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When A Heart Breaks

The small fire crackled. Fuu inched closer to it, holding her hands out and pouting.

"I'd kill for a hot bath right now," she grumbled.

"Quit yer bitchin'," Mugen replied crossly, staring across the fire at her.

Jin wisely chose to stay silent, merely biting into his freshly caught fish.

The trio had circled around the fire, trying to fend off the cold. Daylight was fading fast, luckily there was a small spring near the outskirts of the forest that they could catch fish in. Now there was nothing to do but pass the time, they would look for a town in the morning.

"Ugh! I'm so hungry!" Fuu lamented, already finished her fish.

Mugen twitched in annoyance at that. Jin slyly looked over. Catching the obviously irritated look painted on his face almost made him laugh.

"There'll be plenty of food in the next town," he said calmly.

"Damn right. First thing I'm doing is getting' some booze," Mugen declared with a deviant grin.

Fuu rolled her eyes and turned to find a comfortable looking patch of grass to lay on. Jin silently did the same moments later.

Mugen watched him stand, his eyes following the man until he lied down. His stomach suddenly turning sour, Mugen took one more savage bite of his already cold fish and flopped on his back. He stared at the stars with his hands crossed under his head for a long time before actually drifting into sleep.

. . .

Jin stirred first. Propping himself up on his elbows, he stifled a yawn. Taking advantage of his time by himself and the mildly warm weather, he stood quietly and made his way to the spring. Stripping his clothes, he waded in to bathe himself, letting the water awaken him.

A ray of sun landed directly on Mugen's left eye.

"Urg," he grumbled at the red blotch he was seeing under his closed eyelid. Reluctantly, he shook himself awake, stretching his long limbs to the sky. Sitting up and swinging his legs crossed in front of him, he stared directly ahead. The sunlight reflected off the water made him slit his eyes, but they widened moments later when they saw his silhouetted figure standing there. Mugen stiffened at the sight of Jin, completely naked, cupping water over his face and chest. Both shocked and disgusted by his own arousal at this sight, he tried to turn away. Only to find that he couldn't. His fists tightened tensely, his mind completely void of thought. Transfixed, he sat that way for a period of time that didn't seem quite long enough before Jin started to head back for his clothes. Mugen finally yanked his head away then, standing stiffly and turning to walk in the opposite direction.

Not wanting to be caught looking like a gay pervert he leaned behind a tree and waited. Once he felt it was safe to emerge he made his way to the fire that Jin was kindling.

"Where were you?" Jin inquired.

"I had to take a piss, what's it to ya?" Mugen retorted snappily.

Jin raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

Mugen looked over to where Fuu was still sleeping. She appeared to be drooling. I'd bet hard money she's dreaming up a buffet of food right about now, he thought with amusement.

Thinking of food, Mugen's stomach had begun to growl demandingly.

"So the only thing to eat around here is fish?"

Jin looked up almost lazily, "what else did you have in mind?" he said sardonically.

Mugen glared across the fire at him. "Fine." he said gruffly, slinging his sword and ambling to the water.

Jin got up to follow but Fuu began to mumble and turn, slowly waking up. Sitting back down, he poked at the wood in the flames absently.

Mugen splashed in the water, trying to spear a fish with his sword. He had seen Jin catch one with his bare hands just yesterday, and was becoming irritated just thinking of it. Stopping for the moment, he looked back to where Jin was, and saw that Fuu was (finally) up and chatting with him. Seeing how easily she conversed with Jin, how open and damn near flirtatious she acted around him made him even more angry, and he found himself stabbing and swiping blindly at the water. Now mostly all the fish had swam away out of fright, and he stared at his reflection on the surface. There was a knot in his stomach that he didn't think was from hunger, but he pushed it from his mind.

Not wanting to admit defeat, he lunged wildly at the closest fish he saw, teetering on the edge of the rock he was balancing on, and fell face first into the cold stream.

Both Jin and Fuu turned their heads at the splash, staring open-mouthed at Mugen fumbling over the rocks.

"Sonofabitch!" he cursed loudly, wringing out his clothing. Moodily walking back to the others, he glowered, looking only at the ground.

Fuu began to snicker, then full out laugh at this site. Mugen was about to snap at her but flushed upon seeing that Jin was also smiling in amusement. White anger flashed through his body, and he slung his sword back over his shoulder.

"Fine, you know what? Screw this. Screw you and your stupid-ass sunflower dude, I'm leaving." he said in a rage.

"What? Mugen, don't be ridiculous, we had a deal!" Fuu replied, finally recovering from her laughing fit.

"Like I really give a damn. No, I'm gonna find some real fucking food, a real fucking bed, and some real fucking women!" the last word coming out especially venomous. And with that he turned, and walked into the forest they had came from.

. . .


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