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Chapter 1: Nightmare's Meaning

Spyro woke up that morning still thinking about the nightmare that he had. Spyro was hoping that it would never come true. Spyro looked over at Cynder and saw she was sleeping peacefully. Spyro went over to the window, and looked out it. The sun had already came up, and Spyro loved looking out the window, and seeing all the grass that is around the house. He then made a bunch of flower pop up saying, I love Cynder.

Cynder woke up, and saw Spyro wasn't there. She then stood up, and jumped off the bed. She was getting heavier; everyday, but she was still really agile. She went into the kitchen, and saw Spyro standing there looking out the window; at the grass.

Cynder walked up to him and said, "Beautiful isn't it"

Spyro turned to looked at her and said, "Yes it is, but not as beautiful as you Cynder."

Cynder blushed and giggled a little. She then saw the flower, and said, "That's so sweet." She then started rubbing up against Spyro's side, and kissed Spyro; then Spyro started kissing Cynder. It seemed like an eternity that they stayed their embracing each others love, but it was about five minutes. Spyro and Cynder released each other, and they went to get themselves some breakfast.

Spyro looked over at Cynder and said, "I going to talk to the Elder after this. He probably could tell me the meaning of my nightmare."

Cynder looked over at him and said, "Ok Spyro. Just try and hurry, because if you're gone to long, I start to worry."

"Don't worry Cynder. I won't be long," Spyro said, as he started rubbing Cynder's belly. Cynder loved the felling of Spyro rubbing her belly, as she closed her eyes, and let Spyro keep doing it. She then opened her eyes, and Spyro was looking sad.

Cynder rubbed up against him, and asked, "Whats wrong; my love?"

Spyro looked at her and said, "I just hope my dream doesn't come true, because I don't want to lose you Cynder."

"Don't worry. I'm sure it wont," Cynder said, as she started at Spyro with those loving green eyes. That was one of the most wonderful things about Cynder; that's why Spyro had to save her. Her eyes were just deep with love. Spyro looked at Cynder, and Cynder saw love in Spyro's purple eyes. Spyro the turned away and said, "I'm going to see Elder."

"Ok! Be careful; my love," Cynder said.

"Thank you I will," Spyro said back to Cynder. Spyro kissed Cynder, and went to the door. Spyro opened it, and went through it; leaving Cynder standing there in the room.

"I do hope the nightmare isn't that bad. I hope," Cynder said to her self. She then went to the bed room, and fell asleep.

Spyro went to the temple, and saw Cyril standing out side. He was just looking at clouds in the sky, and was studying them.

Spyro landed down, and walked to Cyril. Spyro then asked, "Is Elder here?"

Cyril looked at him and said, "Yes he is. Go right in. I will tell Elder that you're here.

"Thank you," Spyro said.

Cyril went into the temple to find Elder, or to him his father. Spyro then followed Cyril, and they both reached where Elder stays. Cyril knocked on the door, and heard something.

"Who is it?" Elder asked.

"Father it's me, and Spyro. He wants to see you," Cyril said.

"Let Spyro in," Elder said.

Cyril said to Spyro, "You can go in now."

Spyro walked into the room, and saw that it was all covered with gold, and different colors. Spyro then saw Elder reading something.

"Ah Spyro, so what makes you come out to me?" Elder asked.

"I had a nightmare, and I'm wondering if you could tell me what it meant," Spyro said.

"Sure; just tell me what it is," Elder said.

Spyro told Elder all about the dream he had. It went on about thirty minutes, because Spyro said everything in great detail. Spyro finished speaking, and asked, "What do you think it means Elder?"

"It means that you will have a tough time, and that Cynder may die later on, but don't take that bad, it might never happen. For now don't worry about it," Elder said.

"Thank you Elder," Spyro said; as he started to leave.

"Spyro!" Elder called.

"Yes! Sir," Spyro responded as he turned around.

"Be careful when you tell this to Cynder; she probably will get upset," Elder said.

"Yes! Sir," Spyro said as he left the room.

Spyro went through the main hallway, and saw Volteer and Terrador standing there talking to each other. Spyro made it outside to see Cyril looking at the clouds again. He then took off, and headed back to the house. He saw Ignitus fly back to the temple from Warfang.

Spyro landed, and saw Cynder outside trying to catch a butterfly. Spyro said to him self, "I guess she was board; since I wasn't here." Spyro walked up and asked,"Why don't you just fly after it?"

Cynder responded, "If I flew after it. I wouldn't have this much fun." Cynder turned and saw Spyro standing there. She ran up to him, and hugged him.

Spyro and Cynder went into the house, and Spyro told Cynder what the dreams meant, and that he had nothing to worry about right now.

"That's good news," Cynder said.

"Yes it is," Spyro said.

They sat there talking, until the got tried. The sun was already down, and the both fell asleep; not before Spyro rubbed Cynder's belly one last time.

End Chapter 1

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