"I don't think this is such a good idea." Edward said moments after Hermione departed to go tell Harry and Ron.

"are you kidding me? When are we ever gonna get a chance like this Edward?" Emmett said.

"he's right Edward" Alice added. "even in our lifetime things like this don't come often. I don't see how we'd ever get another opportunity like this!"

The rest of the family seemed to nod in agreement. Though Rosalie stayed silent she didn't seem to oppose the idea either.

"in all my life, I've never dreamed…never imagined." Carlisle, as usual, seemed most intrigued by the magical world.

" even as vampires. I can't help but feel…vulnerable. I don't like it."

Emmett and Alice cradled both his hands and put out their bottom lips. "c'mon, were vampires, what could happen?"

Edward gave one last sigh and said "ok. But ness stays home. I trust Jacob with that much."

A wide toothy grin spread on Emmett's face.

"yes!" Emmett lifted Alice in the air and spun around.

Rosalie cracked a grin but quickly changed back to her normal scowl before anyone could see.

"I saw that" jasper smirked at her.

"admit it babe" Emmett dropped Alice down and started to pursue Rosalie.

"your excited." His playful grin turned mischievous as he pulled her closer.

Edward and Alice groaned.

"c'mon guys. Lets get out of here"

Esme's eyes widened "Not in my house!"

Meanwhile back at Charlie's house….

"ahhh! Hermione, what have you done!" Ron gripped his ginger hair and stormed across the room.

Hermione sat on the bed patiently watching him pace back and forth.

"Ronald there friends and I think your over reacting just a-"

"Over reacting? Over reacting ! Hermione, your lucky to be alive right now!"

Ron ignored her eye roll and continued. "and now you want to invite them to dinner! When are you gonna get it through your head that we are dinner!?"

"Ron" Harry spoke up from the corner of the room he was hiding in.

"the Cullens…they seem nice"

"Not you too!"

"relax ron. I just meant, even if they do - not that I'm saying they will" he added catching the look on Hermione's face. "but, well. Were more then capable then handling anything that comes our way."

"so?" Ron said. "what does that have to do with anything? Do you really want those blood suckers- that's what they are!- coming anywhere near Ginny?"

Harry sighed and hung his head. "no, but ron-"

"but what! What's the matter with you people!"

"Ronald!" Hermione leaped on her feet all understanding lost from her expression. "the Cullen's are more then perfectly capable of controlling themselves, as they have been doing so for decades before we were born."

" and whether you like it or not the Cullen's are free to go wherever they please!"

Ron looked like he was about to explode and Hermione was preparing for just that until she caught sight of the wetness barely forming in his eyes.

"oh Ron." Hermione spoke in a much softer tone and relaxed the fists at her sides.

"I only meant… please don't cry."

"I'm not crying!"

Hermione sighed and grabbed Ron's hand leading him over to the bed so he sat between her and Harry.

She laid a hand on his knee.

"we will only be in diagon alley. We won't go anywhere near the burrow. Promised."

"yeah" Harry said. "but I hear Malfoy's looking for some company lately"

Ron's mouth twitched a bit. Hermione decided to ignore that comment.

"and we'll take all the unnecessary precautions"

"I'll see if I can find any useful charms….I still might have that Lockhart book Voyages with vampires I think that's what it was called…"

"not that old fraud" Ron said.

"you still have his books?" Harry asked.

"well, they were based on real encounters, even if they weren't his." Hermione got up and turned to her suitcase blushing furiously.

Ron and Harry looked at each other and back to Hermione.

"c'mon, lets go tell them the good news"

Hermione said and turned on the spot.

that was a boring chapter but i wanted to set up eerything before they leave! hope you liked it more then i did, R&R