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Gil: Oi! What are you doing to my master?!?

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Oz: Jeez Gil, calm down :P

Slowly, but surely, Oz crept near Gil's neck. He started to lick the pale surface, receiving a loud gasp from the older male. Smirking at the sudden gasp, he continued to trail his tongue down Gil's neck, unconsciously opening part of his jacket. Gil tried to get his body in control. Surprisingly, he grabbed from the boy and pulled him closer, wanting to feel more and more of the slimy sensation that trailed his neck. Yes, it was sinfully wrong.. But it felt like heaven. It felt so wrong yet so right at the same time. He gasped as Oz was able to lick the edge of his collarbone. Using whatever control he had left in his body, he grabbed the boy's arms and pulled him away before this.. whatever this was, excelled into something else.

"W-What are you doing?" Gil managed to say, with a few huffs a breath.

Oz eyed him playfully. "What? I though you wanted this,"

"I never said that I wanted T-THIS!" Gil squealed.

Oz had moved back to his original spot near his neck and nibbled the skin that sloped from his neck to his shoulders. He hummed at the spot and licked at it. Gil groaned but forced himself to regain control. But he couldn't even control his arms, let alone find the common sense to push his master down on the floor and bolt for the door. Then that same wet sensation started to fade away, causing Gil to look back down at a young boy smiling.

"We don't have to continue this," Oz lightly spoke though Gil doubt that he really meant it by that giant smirk smacked across his face.

No way, thought the Raven, he's not seriously testing me… is he? But in the end, Gil --Raven-- knew that he wanted the boy. Inside and outside, he wanted him to no end. In the end, Gilbert loved every aspect of Oz. Suddenly, he brought his young master closer to him and slowly brought him into a deep kiss. Oz, shocked at the sudden movement, froze for a moment or two then slowly spilled his arms back around the older male's neck, deepening the kiss. Gil licked the bottom lip of the boy, asking, begging, for the entrance but Oz, due to his unruly nature, smirked and moved back to catch a breather.

"I'll take that as a yes," Oz referred to his early question to Gil whether he wanted to continue.

"Ah" was Gil replied before crashing his lips with Oz and this time, gained entrance to the moist cavern.

Gil's apparently long tongue started to rub the roof of Oz's mouth. Oz moaned at the sudden friction, causing Gil to grow aroused. Damn it, thought the aroused male. He was getting hard and he knew that. But he never said that he didn't like it, now did he? In fact, he quite enjoyed this. But 'doing it' on the sofa was rather… extreme. As the older male distracted the boy (through a very 'unusual' method), he gathered up the tiny body, unconsciously bringing the boy up closer to him, almost hugging him tighter and brought him to the bed, where Oz landed on the bed with a 'oomph' and a grin wiped across his face.

"Now, what do you think you're doing?" Oz daringly questioned him.

All Oz received was a weak glare from the older male. Both men knew what they were going to do next. In fact, Oz knew it so well that he just had to say it. It was just too good a moment to pass! Before he knew it, Gil had yet again crashed his lips against his. Warn, soft, and full of passion. Wow, was all the young master thought before he let his mind slip into that same place he went when he had kissed Gil. He felt a large hand trail down his side, making him squirm underneath the large male. Oz thought that he, his Gilbert, has done it before. After all, it wasn't natural to do something like that, unless sexual appeal came naturally to you. Then, Gil traced his tongue on Oz's exposed neck. Moaning softly, Oz tilted his head to the other side, giving Gil more room to explore.

Gil had absolutely no idea what to do yet knew exactly what to do as he got permission to explore the ivory skin that belong to his master. Yet unconsciously, he started to pull open Oz's shirt, revealing the beautiful skin underneath. It was wrongfully hidden, or so it was in Gil's point of view. Oz's soft moans gradually became a bit louder as Gil trailed his tongue from the neck to under the collarbone. Reluctantly, Gil backed up to open the buttons of the shirt and fumbled with the zipper of the young master's pants. Oz chuckled at how needy the person above him, who was apparently using his teeth to rip open the buttons, was. He felt his shirt open more to where he was practically half-naked.

"Aahh…" Oz gasped as he felt the same slimy sensation slithering down his chest.

He felt his arms go numb from pleasure. Hey, he wasn't complaining either. Gil continued to drag his tongue on the young body until he saw a perk nipple. Hungrily, he went to the aching muscle and dragged his tongue on it.

"G-Gil!" Oz groaned as Gil encircled the nipple then greedily sucking on it.

Soon, he felt the safety of his pants gone from underneath. Oz looked up to see a hungry Gilbert hovering over him. It only took Oz mere seconds to realized that his pants were replaced with his throbbing member. Gilbert leaned to his ear.

"I promise it won't hurt," He whispered seductively before nibbling on his ear then hovering over to where the throbbing member was carelessly sticking up in the air.

