First off, I got the title from a song called "I Think We're Along Now" by The Birthday Massacre. So no copying intended and if you listen to the song lyrics, or read them, I kinda wrote this story while listening to it on repeat. Man! This totally matches my GilXOz-ness....obsession! XD

Anywhoo, this is rated M because of the lemon in part 2 (which I will upload soon... after I write it). This is my first time writing a lemon.... hmmm maybe I should just call it lime first because the lemon part isn't even in it yet :( In any case, I think I'm done here ^_^ Have fun reading it!!

Gil:Whoa! What about the disclaimer?

Me:..... What are you talking about?

Gil: You don't own me. *glares*

Me: Tch! In you're dreams!

Gil: *holds up gun, 'tis loaded*

Me: *hides behind Oz* Fine fine! I don't own anything! Happy?! *sobs* But I'm not happy! TT^TT

"Let go, Oz!" Gil whined as Oz twirled him around and around the room.

It was already nighttime and a certain blond couldn't find it in his mind, or anywhere else for that matter, to sleep. Gil, our favorite birdman, wanted to sleep but at the same time, he couldn't find the reason to sleep. I mean, he himself wasn't even tired, though he didn't feel like throwing up his dinner.

Oz finally released the grip he had on Gil's black jacket and came tumbling to the sofa. He sat up, or tried to at least. The entire room was spinning, giving him an annoying headache. He held his head in place and he tried to sit up straight. The hyper blond sat down and puffed his lips out. He kept staring at Gil until Gil's eye sight came back. Oz's leg kept twitching in place as Gil stared at him, not quite understanding him. Then, without warning, Oz had stood up and point a finger at the Raven.

"Gil's still no fun after all these years! I wish Dinah was here!"

Gil froze in place. He never did like cats and unfortunately he had remembered of the demon cat called Dinah that would always attacked him whenever his young master didn't get what he wanted. Knowing he would regret this, he hung his head. He had a feeling he was going to regret, hopefully soon too.

"Fine, fine. Just quiet down alright? Everyone is sleeping," Gil started out, "I'll play with you if you can just be quiet."

Gil looked up through dead, regretful eyes. All Oz could do was grin a familiar, mischievous, dangerous grin. This grin was different from the others he had seen. In fact, this one really scared him, or shook him up a lot. You'd think it was a smirk but no, it wasn't. This grin was evil but at the same time, happy. A memory had popped up in the Raven's mind causing the cheeks to change into a light pink blush. He quickly covered his face, hoping that Oz didn't see. But that wasn't the reason why he covered. It was because he would be embarrassed if Oz knew of the memory that popped in his mind.

"What's wrong, Gil? Is something the matter?"

Gil glanced at the boy and he was smirking! No way, though the Raven, tell me he doesn't remember. Oz stood up and started to walk toward him. Gil only looked away, fearing his blush might become deeper. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulders. It was so small but warm nonetheless. Then he felt another hand grab his wrist and pull his hand down to his lap. Automatically, he raised his head up to face the young boy's beautiful emerald eyes and to be greeted by a soft smile. By now, the Raven's blush had darken just a bit but it was still visible on his pale skin.


That smile meant well. And the person who's smile belonged too also meant well. Really, he did. That was one of the things that made him.. Well Oz himself. That was one of the things that Gil thought, made Gil himself love Oz more than anything. Though it strictly when against his morals and the obvious fact that he was 24 and Oz was still 15. You know, despite the technicalities. Then he thought again.

There was no way I would take the virginity of a boy, right? After all, I am an adult--

"Well, what was it?" Oz had, fortunately, cut him off from finishing his thoughts. Then the blush appeared but this time, three times more dark than last. The memory came back. But apparently more vivid and clearly than last. Gil knew that it would be embarrassing if he said it out loud but it'd shame him to no end if Oz already knew and still didn't tell him.

"I remembered that time… umm in the forest…"

It was all his voice could do. Well, it was all that he would to say anyway. Like he really say it out loud.

It was when they were still young, still innocent. It was also a couple of weeks before the scarring incident. Both boys were 'innocently playing in the forest' as Oz had called it. Though it wasn't innocent if he was trying to run away from Ms. Kate and her band of maids. Fearing for the blonde's safety, Gilbert had also come and to try and persuade him into coming back to the mansion. They were deep in the forest, too, which had frighten poor Gilbert. No, what probably frighten the boy the most was that it was in the middle of the night.

