I watched in a trance as the vision shifted,
I was holding his hand,
running towards the golden eyed vampires who were hunting animals.
He smiled at me, a peaceful,serene expression that sent explosive joy to my bones.
We both had golden eyes.

I opened my eyes,
and I felt peaceful,
for the first time since I had woken up,
from never ending darkness.
The darkness stretched before me,
like an ocean waiting to be swum across
towards the light.

I knew I would meet the man of my vision,
I knew I had to meet him.
He is where I was headed,
he is where my life was headed.

The diner was dreary,
and I was thirsty.
I knew I would succumb to it,
the rain had made the smell of human blood,
more intoxicating,more potent.

There was a sweet smell among the humans,
an innocent flowery scent that could only belong to..
...a vampire.
She was dancing towards me blithely,
her golden eyes, her peaceful expression,
and the emotions emanating from her intrigued me.
Love? Relief? Happiness?
How strange.

"You have kept me waiting for so long"
she trilled,it was a beautiful sound.
And I ducked my head instinctively,
"I am sorry,ma'am"
She held out her hand, I studied her delicate picture,
the faith in her expression,a speculative tilt of her head.

I took her tiny hand,without making a sense of what I was doing,
the softness of her skin took me by surprise,
or perhaps,I never held anyone's hand this way.
We walked out of the diner,
and she gave me a smile.
A bewitching smile. A happy,radiant smile.
For the first time in the century,
I felt hope.

My Notes : I love Alice and Jasper's relationship,and they are one of my favorite characters in Twilight apart from Jacob Black,Leah Clearwater and Seth. :D