He wrapped his mouth around the member, earning a gasp from his young master. He started to lick around it and move his head up and down, simultaneously. There was a very loud moan that echoed in the room as he felt Oz's hand tighten its grip on the bed spread.

"G-Gil!" Oz panted.

He was coming to the limit. Both males knew that all too well. Though Oz could hardly think due to… obvious reasons. The trembling hands of the golden-haired boy tighten its grip on the bed sheets as he released, cum and all. He was sweating so much that the hairs were sticking to his face. He was panting through a husky voice. Gil looked up with eyes blurred with want and softly kissed those quivering lips. Oz could taste himself in Gil's mouth. Oz smirked.

"Ne, Gil? You'll do anything for me, right?"

Gil looked up. The trance broken. And all Oz did was smirk. He brought his hand up and gently moved the wet strands of hair away from the young master's face. Before anything, before he replied, Gil wanted to see that angelic face again. He continued to stare deeply into those emerald eyes.

"Yes." He absently replied

"Then.. take me in,"

Gil looked down, his black bangs covering the emotion in these eyes. He laid back down, burying himself in Oz's neck, in Oz's presence. He tighten his grip on his shoulders. It would hurt him, thought the angst bird. That was the one thing he would never do to his master. Even if it'll kill him in the end. He felt a small hand combing through his hair. He looked up.

"Don't worry. I know you'll never hurt me, Gil."

That same reassuring smile was all it took for Gil to understand that he, too, wanted to take his master in. That same desire was buried deeply in the back of his mind. But it wasn't until now that the Raven finally noticed it. The same burning desire that both his and his master shared. Alright… he thought, fully content. He licked his neck before putting his fingers in Oz's mouth. Oz knew what to do, surprisingly. He let his tongue wrap around the index finger, making sure the somewhat foreign object was moist enough. When Gil pulled it out, a string of saliva connected the two. Gil slowly approached the entrance then abruptly stuck his finger in the area, receiving a small yelp from Oz. Something in the young boy's eyes told Gil to continue. As if he verbal 'okayed' him, Gil squeezed his ring finger next. Again, Oz gave a small yelp.

Gil started to spread his fingers inside. Oz squirmed underneath his lover. It felt uncomfortable and hurt every once in a while. Though he would have to bare for the moment. Just then, Oz felt the 2 intruding fingers slide inside and out. He felt the friction inside as they slid. Groaning, Oz arched his back to give his servant more room.


Gil had found the young boy's prostate. Smirking, he continued to hit the stop with his fingers, each time receiving a moan louder than the original.

"S-Stop Gil"

Those were the words Oz said before reaching his limit. Confused, Gil pulled his fingers out and looked up to his master. Oz grinned and wrapped his arms around his servant's neck. Pulling him closer, he whispered so softly into his ear that it might have been the wind if the window wasn't close.

"I want something else, "Oz commanded.

Licking the outer shell of his ear, Gil shuddered in pure temptation. If anyone saw the look the raven held, it was pure lust. Lust for a certain mischievous boy. Nodding his head, Oz released his grip and turned his body around so that he was facing the bed sheets underneath. Gil tightly gripped his shoulders.

"It's going to hurt, Oz."

"I know but I know you'll make it feel better,"

Nodding, Gil softly kissed the nape of his neck and continued what he started. He tried using a makeshift lubricant by spitting into his hand and applying it on his harden object. He hadn't noticed exactly how hard it was until now. Gripping Oz's delicate sides, he slowly brought his member into the tight cavern until it was full in. Damn, Oz is so tight, thought the aroused raven. Oz chocked, feeling the pain shot up as the object was inside. It felt uncomfortable, really it did. But Oz held in his sob as Gil started to slowly move in and out.

"Are you okay, Oz?"

Oz nodded his head but didn't speak a word. He was scared if he would have started crying if he said something. He didn't want to make Gil feel bad. As Gil slowly moved in and out, Oz felt the pain gradually numb until he felt Gil hit something deep inside him, causing a high-pitched moan. Gil smirked as he continued to thrust into the very same spot, harder and faster by each passing second, rocking the bed underneath them.

"G-Gil! Ahh--Nghh!"

Oz felt his body surrounded in a sea of pleasures. He never thought the he could feel this good! As Gil continued to thrust deeper inside of him, he felt his insides clench as if he was going to explode. It was just too much to bare.

"G-Gil, I t-think I-I'm gonna-"

He tried to warn his aroused lover but it was already too late. He felt himself come under himself and felt a hot liquid explode inside of him. He could've sworn that he saw white stars as he opened his eyes and turned his body to face a tired Raven next to him. Gil turned and smiled. Oz caressed his cheek as the older male got the covers and covered themselves. Oz smiled as he pulled closer to the older man and laid his head on top of the beating chest. Gil gasped ever so slightly.

"I'm tired, Gil,"

"Then sleep,"

The older male smiled as he wrapped his arms around the small figure. He buried his face against the soft tresses of gold. He started to chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"Hehe, I wonder how we are gonna explain this to everyone?"