Precious Creature


I walk into his room again. Luckily this night he's asleep before I come in so he can't complain about my being here. Narushige and Koh are downstairs sleeping on the futon that was originally made for me.

..But I can't find the being in me that would want to sleep down there when I can easily sleep up here and be with the precious creature I call Rakan.

There's moaning down stairs coming from Narushige. He probably turned Koh into a pleasurable object or something... I forget what Rakan calls those things… oh well.

I sit on the end of Rakan's bed, where his feet fidget against my thighs. A smile spreads across his face as he mumbles my name, over and over again. His slim hands fist the sheets and he turns over to his other side, and the smile disappears. He tosses and turns for about ten minutes, still saying my name.

"Chigusa-san… C-Chigusa-san!"

He calls for me now as if he were in agony and torment. He starts to cry and kick until he wakes up with an even bigger kick and practically screams my name. He looks at me with tears streaming down his face and a smile a convincing one and he crawls into my arms.

I rub his back for a while and let him rest against me until he speaks up.

"Chigusa-san, my dream… in my dream you…"


"You weren't there. In my dream I was attacked by Ayame – a lot of them." He says. He wipes his face and I offer the sleeve of my robe to help him. He holds my hand to his cheeks and continues. "They came after me, but I couldn't do anything about it… I was so scared and you weren't anywhere in sight. I woke up when they were about to stab me."

"I'm sorry, Rakan. I will protect you next time." I say. "You are a precious creature."

He smiles at me and pulls me down next to him and covers our bodies with the sheet. "Stop saying that, you pervert."


A/N: So, it's really short. I know. But I only read the first manga!!! It's so cute, but for the story, I had extremely little inspiration. I just don't know. I am getting the next three volumes soon, so maybe I'll write another one!

ANYWAYS: If you have never read the manga before, please, if you like monsterously hinted shounen-ai/ bishounen business, Silver Diamond is a great reading.