Description: First comes love, then comes a midnight dip in the lake- isn't that how the rhyme goes? ShadowxVio.

Tags: Shadow x Vio, PG - 13, Nudity

Midnight Swim

The setting sun cast long, dark shadows across the land, engulfing all of Hyrule in shadows. A tranquil late-summer breeze stirred the leafs. Calm settled over the kingdom as the time of sleep drew near and people began retreating to their homes for the evening.

To the west of Castle Town, a little ways into the woods, was a small house, home to five young heroes. To the right, rooted a tree with a branch that curved down into a comfortable sitting place, where one such hero rested. He sat back, leaning against the trunk, his eyes trained on the heavy on-coming clouds, wondering if it would rain. A book rested on his lap, but his mind was far from the written words and his thoughts sad.

"Shadow…" he whispered, pain flashing through his eyes at the name of his secret love.

The darkness bathing the ground stretched as more of the golden light vanished from existence. A figure appeared out of the black, unnoticed by the dreaming hero. A smile crossed his face as he noticed Vio in the tree and he proceeded to climb up. "Vio~" he called in a sing-songy voice, hoping to irk the usually calm boy. " Are you waiting for little 'ol me~?"

Vio, however, didn't react. He kept his face to the sky, refusing to look at him. "No," he answered.

Shadow laughed nervously, worried that he'd finally crossed the line of Vios patience, somehow. "What's with the cold shoulder? I was just joking. Geez." Vio didn't respond, still distracted. Shadow panicked, having never seen the other like that, and reached out to touch his face to see if he had a fever.

Suddenly, Vio grabbed his hand. Shadow stilled as Vio turned to him, his eyes distant yet hot, smoldering as he pulled Shadow close. The violet-haired hero squeaked startled.

Vio gasped, himself, coming back to his senses. He jerked away, losing his balance on the branch and plunging into the bushes below. Vio covered his mouth with his hands, hoping the leafs hid him well enough to hid his blush. What was that? He'd just acted on instinct. Shadow asked him if he was ok from above while Vio tried to wipe the though of soft skin from his mind.

Vio quickly got out of the bush, brushing off his tunic. He wasn't surprised to see Shadow on the ground already, staring at him. "Vio, what was th-?"

"We should get inside now," Vio interrupted, hastily heading for the door.


He was stopped by Shadows grip on his arm. "Wait!" The shadow looked at him with confused eyes. "What was that all about?"

Vio looked away, trying to keep his expression relaxed. "Nothing. I was just thinking about something. You startled me, that's all."

Shadow waited a moment, before looking sheepish, satisfied with that answer. "Oh. Right. It was just weird." His grip loosened, then his hand fell to Vios, but he didn't let go. "Sorry. Let's go in." He was laughing as he pulled Vio to the door, not noticing the way the other was focusing solely on their linked hands.

The others greeted them when they entered, but didn't stop teasing and snickering at them, even after they broke apart. And for a while, everything went back to normal. Red had just finished dinner and they all sat down.

"We should go swimming tonight," Shadow suggested, between bites.

Red clasped his hands together. "That's a great idea! We should do that," he agreed easily.

Everyone looked at Green, who tended to be the voice of reason among them. He sighed. "Guys, didn't you see the clouds gathering? It looks like it could rain. Besides, we wouldn't be able to see a thing."

Shadow pouted. "What? Seeing isn't all that important. And its so warm out. If it rains, it'll be even nicer."

Green lifted up his hands in a peaceful gesture. "For you. We can't see in the dark, Shadow." He smiled. "Why don't we do it tomorrow?"

Blue shrugged and Red seemed fine with the idea, so Shadow held his tongue, but Vio could tell he was disappointed. After dinner, he caught the boy before Shadow could make it too his room.

Shadow blinked at him. "What's up?"

"If you still want to go swimming," he offered with a shrug, "I don't mind the rain; I'll go with you."

Shadows face lit up with a bright smile that made Vios heart beat faster. "Thanks Vio!"

The dark water was much cold than Vio had expected. He shivered violently as he treaded blindly through the waist high liquid. "S-Shadow?" he called, clenching his teeth to keep them from chattering. Maybe he shouldn't have volunteered. He rolled his eyes. Who was he kidding? He'd do just about anything to see Shadow smile.

"I'm over here, Vio," came Shadow's voice through the darkness. "This way."

Vio started in that direction when the ground beneath his feet suddenly disappeared. Immediately he sank into the water. He barely had time to catch his breath before he was submerged. He came back up sputtering, completely soaked, his hair plastered to his face.

"Shadow!" He could hear the boy laughing.

"Hahaha! Oh, my bad. Is it deeper over here? I didn't notice!" Vio swam towards the sound, following the laughter until he could just make out a shape in front of him, and he grabbed Shadows shoulders. They trembled beneath, as Shadow restrained his amusement. "That's me."

Vio nodded, then quickly threw all his weight on Shadows shoulders, dunking him.

Shadow came back up with a gasp, his voice amused as he cried, "You bitch!" He jumped the other, digging his fingers into Vio's sensitive sides.

Vio howled with laughter and launched a counter attack. The two continued tickling, splashing around, and trying to get the best of each other for a while, before they ended up back on the shore, wrestling for the top. Shadow gained the upper hand.

"Victory!" he cried, before Vio grabbed his wrist and flipped them over.

"Whose victory?"

Shadow laughed, his struggles subduing as he went limp against the grass. "Alright, alright, I give."

Vio smirked, knowing Shadow had something up his sleeve, and was preparing for it when the clouds ahead parted. Light from the moon broke through and illuminated them, both in their swim clothes, wet from the water, Vio pinning down a mischievous-looking Shadow.

Vio blushed, thinking he should probably get off. He was pinning Shadow to the ground, straddling his waist, but Shadow wasn't pushing him off, or making any other move to get up. He was sitting there, like he didn't even mind. He even closed his eyes and sighed, relaxing his body, worn yet happy from their swim.

Vio tried to remind himself that he really shouldn't be holding Shadow down, unable to look away from how beautiful he looked in the moonlight; it was a real dead give away. But he just couldn't help himself. His heart pounded wildly and he found himself leaning down.

Shadow's lips were soft and warm, despite the cold water. Vio almost sighed against him, in relief that Shadow didn't immediately push him away. Instead, the boy shivered slightly and pressed back against him, opening his mouth. Vio slipped his tongue inside and they both moaned at the taste of each other.

Eventually, they broke apart panting. Shadow dropped back to the ground, breathless. Vio hesitated, wondering how Shadow would react. But the other had kissed him back. That was a good thing, wasn't it?

When Shadow opened his eyes they were dark with lust and amusement, and Vio sighed relieved. Shadow wiggled his hands free of Vios grip and wrapped them around the blonds neck.

"It's about time," he said with a smirk, drawing him back into another kiss.

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