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Description: Red has been in love with Blue since kindergarten. When he runs into him again in High School, will love start to bloom? A Mature Four Swords AU yaoi. BluexRed, ShadowxVio.

AN: Hoho, did you notice the different description? Congratulations! Then you will also be able to notice that in honor of 100 reviews (and to thoroughly remind myself of what was going on) I am cleaning every chapter. Mostly spelling, grammar and the like, but also anything that I think needs to be changed. I will try not to remove anything that I should keep.

Warning: NC-17. Yaoi! BoyxBoy love. Lots of lemons. Swearing, possible OOC, drinking, OC's, drama and many other things. If that list didn't scare you off, you're fine. Enjoy.

First Day of School

Old Crushes

'Wow!' Came the amazed thought. 'This place is incredible!'

With eyes wide as any child, fifteen-year-old Red gasped up at the tall brick building that was now his school. 'How will I ever find my way around?' He wondered. A crowd of students jostled him as they passed, causing him to lose his grip on the books he was holding. "Oh no!" He gasped, as they scattered on the ground. He knelt down to grab them before they became victims of merciless feet. (1)

Someone stopped next to him, and plucked his schedule right out of his hand. "Still clumsy, Red? Hey! We're got math together!"

Red looked up at the familiar voice and cried out with joy. "Shadow!" He yelled. The touchy-feely sort, Red tackled him with a crushing hug; re-dropping all his books in the process. "Oh my gosh! It's been two years! How are you? You look-!" he hesitated, pulling back to look at him. "…Scary."

Shadow burst into laughter. "Is that so? Thank you." He was rather intimidating. He wasn't wearing the recommended school uniform and his clothes were all black. Black with tears, cross bones, and a chain dangling out of his pocket. He held himself in a way that seemed both dangerous and sexy, like he could take, do, or say anything with ease.

Red stared at him for a moment, before slowly looking down at himself. He wore the school uniform (in red, of course) like a good boy, nice, crisp, and clean. He was the type who was always smiling, and looking for someone to talk too. A little short for his age, with blond hair, and blue eyes instead of black, and very sweet. "We... don't look quite as alike as we used to." He laughed. "I can't believe it's been so long. I haven't see you since your last year in middle school."

They had known each other since grade school. Shadow had been Red's first friend, followed shortly after by three boys named Blue, Green, and Vio. Everyone thought it was strange that they looked so alike, but the five of them didn't mind. Despite the age differences, they stuck together like glue, forming deep long-lasting friendships.

Shadow grinned. They hadn't kept in contact over the years, but they were both glad at how natural it was to pick things up. "I know; it's been too long." He smirked. "Grab your stuff and let's head on in." Red obeyed, picking up his books, and following him through the hallways he was already familiar with. "So…" He began casually. "Tell me, how has Vio been? You two still neighbors?"

Red snickered slightly, knowing Shadow had a certain fondness for the smart boy. It was far too obvious too miss. "Yes. Nether of us have moved and he's doing well." He smiled. "Said he's been looking forward to today. Mentions you a lot."

Shadow's eyes widened at the pleasant surprise. "Oh? Is that so? What exactly has he mentioned?" Teens shouted around them, calling to friends they hadn't seen since the last school year. Others stood around looking as clueless as Red had been moments before.

Red waged his finger playfully. "No need to be nosy, Shadow. Why don't you ask him yourself? How's Green?"

The older pouted a little, not quite as interested in talking about the boy that they had considered their 'leader' as children. "Good. I guess. Made school president last year, the year before-"

"-And all threw middle school." Red finished.

Shadow scoffed. "That's got to be a recorded or something." He moved a little closer, and leaned down so that he was whispering into the boy's ear. "I'm surprised you haven't asked about Blue yet~."

A bright blush rose to Red's cheeks at the mention of his 'secret' crush. "I-I-I was about too!" He argued, flustered.

Shadow seemed to be in the middle of an uncontrollable snicker fit. "Your face in priceless! Wish I had a camera." It was in Shadow's nature to tease, but it was all in good nature.

Red blushed darker, his eyes dropping to the floor, and his voice dropping to a whisper. "So? How is he?"

Shadow's laugh slowed to a chuckle. "He's good. Real good. Big-shot basketball star. Got a big-ass fan club."

Red smiled. Blue had always been big fan of basketball, and it was good he was doing something he enjoyed. "I'm glad." He went to ask something else when a voice shouted their names.

"Red! Shadow! Wait up!" They turned around to see Green ran up to them panting. He looked a lot like Red, but taller with sharper features. He was wearing a green uniform. "Jeez! I've been looking all over for you guys!"

Red squealed and jumped him as well. "Green!"

"Good to see you too, Red! How's everything?" He returned the embrace, before ruffling the boys blond hair with affection. He was the dependable, hard-working type. And a leader in any situation.

