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Something important came up and I'll have to postpone our study session.

I will contact you as soon as I have time.

Your friend,


Spirit pulled the letter, and the kunai holding it in place, off his locker, admiring the new puncture in the metal. He was sure that it was a strange method of communication, but he smiled anyway and tucked the note into his pocket. If Sheik was busy, he didn't mind. He would head home. He would go see if Green had finished what he needed to do, but no. He had seemed tired. It would be better if he'd rest. He and Sheik must be working hard on something very important for the school.

He grabbed his backpack and headed towards the back door. He would see them tomorrow.


Shadow couldn't wait until they made it inside. He assaulted Vio on his front step, ravishing him against his front door while Vio's hands felt around inside his deep pockets for his keys. Vio's hands rubbed and pressed against the stiff thing between his legs and he pretended that it was an accident.

Finally getting the door opened resulted in them both almost falling on the floor.

"You're parent's aren't home, are they?" Vio gasped as he stumbled, holding himself up by the doorframe and then a wall.

Shadow laughed, his heart going crazy. "Have you ever seen my parent's, Vi? They work afternoons." He kicked off his shoes and slammed the door behind him. Vio reached down to untie his shoes, but Shadow grabbed them and pulled them right off his feet. "We don't have time for shoelaces."

Vio laughed, before his mouth was covered again and Shadow began leading him back up the stairs.

At the top Shadow fumbled blindly at his door for the doorknob, but Vio bit his lip and pushed him back.

"Go shower."

There was a moment of confusion as the older teen stared at him. Then he threw back his head with a frustrated cry, "Oh, come on Vio!" He kissed him, pulling Vio tight against him. "Vio. Sensei ~ Please-! I've been so good…!"

Vio flushed, wetting his lips as he restrained from simply give in to Shadows sexy whines of need. "Shadow, you might not mind sucking on my skin all day…" He whispered, leaning into Shadow's ear and feeling him shudder. "…but I'm not sucking anything until you've showered."

There was another pregnant pause, before Shadow dropped his head and groaned in agony. "You-… You had better not be pulling my leg!" He turned off and stopped to a door down the hallway and let it smash into the wall as he flung it open.

As soon as he heard the water start up Vio slipped into Shadow's room. The bed had sheets and pillows, so that wasn't a big deal, and the windows were still heavily covered. Still, he needed to see, so he turned on a desk lamp at the lowest setting and began shuffling through Shadows closet. He wasn't at all surprised by the things he found and tossed what he needed onto the bed.

He had just found Shadow's robe when the door opened. "All clean~!"

"Oh good-" Vio said, physically straining not to so much as look at Shadow's sculpted form. "-my turn. I'll be right back. But you might want to put something on."

He tried to walk passed him, and Shadow grabbed him. He almost lost his balance and had to grab his boyfriends strong arms to hold himself up.


"I'm serious Vi. You're driving me nuts." He bit the smaller's ear.

Shadow chucked, letting him go.

Vio passed him, rushing into the bathroom. He didn't even bother closing the door as he stripped out of his clothes and got in the tub, blasting the cold.

He spent a few moments drying off with a clean towel out of the closet, before pulling on Shadows soft black robe and taking three calming breaths. If he could get some of the red from his cheeks he'd be pleased. He didn't want Shadow to know just how desperately he wanted him.

Slipping back into the room. Vio found Shadow in a pair of sweats that he'd purposefully hung on the lowest point of his hips. The raven looked at him with dark eyes that raped every inch of visible skin.

"So whats this for?" Shadow asked, holding up his belt that Vio had throw onto the bed.

Vio smirked. "You have to ask? Get on the bed."

Shadow blinked at him before dropping onto the mattress, biting his lip eagerly. Vio tried not to show his surprise as he saddled the young man and Shadow submissively held up his arms to be bound to the headboard.

"Am I bottom, then?" Shadow asked, not about to complain about what he received as long as Vio delivered it.

"No." He answered, pulling it tight and making sure Shadow couldn't escape. "I just don't want you rushing things."


Shadow reached down and grabbed the blanket pulling it up over them. He wrapped himself tightly around his lover a little afraid that Vio would get up, all calm and collected and say he had to get home.

