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Chapter 2: "Two paths, one fate"

No matter how much time passes; whether it be a year or ten years, we will always want to each other.

- Tohru Honda Fruits Basket vol. 13

~Outside of Midgar~

Felix snapped her wings back in. She peered at Lucrecia, who was staring in Kalm's direction. She clutched both hands and her body shook furiously. When she saw why, Felix gasped.

"Oh heaven's Leviathan, is it a war?" she muttered. Lucrecia shook her head. "Not likely. It's probably…A fight for survival…" she nearly whispered. Felix tilted her head in a confused gesture. "Survival…? Shouldn't we help them?" she turned her head to Lucrecia. She turned away and began walking in the other direction.

"He lives there. I can't face him like this." she muttered. Felix just stared. Then, she grabbed her arm so she would stop walking away.

"But the townspeople need help-" she was cut off by a far off explosion. Lucrecia just sighed and stopped walking.

"Alright. Let's go. Before you have a serious hissy fit." she sighed. Felix smiled and whipped her wings back out.

"Lucrecia onee-chan, don't you know? I always get my way." she said. She jumped in the air and grabbed Lucrecia.

"Brat…"She muttered.

~Kalm: Church~

Vincent made his way to the large doors. He had done a good bit of fighting, but it seemed his age was getting to him. He was getting slower with his reflexes, and he go shot in the shoulder. Blood went down his jacket, and to him, it wasn't to visible.

"Dammit…" he muttered. He was almost there, but too many Deep Ground soldiers to hold off. He pointed his gun at them and held down the trigger. A flurry of bullets flew towards them. He hit most of them and ran.

Someone landed on him. He coughed and wheezed at the weight of the load he had.

"Hello, Vincent Valentine." the person said.

'That voice…No, it can't be…there's no way…' he thought.

"Hojo…How are you alive?" he coughed. Hojo smiled very connivingly.

"Clones." he said simply. "Aw…did you injure your shoulder? You need a painkiller? Sorry, all out." He gripped Vincent's hurt shoulder and squeezed it really hard, making him wince.

"Ugh…AH!" he cried in pain.

Hojo smiled as if he was enjoying himself. But it didn't last long since a cold, pointy, metal thing was pointed against the back of his neck, threatening to kill him.

"Get off. And don't even think about turning around." the voice said. He got off of Vincent with his hands raised as if the cops got him. He turned around anyway, despite the warning.

"My, my. This is surprising. If it isn't little miss freak of nature and…Felix?" He chuckled.

"I told you not to turn around, dumbass." she sliced his throat and sheathed her sword.

Vincent's eyes widened after Hojo's dead body fell to the ground. "Lucrecia…?" he muttered. "How-"

"We have work to do. Ask questions later." she cut him off and held her hand out to him. He hesitated, but he grabbed it after making sure what he was seeing was real.

"I thought this would be a figment of my imagination, but it all seems real now." he smiled lightly. Lucrecia smirked in amusement. "It's definitely not a dream. And I'm not the weak girl I was a long time ago. I guess I should have told you about my ability to fight. Then, it really didn't accure to me. I was just young and stupid." she muttered. He walked behind her slowly.

Suddenly, Felix, who was leading the way, stopped. Lucrecia drew her attention from Vincent to her. "What's wrong?" she asked. Felix narrowed her eyes.

"We've been followed. Genesis is here." she peered in Lucrecia's direction. "This isn't good." Lucrecia nodded.

"Looks like there is going to be a huge battle. You up for one?" she asked him. Vincent nodded.

"Yeah, my shoulder's kinda healed." he said.

Out of the blue, a spine chilling laugh could be heard. This sent a cold feeling up their spines.

"Dammit. Now of all times..." They chimed.


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