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Emmett's pen pal…

2cool4u has logged on

Hermione_G has logged on

2cool4u: Hermione!

Hermione_G: Emmet, my dear friend, how are you?

2cool4u: fine, fine just Chilin with the fam. As usual….BORING!

After it was to late rose was reading over my shoulder and let out a low scowl.

2cool4u: except for my lovely beautiful smokin wife whom there is never a dull moment with.

Hermione_G: hi rose.

She let out a low mumble of approval and glided out to the living room to see Nessie.

2cool4u: rose says hi.

Hermione_G: so Em, how are you?

2cool4u: mmm...fine nothing goin on but…I'll think of something, I always do. How about you?

Hermione_G: nope, I've got lots of studying to occupy my time though.

P.s you rhymed on that last note.

2coolu: sweeeeeeeet! you are so neeeeaaaat!

Hermione_G: Neat? Nice try Em but your no dr. seuss

Aww. She didn't like my mad skilz…

I heard a low chuckle come from Edwards bedroom.

hermione_G: sorry, hehe. so bored, nothing to do all summer. freinds went away for awhile, right now i just have you....not that im complaining! :)

2cool4u: well that's too bad…you'll be all alone…hmmm

School just got out and us cullens couldn't be more excited, beside ness who despite the fact she now looks like a ten year old has yet to begin school.

Hmmm. Hermione will be bored ALL summer. And we've been pals over the internet for over a year! Some would say that's definitely overdue for us to meet….

"No!" Edward shot across the hall to my side.

"Eddie! C'mon it'd only be for like, what? A week or 2, then she'd go all the way back to London miles and oceans away!"

"oceans away? Emmet theres only one ocean between London and….No! stop. it doesn't matter it's moot point. Were not inviting a human to stay in a house full of vampires. Period."

"I certainly would hope not. Edward what's going on?" Esme chimed in from the kitchen. she was making a snack for jacob when he arrived with the others. Rose and the everyone took her out for a visit while carlisle worked.

" esme don't listen to him! Hermionewantstocomevisitusandireallyreallyreallywanthercome! Well she hasn't exactly agreed yet but poor girl has nothing to do. She's bored out of her mind mum!" i pleaded with my perfected british accent.

"mum? She has definitely rubbed off on you hasn't she?"

I nodded my head pushing out my lower lip.

"well, like Edward said it's beside the point, much to dangerous for her to stay with us."

"hmm with us, huh?"

Doesn't mean she can't stay somewhere else.

Edward groaned, Esme furrowed her eyebrows and looked at me.

"what if I build her a place to stay out in the woods, or she stays in Edward's and bella's cottage for a while" I turned toward Edward

" you and Bella could just stay in the main house for a while?"


What? Oh c'mon it won't kill you to go a week without… "Emmet!"

"just saying"

"well Emmet, discuss this with your father and the others, if they feel comfortable enough then I don't see any wrong with a short visit from your friend as long as she has somewhere safe to stay and you keep her occupied. Im sure alice will enjoy the company of another female around." YES!


Before Edward had time to argue I dashed to the comp.

Hermione_G: what?

Hermione_G: helllloooo? Anybody home?

Hermione_G: emmet cullen! *sigh* Bing me when your back I'll be studying…

Haha. Such a nerd. I love Hermione.


2cool4u: iiiii'mmmm baaaaaaack! And guess what, guess what, guess what?!

Hermoine_G: merlin, emmett! You startled me. And you better not say chicken butts!


2cool4u: hahaha! No, even better. Now…how do you feel about the rain….