The next morning Ilia was surprised to see Link asleep in the same spot that he usually was. "Hero! You can back!" She exclaimed, hopping down and giving him a big hug. Link winced slightly, but was already feeling much better after the rest. "I was so worried when you ran away." She let go, and rubbed his head gently.

Bo came out. "Ilia, I want you to go check on Rusl for me." He noticed Link and looked surprised. "It came back!" He scratched his head, and then sighed. "I guess maybe I was wrong. All right. He can stay." Ilia cheered. "But it's still your job to make sure to feed him." He nodded once and went back inside.

"Come on Hero." The girl said standing up. "We got to go make sure Rusl is still ok."

Rusl was fine. He hadn't suffered any serious injuries other than a really soar back, and the arm that Link had thought was broken had turned out to be fine. Uli was fussing over him, which he seemed to enjoy, but he swore that he would be back on his feet the very next day. Satisfied with that, Link and Ilia went back outside and were surprised to find Alexandria harnessing up her horses. Link ran up to her.

"You're leaving?" He asked.

She looked down and patted his head (which he was getting far too used too). "Yep. I got my wagon all fixed, well, what I could, and I'm head'en out!" She looked up when Ilia approached.

"You're leaving so soon?" She said slightly disappointed. She had been hoping to make friends with the girl.

Alexandria smiled softly. "I have to go. Fortune tellers can't stay in one place for very long." Her smile widened. "Hey! I never gave you your fortune did I?" Ilia shook her head slowly, exchanging a look with Link. Alexandria ran inside and grabbed her crystal ball. "Let me see…" She closed her eyes, moving her hand over the ball. "You are missing a dear friend of yours. Someone you have known for some time. Don't worry, he is fine. And he is quite a bit closer than you think."

"Alexandria." Link growled warningly.

She ignored him. "And so is every other friend that you will have. Whether they go or stay. A piece of them will always reside in your heart. Some times it may seem that people leave for no reason, and that may make you lonely. But they fallow their own destiny. And just like a wolf, you must let them go free." She opened her eyes. "Well there ya go!" She put the crystal back in the wagon. "Hope that helped!"

Ilia smiled thoughtfully, glancing up at the sky."…Yeah…I think that it did…"

The girl grinned, and hopped up on the front of the wagon. Link nodded at her. "Thank you for that." He said, glad that she had produced the comforting words that he couldn't.

She made a thumbs up sign. "Don't worry about it." She said confidently. "And just so ya know, I have a feeling we'll meet again." Then she flicked the reins and rode out of the village.

Ilia waved until the wagon was out of sight. "She was a little strange wasn't she Hero?"

Link nodded. 'I wonder which one of us she was talking too…' He shook his head and fallowed Ilia back to the house.

The rest of the day was uneventful. He herded the goats for Fado, and talked to Fa'z, and played bit with the children. It was like old times. Except for the nagging fears that had begun tugging at his thoughts. The mission that he was suppose to be carrying out. The people he was suppose to be saving. What was happening while he was just sitting around? He couldn't help but wonder…would he ever really be ok returning to the life that he once had? After everything that he had seem, and now that he know that he could do more to protect Hyrule and its people? He sighed, resting his head on his paws again.

"I think Hero's bored." Talo said, poking the wolf gently. "Maybe we should play some more."

The door to the Mayors house opened and Ilia stepped out with a plat of food. "I don't think so. It's getting late and I'm pretty sure that you guys will need to go home soon. Besides its dinner time for little wolves." Link glared at that but was distracted when she placed a plate of food in front of him.

Bess sighed as he started to eat. "When do you think that we can start teaching him real cute doggy tricks? She clasped her hands in front of her excitedly. "I can't wait! It'll be so cute!"

Link winced inwardly. There was some things that his pride just would not alone. Ilia laughed. "I think that he knows enough tricks as is. He is really smart after all." She smiled and reached into her little pouch. "I made something for you Hero. What do you think?"

She pulled out a simple blue ribbon collar with a little metal attached to it.

Link was touched. She carefully slipped the ribbon over his head and stepped back to examine it. The ribbon fit nicely, and the metal flashed when it was hit by the sun. Ilia seemed to beam with pride. "It looked great Ilia." Colin told her, and the other kids echoed his sentiment.

Ilia sat besides Link when the other kids were called inside. Link smiled at her (as much as he could) and returned to eating. The girl sighed looking up at the darkening sky. "I thought it might be a good idea to give you something to remember us by. For when you leave." Link froze, then quickly snapped his head to look at her. She winked at him. "I was sad about it before. But I think that that girl was right. When Link comes home, I'll be waiting, but until then I'll just wish him luck. And same for you." She smiled happily. "If you ever need to leave, this collar will remind you that you always have a place to return to. Your part of our village now."


A familiar giggle woke Link from his sleep. He opened his eyes and gazed up at the moon. The stars glittered, but there was no other movement. He wondered for a moment, if he had imagined it.

A recognizable weight settled on his back. "So Mr. Hero, how did you enjoy your vacation?" Two little hands wacked his shoulder blades to get him to stand.

Link pushed himself onto his feet. "It was great Midna." He said calmly. "Except, of course, that you left me like this!" He looked over his shoulder and gave her a look.

She laughed. "How is that my fault? You never asked me to change you back." She reached forward and flicked the pendent of the collar. "Besides, it looks like you managed to make yourself at home anyway."

Link huffed as started towards the village entrance. He had expected to feel sad about leaving, but oddly, he felt relived. Ilia wasn't going to be sad about him not being there any more, and everyone else seemed to be getting along just fine. He was a little worried about leaving the village while Rusl was injured but he decided that he would just get rid of any monsters that seemed to be hanging around the village. He stopped at the mountain pass and tossed one short look back at his village, before leaving.

Midna blinked at his strange behavior. "Jeez, what's up with you?" She asked, waving her hand in front of his face. "Getting home sick already?"

Link smiled, shaking his head. "No. I'm just saying good bye."

Midna looked at him then rolled her eyes. "Like I said: Sentimental."

Oh god that was terrible! *slits wrist and hides in the corner to die*. I can't believe that I wrote that! It's so corny and-and STRAIGHT sounding! *Falls down sobbing!* Well I think it sucks, but I hope that you didn't. It was a request from my muse.

Someone mentioned that I should have a plot, and I don't really think I really got that, but I hope that it was good enough, and before anyone says anything I KNOW that sentiment is not what Midna says in the first chapter. There's a point to that! That point being: *mumble, mumble, mumble…*

I'm thinking of doing a fallow up story. It won't really be a sequel, but it will take place after this. If I can get enough of an idea of what to do, and get enough motivation. For now, I'm going to stick with the –like- fifty other stories I'm working on already.


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