"Everything is absolutely great!" Red answered joyfully. "Wonderful really!"

Green continued to smile till his watch beeped. He looked down and swore. "Damn! I spent too much time looking for you two. I've got to go." He looked truly disappointed. "Oh! But before I forget... Red you still like cooking right?" Red nodded. Cooking had always been his favorite past time, and something he was seriously considering as a future career. Green pulled out a small pamphlet. "Here. I figure you might like to join this. Sorry I can't stay longer. We'll talk later!" Then he was off.

Shadow watched him go shaking his head. "He's always on the move. Doing all sorts of extra stuff for collage. At least he likes it. What did he give you?"

"It's for the Cooking Club." Red answered with a warm smile.

Shadow laughed. "Good, you already have a club interest. Come on, this way."

After a minute or two, they reached Shadow's destination. The gym. Shadow motioned for Red to go inside, so he pushed open one of the big wood doors...

Then squeaked and pull it closed quickly. "Oh my gosh! It's Blue!"

Shadow stifled another laugh at his expense. "Figured. When he's not in class, he's in there." Red looked at him, then at the door, blushed, looked back at him, then the door, then pushed it opened just a crack and peered inside.

The gym was completely empty save for one person: Blue. The tallest of them, he was wearing navy shorts, a blue wife-beater, practicing his free throws. Each one swished in the net. The boy had been there for a while. His dirty blond hair was plastered to his forehead. The clothes he was wearing showed off his strong arms and calves, and Red was sure that his dark blue eyes were narrow with concentration. He couldn't tell because Blue wasn't facing that direction.

He watched Blue dribble the ball expertly, a shy blush coming to his face as the other ran over and jumped, tossing the ball from the air, and making it with ease. He wished he wasn't too nervous to go talk to him.

"You're acting like some freaky stalker." Shadow said loudly in his ear, nearly causing the poor boy to scream when he jumped. "Ahahaha! You're so funny, man! Hahahahaha-mh!"

Red clamped his hand over Shadows mouth. "Shhh!" He whispered, franticly. "Do you want him to hear?"

Brushing him off, Shadow smirked. "Why not? You're gonna go say 'hi' right?"

"N-Not just yet..." He blushed. "I want to wait a bit. It's been a year since I've seen him. What if he's forgotten me?'

Shadow shrugged, clearly not caring one way of another. "Whatever. Your call, just remember what I said about that fan club. Don't want you to miss out 'cause you waited to long."

Red blushed deeper, momentarily wondering if it could become permanent. "Shadow! Just what do you mean by that?"

"Nothing, nothing!" He looked up. "Anyway, we gotta go. Gotta make sure you get to your first class in time."

'Red…' Came a very annoyed thought. 'Did you forget we were supposed to catch the bus together?'

Vio, a graceful, good-looking blond frowned annoyed, taking quick, long strides down the hallway. Quite a few people turned to watch him as he passed. He'd planned on having Red ask for directions, so that he wouldn't be forced to interact with anyone. He was uncharacteristically clueless as to how to navigate the maze-like building, and the few directions he'd managed to get had been 'go a little more that way, then turn that way, walk a few minutes, then turn that way', or some sort of flirtatious offer to take him there themselves, that he immediately turned down.

He was dress in a simple pair of purple pants (which had been quite difficult to find originally) and a short-sleeved button up tee shirt. He wore a pair of non-prescription glasses, a couple of rings, and a black choker. He had put a little more thought into the clothes, and accessories he had chosen for the year then usual. All because of someone that he was sonot talking too.

Continuing on with his train of thought Vio didn't notice as someone came up behind him. Not until a very close voice said: "You look a little lost."

He almost jumped in alarm, turning around (calmly) to see who it was that didn't get the concept of personal space. Instantly he wished he hadn't.

"Hey Vi." Shadow greeted, smug and over confidant as always. "Miss me?"

Vio took a deep breath in a miserable attempt to stop his suddenly frantic pulse. "No." He lied coldly, proud as he kept his voice in check. It didn't betray any emotion. "No, I did not."

"Ouch! Words can hurt Vio." Shadow wince, but held on to his cockiness. "But... I hear from a little red bird that you missed me a more then you're letting on~." The look in his eyes was daring him to prove him wrong.

The blond arched an eyebrow. 'Of course. What a surprise Red already spoke to him.' He huffed, refusing to humor him. "Well perhaps your source is a little out-dated. Now if you'll excuse me." He started to walk away.

Shadow stood in stunned silence, before chasing after him. "Hey, hey, hey! What's with the cold shoulder? Are ya mad at me or something?" He was seriously confused. Vio was normally quiet, but this... he was avoiding talking to him! They hadn't seen each other in two years, and the younger didn't even want to talk too him?

"I'm not mad." He replied icily. "I'm just going to class. I would prefer not to be late."

"Where are you headed?"

