Description: Link gets stuck in wolf form and ends up the town pet.
AN: Well my muse came up with this idea. She gave me lots of specifics, then asked me to write it. I was a little surprised, but I agreed because she was so excited about the idea. I'm gonna try and make it good... *sigh...*
Warning: None! I'm writing this for my muse so no yaoi, no swearing, no nothing... *sigh again*

Midna let out a big yawn, covering her mouth with her tiny black hand. "Awwww..." She whined, spinning around on her 'steed' and laying back. "This night time is so boring..." She complained, examining her fingers. "I cant see why you like it so much...twilight is so much prettier."

Her companion, a blue-eyed gray wolf, huffed, looking up at the sky. His name was Link, and surprisingly he hadn't been born to walk on all fours. He was actually Hylian, his form changed by dark magic. Midna, his imp-like partner, held his key to changing from one form to another. He was the hero chosen by the goddesses. "I like to look at the stars." He growled, glad the twili understood his animalish response.

Her red and yellow eye flickered up. "Huh..." She huffed, then shrugged with a small laugh, returning to her original position. "You humans and your shinny things. Your species is so predictable."

"We are not!" He yelped, stopping in his tracks. They were in the middle of Hyrule fields, the moon shinning down on them. He wasn't normally one to get worked up over a small comment like that, but when you traveled with someone who would not possibly leave the subject alone for more than a few minutes... it started to got on ones nerves. "Id say that I've surprised you quite a few times!"

"Ha!" She laughed, this time hitting his shoulders with her hands to get him moving. "I ACT surprised to humor you! Like I said: Your pre-dick-ta-bul." She put emphasis on each part of the word.

Link proceeded onward, though sluggishly, once again wondering how it was HE got stuck traveling with a snobby, over-demanding, imp-partner on an idealize quest to save Hyrule. 'Its times like this I wish someone else had been chosen to be the Hero...' He thought, glancing wistfully in the direction of his home town Ordon. 'I really was content herding those short-tempered goats, and entertaining the kids... I didn't even mind it when Ilia snapped at me.'

"-ove it." Midna finished declaring, hoping up on his back to preform tricks impossible for anyone with out the ability to float.

"Huh?" He asked intelligently.

Heaving an over-dramatic sigh, like it was the most tasking thing in the world to repeat herself, she grabbed his ear. "I said: I can prove it." She gave his ear a tug, then let go. "Your thinking of your home right now, aren't you?"

Had wolfs the ability to blush, he would have. "So?" He asked. "That doesn't mean I'm predictable. just homesick." He noticed the change inland beneath his paws as he stepped onto a path. From grass to dirt. "You cant tell me you've never been homesick..."

She looked at him for a moment then sighed and hopped off. Link spun around curiously. "Not really... but ya know..." She crossed her hands behind her head, unconcerned about the lack of ground directly below her feet. "...I've got a few things that I need to need to take care of... and to be honest, your just to slow." She smirked. "Why don't you go back to your little village while I take care of it?"

It was impossible to hide his enthusiasm. "Really?!" He exclaimed, his tail swinging behind him.

She laughed. "Like I said: Predictable." She gave him a quick pat on the nose. Before he could respond, her body morphed into a bunch of little black squares and shot up into the sky.

Link felt like a wight had been lifted from his shoulders (not just his back). For however short period of time he was free again. His spirit lifted, he took that first step towards home... then his head shot up in realization. "Midna!!!" He howled. "Why did you leave me as a wolf?!"

Heehee. This story is already finished, I just need to type it up.