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Chapter 23 Deadly Training

Inu was in the dark training room watching Ki train in her dark powers. Ki was the most trained in the dark skills. Inu was liking what he was seeing. As Inu watched Ki fight off the shadow creatures that she had; Inu's wife June walked into the room.

"Good morning Inu," June said.

"Hi June," Inu said as he still watched Ki attacking the shadow foes.

Ki got into her battle position for the next wave of troops. Then seven great big ogres came after her. Ki ran up to the first one, and started beating it up with a combo of tail slashes, and talon strikes. The first ogre died, but the second ogre knocked Ki into the wall, and ran at her to attempt a punch at her. Ki shot a dark energy blast at the ogre. He died in one hit, and then Ki turned to the third one, and flew at it. She killed it with a another combo of attacks. The fourth and fifth ogre both punched at Ki, and hit her. She was sent into the wall, and when she it the wall a big hole formed.

The sixth ogre started punching her five times with all the strength he had. Ki fell down on to the ground. She tried to stand up, but she couldn't.

June tried to jump down there with her, but Inu had made a barrier of darkness; that nobody could break, except him.

INU!!! What are you doing? Can't you see she is hurt," June said.

Inu paid no attention to June and watched Ki laying there. Then Ki woke up, and started standing up. She got to her feet, and then summon the power of darkness. She healed her self, and then used that dark power to shoot through the fourth and fifth ogre. She then summon a great dark ball and shot it at the sixth one. It died, and was ripped into many pieces. The dark energy ball also went over the seventh one, and killed it.

Ki collapsed out of exhaustion, and June just watched. It wasn't long, until a dragoness walked in, and looked at Ki. The Dragoness' top half was a light purple color, and her bottom half was a real dark purple. She had white talons, and her wings were a light purple. She had green eyes.

"Airing! You need to bring Ki to us," Inu said.

"Yes sir," Airing said back.

She picked up Ki, and put her on her back. She then walked out of the room, and started heading to Inu. Inu turned around, and looked down the stairs, and saw Airing walking up. June ran to meet her, and picked up Ki. June then through her on her back, and walked out of the room.

"Good job Airing. Now you can leave," Inu said.

"Yes sir," Airing said back, as she left the room.

Inu started at the training grounds, and remembering what he had saw in Ki.

"MWAAAAAAAAA!!!! Spyro watch out, because I will be coming after you," Inu said, and then left the room.

June was walking to Ki's room, while Ki was still asleep. It wasn't long before Ki awoke, and saw that she was on the back of her mother. June felt her shift, and looked back there.

"What happen mother?" Ki asked.

"You father pushed you to your limits, and then you passed out, but don't worry you will be safe now," June said.

"Oh. Ok," Ki said, as she jumped off of her mothers back. Ki then kissed her mother, and said, "I'm going to bed. I'm tried, and I want to get some sleep.

June nodded, and watched Ki walk off. June then walked back, and saw Inu standing around looking out a window. June went over to him, and rubbed against him.

"Is Ki all right?" Inu asked.

"Yes she is, all she needs in some rest," June said, as she walked past Inu, and hit her tail against Inu's side.

Inu looked at her, and was thinking how pretty his mate was. June then ran down the hall saying, "Catch me."

Inu ran after her, and they both ran into their bedroom. June jumped on the bed face first, Inu then laid next to her, and they looked at each other. They started kissing each other, with a kiss that they both have been waiting on. They haven't kissed like this in a while, because Inu had been trying to train his kids, so they could kill Spyro. They embraced each other, and started kissing more.

The broke apart, and June said, "There is the dragon I fell in love with, and I will help you stop Spyro and Cynder."

"That would be nice. Having the dragoness by my side that I love," Inu said.

The embraced each other, and fell asleep.

End Chapter 23

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End Book II

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