"Young master, I think we should go back," Gil pleaded, terribly frighten.

He turned around to make sure the mansion was still in sight. It was but only the point tip of the roof, which frighten Gil to no end. They were so far away, it seemed like the pointy tip was gone every time he blinked. Gilbert was slightly trembling, forcing himself to say with his beloved young master so he could be brought back in one piece.

"Ne young master, lets-- huh?!"

He turned around to find the young master, that was supposedly in front of him, disappear. Gilbert looked around the eerie forest around him, hoping to find the young master's beautiful gold hair sticking out of the bushes or something. The forest itself had suddenly turned into a group of scary-looking trees hovering over him. Gilbert took a step back, fearing the trees might come alive and eat him.


Gilbert screamed as though life had scared the shit out of him! And quite frankly, it wasn't life that had scared him but Oz himself. Gilbert fell down instantly as Oz laughed it off. Gilbert stared at his master, scared and quite mad at him (that was a first!). He abruptly stood up, tears lining up his eyes.

"That wasn't funny, young master!" Gil cried.

Gilbert hadn't noticed the tears that threateningly appeared at his eye line were slowly falling, traced the small curved frame of the boy. Oz finally stopped laughing and was about to reply to what Gilbert had previously said until he saw the tears that fell to the ground. That mischievous twinkle in his eyes quickly disappeared as he took in account of his servant. Even in the dark, he could see a small blush across Gilbert's face. Oz never meant to make his servant cry, or at least cry for real. Most of the time he had messed around with Gilbert, he'd cry but Oz would never try and hurt him. He could never hurt his Gilbert.

Taking closer steps to him, Oz held his hand out and caressed the wet cheek that belong to Gilbert. Gilbert blinked, letting more tears fall and that same blush became more darker. Oz took out a napkin and wiped the tears that were about to fall and the ones that left the lines on Gilbert's face. Then slowly, unsure, Oz leaned in and softly kissed the crying boy's cheek. Gilbert stared, obviously in a daze. Oz snickered at the dazed Gilbert.

"Let's go, Gilbert! You don't wanna sleep here, do you?" Oz snickered again and ran toward the point tip that happened to be his house, err mansion.

After a couple of seconds, Gilbert snapped back into reality and saw his beloved young master a few feet in front of him, running back to the mansion. Gilbert stared and ran back as fast as he can.

"Wait! Young master!"

Blushing furiously, Gilbert shrunk back a little, hoping Oz would just leave him alone. He wasn't the same Gilbert that Oz wanted him to be. He could never be that same Gilbert. Never… thought the angst Raven. Oz smiled at the Raven's sensitive moment in his thoughts. He knew exactly what he was thinking, he always did. Though what surprised him was that Gil would always be Gil, no matter what. Even if that same though brought him deep into the darkness that he so-called had, Oz always knew how to bring him back.

"Did the memory," he asked, "had something to do with this?"

Oz brought the hand that was on his shoulders and gently caressed Gil's face. Gil snapped back into reality and quietly gasped as Oz did what he wanted him to do. Though it also pained him that he might not feel the same way. It also scared him that he never wanted to find the truth in that kiss. Slowly, yet surely, Oz leaned in and gave Gil a small peck on the cheek. Gil blushed deeply and averted his eyes from seeing Oz's beautiful eyes. He felt like Oz only did that to make his memory clearer, not because he felt the same way. It didn't matter if it hurt, Gil only cared if it was true. If it was reality indeed. A sharp pull from his scarf snapped Gil from his thoughts (second time today). Oz looked at him, smirking with a oh-so familiar twinkle in his eye. Though Gil hadn't noticed that. No, he was too busy thinking why he was dangerous close to his young master. So dangerously close to his lips.

"Now why is Gilbert looking away form me? I thought he wanted this? Because.."

His voice had trailed off as he slowly released the grip he had on Gil's scarf as he wrapped his arms around the older man and straddled himself on top of Gil's lap. Gil blushed even more at how.. Compromising his position was. Oz leaned in until he was just mere centimeters away from Gil's quivering, wanting lips. He still had that same teasing smirk.

"Because I know that I want Gil, too," He said than licked the bottom lip.

He moved back and rested his head on Gil's shoulder. Oz could hear him breath heavily, as if he was suppressing some wild, animal-like urge to do something to him. He could also feel his heart beat so fast. Gil, on the other hand, couldn't help but to feel happy, in a way.