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Anime: Kuroshitsuji

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31 ways to annoy Sebastian:

It was a harmless day outside, and Sebastian was enjoying the free time he had to himself. He was in a forgiving mood, and will probably be a tiny bit nicer today to the servants when they screw up like usual. A piece of paper flew past him. Not wanting to litter the beautiful garden with paper, the butler faithfully picked it up. But then he noticed him name on the top.

"Now, what can this be?"

31 ways to annoy Sebastian.

1. Make him eat cake.

2. Ask him where he gets his nail polish. Suggest that pink would suit him better.

3. Carry a bag of black feathers with you. At random times, throw a bunch into the air. Say you're trying to unlock your inner demon.

4. Sic screaming fangirls on him.

5. Sic Elizabeth on him.

6. Sic Grell on him.

7. Break all the plates and cups.

8. Dump all the tea leaves in a sink and fill it with water. Say you're trying to act out the Boston tea party.

9. Replace all the metal utensils with plastic ones. Warn him that they would break if he tried to throw them into people's heads.

10. 5 minutes after saying that, throw a plastic knife at him.

11. Whisper 'I know what you did last summer' to him quietly.

12. Steal all his clothes.

13. And wrap them around poles in the middle of the city.

14. Hide porn in his bed.

15. And then show it to Ciel.

16. Whistle an annoying song over and over.

17. Cut up all of Ciel's sheet music.

18. Pelt rocks at him.

19. Kidnap Ciel and send Sebastian on a wild goose chase in the middle of nowhere. (I am not responsible for any injuries or deaths should you actually try to do this)

20. Trip him whenever he tries something dramatic.

21. 'Accidently' knock over a candle which just happens to land on his head.

22. Follow him everywhere.

23. Get Finny, Maylenne and Bard to play tag with you. Inside.

24. Kidnap the kitty that he always feeds.

25. Pour holy water on him and chant the words 'Demon be gone!' over and over again.

26. Demand piggy-back rides every time you see him.

27. Ask him which Host Club he gets his lines from.

28. Knock all of the food/dessert/tea he makes to the ground.

29. Copy everything the servants do that seems to annoy him so much.

30. Release a bunch of mice in the estate and then try to catch them.

31. Show him this list.

Sebastian tried to recall what he was feeling right now. Was it anger? Yes, that was it. Although calling it 'anger' would be an understatement.

He turned around to face the servants, and smiled a truly terrifying smile.

"Now, who would want to write something like this?"
Bard, unaware of Sebastian's new unstableness, leaned closer to take a better look.
"Hey…is that the list I made? I was wondering where…"
He looked up at the demon.
Sebastian smiled even more. "Ah, thank-you for this wonderful gift. Now, let me repay you back"

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