Vio looked at him, like he was unsure why he was still there. "403"

"Cool. I'm headed near there. I'll walk with you." He smirked as Vio realized he didn't have a choice. "So you want to tell me why you're so grumpy?"


"You're angry with me."

"I am not."

"Well you're not acting like yourself. Are you sure you're Vio?"

Vio looked at him. Did he really not get it? …Well, at least that meant that he hadn't done it on purpose. Not that that excused him. "Things change." He answered. "When you make no attempt to contact someone in two years."

Shadow let out a nervous laugh. "Oh. Is that why you're mad? How did you expect me to contact you? You never gave me a number or-"

Vio sniffed him again. "Must you talk?"

"Vio-" He started, and then stopped because they'd reached the classroom. With out another word, Vio quickly went inside.

The first day of school was great, as was the next, and the next, and before he knew it, a week had gone by before Red found himself standing outside the gym with a look of determination on his face. 'Today! I will talk to him today!' He took a deep breath and grabbed the door handle. '...Or... I could wait till tomorrow... Yeah! That's a much better idea. Tomorrow it is!' He released his frightened grip and stepped back with a relived sigh. It was becoming a habit; he'd done the same thing all week.

However right as he stepped back to leave, he door opened and out stepped none other than Blue, laughing at some joke one of his buddy's made. His eyes fell on Red and he froze. Red felt his face heat up drastically.

"Huh?" One of the guys asked poking his head around. "A friend of yours?"

Blue blinked distracted. "Hmm? Uh... yeah. Ya know, I'll catch up with you guys later." They agreed and went on their own way as Blue pulled Red off to the side. "Hey. Good to see you. I totally forgot you were starting this year. Then again, you're so short I keep forgetting you're only a year younger than me." He smirked. "Midget."

Red huffed. Despite the butterflies in his stomach, he knew he needed to act like everything was normal. "I'm not a midget Blue! I grew a lot since you last saw me!" He drew himself up to his full height, as though to prove it.

Blue snorted. "Yeah? Well, for every inch you grew I grew two. You're still a midget to me." He patted Red's head, like a puppy.

With a pout, Red crossed his arms. "It's been a full year, and the first thing that you do is make fun of my height?" He tried to hold back a blush. "Don't I even get a hug or something?"

Blue laughed. "Don't be so sensitive. I'm kidding." He stepped forward, and pulled him into an embrace.

Red blushed like mad. A hug? He… actually gave him one? He had said too, but he hadn't actually been expecting one. Blue was usually rather short-tempered, and a little against anything touchy-feely. 'He…must be in a really good mood…'

Blue squeezed him once, then quickly pushed him away. "Well it's really good too see you, man. We should hang out. Come by whenever I'm in the gym or something."

A bell rang signaling two minutes till class started. They said a quick good bye, and Blue ran off.

Alone, Red let out a gasp and leaned against the wall, his heart pounding like a drum. 'Blue… wants to hang out. He didn't forget me… Blue…'

"Grrrr! I don't understand why it is he wont talk to me! It's very aggravating." Shadow dropped his head into his folded arms. Vio wouldn't talk to him any more then he had the first day. "You're closer to him. It he really that angry I didn't call?"

Red looked up from the little bamboo lunch box thoughtfully, gazing at his discouraged friend. "Would it be weird if I gave this to Blue?"

Shadow frowned, clearly not liking being ignored. "So long as its not filled with hearts or something. Now back to the new Ice Vio. What is going on?"

"I'm sure its nothing." Red admitted with a sigh. "Vio's just shy, you know that. You two haven't talked in two years. Give him some time." He smiled. "I guess if it wont seem weird... I'll drop it off right before lunch."

"He'll be in the gym."

Shadow was right. Red did find him in the gym. He waved when he walked in the door, and was surprised when Blue gave his friends the 'one second' signal, and jogged over. "What's up?" He asked with a grin. He was breathing harder than normal. Practice ran pretty hard.

"U-Umm..." Red blushed and looked down. "Well, I… made this for you. If you want it." He held out the box. "Its just lunch but; here."

Blue took it, looking genuinely pleased with the gift. "For me? Cool! You were always a good cook. Anything you made has to be better than anything they make here." He pretended to shudder.

Red smiled, feeling more confident after the praise. "You know. If you like, I wouldn't mind making you lunch every day. I-If it doesn't bother you or anything."

"It sure as hell wouldn't bother me." Blue said, crossing his arms. "But 'm not going to make you do something like that."

"Oh no!" Red said quickly. "I like cooking! And this way you can tell me what I make well, and what I need to work on!"

Blue thought about it, and then smirked. "So I'd be a taste tester? Hmmm. Sounds like a win-win situation. All right. You've got a deal. I'll see you tomorrow." He smirked, and returned to his friend. Red felt butterflies in his stomach as he hurried away, already planning what to make next.

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