But Vio didn't do that. He simply snuggle back against him and prepare to fall asleep.

Shadow nuzzled his neck, kissing it lovingly. "Hey Vio?"

"Mm-Hm?" Vio murmured, comfortable and pleased by the treatment.

"I am extreme grateful for this-don't get me wrong," Shadow kissed him one more time, before leaning over him to see VIo's face. "I couldn't possibly be happier, but, um… what exactly brought this on?" He waited, then shrugged. "If you want to share… I mean…"

Vio opened one blue eye to gaze at him, before closing it with a sigh. "I talked to Zelda. She convinced me it was a good idea."

'That bitch is my new god!' Shadow thought, giving all thankful praise to his new-found deity. Purring, Shadow ran his finger tips down Vio's thigh and up over his hip bone, "How exactly did the Princess do that, I'd love to know. All my efforts seemed to be in vein and she got to you with a talk?"

Vio grabbed his hand and pulled it around his waist firmly, but his voice was gentle. "You're an idiot, Shadow…"


"Do you remember the deal we made?" (1)

Shadow thought about it, before remembering that faithful day Vio had finally agree'd to go out with him, feeling a little nervous. "Of course. How could I forget something so important? If I can't get you to fall for me… you can dump me…" It wasn't exactly pillow talk, he didn't think.

Vio tried not to blush. "We made a deal, Shadow. She just pointed out to me that… you won. You won our deal."

Shadow stopped, talking a moment to process. He sat up. "You mean…" his heart hammered him his chest as he leaned over Vio in disbelief. Vio flushed, refusing to look at him. Shadow couldn't help chuckling, after all that, this was what made him nervous?

"I… I don't remember setting any conditions for if I won…" He said, almost not believing it, but quickly coming to terms with it.

Vio looked at him, but it was quick and almost shy, making Shadow's heart pound harder. "You said, you wanted to be be with me… I went ahead and gave it a sexual connotation. Besides, you did win, so obviously it was also for my own benefit to engage in-"

Shadow cut him off with a deep, passionate kiss. Vio trembled under him.

"Can you say it?" Shadow whispered.

Vio panted, then rolled over, pulling the blanket tight. "No. I'm tired. If I say it you won't be able to hold back."

"But you've already said it! I know!" Shadow bit his neck. "I love you, Vio…" Vio trembled. "I already can't hold back…"

"D-Din damn it Shadow-! I should have never untied you!"

The Next Day:

Vio wasn't on the bus in the morning and Shadow didn't make it to math class, but Red was fully aware that Shadow and Vio had come to school. He'd seen them in the hallway, holding hands. Sure Vio had been complaining about it, but Red could see the way he was walking. He just bit his lip and bounced off, excited to hear about it the next time he got one of the two of them alone.

It had always been obvious and Red was happy for them. Now Green just need to get together with… Red thought about it… either Sheik or that new kid. He'd always thought Green would end up with Sheik but now he wasn't so sure. Still he hoped it would work out for them.

He spent most of the day hanging all over Blue, dropping subtle hints about Shadow and Vio's changed relationship status, without actually telling him. All of which Blue completely missed and somehow ended the day thinking Vio owed Shadow money for something. Red rolled his eyes at boyfriends cluelessness, but was still very happy.

And he was happy until the end of the day, as he closed his locker, holding his jacket and bag, ready to go home.

A hand slammed against the metal and startled him.

He recognized the large, dark hand instantly and dropped his stuff alarmed, looking up at the school's infamous quarterback. Ganondorf smirked down at him. "Hey, little girl. Miss me?"

Red stepped back, colliding with someone. He turned back to find other friends of Ganondorf's surrounding him. "I… I… I don't want trouble…"

The football player and friends laughed. "It's a little too late for that." Ganondorf told him, grabbing Red's arm. "You see, it's either you or your boyfriend. So why don't you be a good little girl and come with us?"

Red shook as the older classmate escorted him down the hall towards the back entrance. The other student's looked at him nervously as he was dragged by, but no one says anything. No one was going to stick their neck out and endure the wrath of Ganondorf.

Red hoped that Blue or Shadow would appear in the hall and save him, but no one did.

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(1) Chapter 12